Free XLM for BTC holders!

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Do I have your attention? Yes? Great!

For all BTC holders . On the night of Sunday on Monday Stellar will make a snapshot of the blockchain, for there new distribution round of Lumens (STR / XLM). Everyone that is currently holding BTC will receive (after the first block at UTC) +/- 1000 XLM per BTC!

This will result in an amount of +/- 40 $ that you will get for free for every BTC that you are holding currently! (if the current price of XLM will stay at 0.04$, which I think will drop due the inflation)

You will get these XLM (Lumen) automatically if you are on the following exchanges :

Some manual registration is required if you have BTC in your own supported wallet(s)

This can be done by the 27th, by following the steps that are described in the link below

More information can be found here:


  • Make sure you have your BTC stored in your own (supported) wallets or on one of the exchanges that support the automatic handout of XLM.
  • If you are currently holding XLM please think about the effects this could have due to this new influx of Lumens on the market.
  • Prices also might drop due the people that directly sell off their free received XLM !

So keep a close eye!

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Thanks a lot for your detailed post about XLM.

First of all, thanks for the great blog. I posted about this the other day and I am switched over some holdings to Kraken to make it easy. I also sold what little lumens I had left when it was around .04, so happy I got out of this mess that is coming. lol.

Second of all, I mentioned your site in a blog I just wrote. I'm not looking for any upvote or anything, but just wanted you to know that I appreciate your work. Thank you!


shoot, sorry man did not know. I used search, guess I did not search good enough. Good to see I was not the only one that wanted to share this story. Thanks for including steemdollar!


No problem! I'm sure I wan't the only one doing it. hahaha. You wrote a great article. The more people that know the better. Keep up the good work.

Thankyou for the information...

So we are getting Free Lumens. That is great but there will be a price drop in Lumen as big whales will sell off.

I hope this thing will help STR in long run to recover and make more highs.

thx for sharing this information!

I think the first step was to verify via FB. I stopped right there :)


No you don't have to! If your BTC holding is on one of the supported wallets or exchanges. If not, yes! Then you would need to follow their steps which also includes a verify by FB.

I have been watching yours posts and comments @mauricemikkers. I would like to work with them on this project I am offering them an invitation of free ongoing access.

You have been invited to STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project,

is this still going on? just saw some XLM in my account and no idea how it got there :/ lol

shite. looks like this one came to my attention a little late...