Bitcoin Cash Is Coming.. We Are At War!

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For some few hours now, we have witnessed what I call the Crypto World War. It is no gun and missile war, no blood needed to be a spill in this kind of war.

Before now, most crypto traders have always seen Ethereum as the Queen and a loyal bride to the King of the crypto world - Bitcoin.

But in the last few hours; Bitcoin Cash, the coin that was forked out of the Bitcoin blockchain as increased in Market Cap and has to dethrone Ethereum to become the new Queen.

Before today, Bitcoin Cash was the third on the crypto list with a market capitalization of $10,324,477,815 as at November 05, 2017 according to the Historical Snapshot on CMC. It has now nearly quadrupled to around $41,606,990,626.

That is an increase of thirty-one billion Dollars in just 48 hours.

The Bitcoin Cash massive increase in value has drained funds from other Alternative Coins that has kept the market so red in the past hours.

Do you think Bitcoin Cash will end up staying in the second position or is out to dethrone Bitcoin as the new king of Crypto?



that dude stole my post.. he is not the author of that post. I posted it before him ..

Well Bitcoin Cash shocked me pretty bad when it shot up so high.

I wasn't surprise with how high it went, I have expected it has the news was out in a Trading channel I am a member off. I got the news when it was still 800$ but didn't want to join as I think it is a PUMP and DUMP game

yeah, i am on EOS and Bitshares traders group.. i love to read other traders thought on the market and someone brought this up that after segwix some miners were going to shift attention to Bitcoin Cash.. i thought it was a FUD, turns out it wasn't.

Cheaper fee and faster transactions is sometimes loved by the market in bitcoin..bch has gain attention for the time being..if legacy or btc address this issue then it will grow bigger and will happen..
All cryptocurrency does so well, and is much much greater than Fiat currency..

yeah you are correct, Bitcoin needs to increase the 10 transaction per seconds limitation. but why won't the market support fast transaction processing blockchain like the steem blockchain or bitshares blockchain? just wondering why

It will soon..this cryptocurrency world has not yet known to the general public only the educated and enlightened people has first find this very bright opportunity..10 to 15 years from now if mass adoption happens as the rain pours if it rains..we will be the top 0% or top 10%..patience was a virtue my friend..just wait for the steem and steemit time to arrive..just enjoy the pop corn..

yes we need to get Steemit and the steem ecosystem to the masses. I am glad I am an early adopter, I will tend to enjoy my pop corn until the attention turns on Steem soon.

Nice Piece. Will be interesting to see the BTC vs BCH match up!

yeah, it is a nice epic show mate, i got my popcorn and seated in the first row. it a crazy crypto world out there.

I wonder if I could afford popcorn in the morning if this craziness continues!?

hey please chill it is not like the market will crash completely. after the whales show the sea will be settle and we will see more green for us the little guys.

We all good! Just that I was planning to have a quiet Sunday afternoon... and probably a little pissed I don't have more BCH....Lol!

yeah I know that feeling, when a going flies high despite your tight watch on the market. I only have the ones I got from the fork in August. i think the whales want more trading activities for BCH as they probably got a bag full of it and might want to dump soon.

you should still go ahead to enjoy your Sunday afternoon. by Monday we hope all will be well.

Indeed, I will. The mad rush is for the BCH fork and besides BTC was due for a correction anyway...

I'm off, thanks for the lovely chat. I'll give you a follow. until next time!

BCH already lost 15$ billion in just 3 hours.. it went from 41$ billion to $26 billion. I guess the whale show is coming to an end

We'll see what the future brings, it is alway shocking to me if there is such a huge price gap within some hours.

same here, but i tell you it is to get the people scared as shit and sell when they need to hodl. i am hodling my bitcoin no matter what the market turns out to be.. i am a bitcoin core believer always.

It's the crazy whales and their expensive games! They becoming like the centralized governments...they really don't care about the little guys!

yes the whales are becoming corrupt just like the people in government. the love of money is the root of all evil says the good book of the Lord.

I guess the whales want more money, so they have to create some panic to get some extra money from traders that panic.

I am holding still until all settles.

bitcoin cash is gonna beat bitcoin in the market...

as much as I want Bitcoin to be dethroned. i am not sure we are at that time yet. I may be wrong anyway.

I think they will just serve different purposes and hopefully respect that uneasy fine line...what do you guys think?

ofcourse....i am also hearing rumors about merger..

Please do an article or direct me to the source of the rumor...could be nice for all....

I have not heard that, please write about it.

yeah ok... im doing some research.

Which goes up, must also come down.

That soon!?

for sure it must come down, but it might not. Who knows?

I hope steem get up 1.50 this year :))

it is possible, I hope a Bitcoin whale will spot the steem community to pour in some Bitcoin. i know it will come soon.

Soon...soon... :))

And we need bring more people here , this help as more then just one whale.

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