I think I've built something INCREDIBLE!

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The question that needed solving was how can I have my computer work for me creating money to purchase bitcoin, ethereum, and all other altcoins.

You see altcoin mining just isn't worth it anymore. There had to be a better way.

I am going to refer to this project going forward as the STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project

Create money, transfer it to bitcoin, transfer the bitcoin to steem power and HODL.

You know a money machine.

Modern day mining tool

Over the past few months I have been working on building an automated trading program.

I did the programming in algorithmic language MQL4 using the Metatrader 4 platform.

The building a Forex system that works project is now complete. I am very happy and proud of the outcome. (watch full playlist), https://goo.gl/NsyOIG

I think I've built something that is the closest to the holy grail as we are EVER going to find.

The settings are currently using very low risk and averaging a solid 10% monthly return.

Now a 7.5% return monthly will make you a millionaire through the magic of compounding returns. Watch this video to see exactly how simple it works, https://goo.gl/Ho7frD

Using generated profits from the low risk settings profits can be used to setup a secondary account will higher risk looking to average gains of 30% monthly.

I believe in the value of STEEM and Steem Power.

Having my auto bot creating money at a very low risk to reward ratio compared to hardware or GPU mining which is very difficult to do and that profit & transferred into steem power to compound and grow further is my cryptocurrency master plan.

That's all for now with the project introduction.

Have a great week!


PS - I have been watching the posts and comments of the following fellow users on the platform. Because I would like to work with them on this project I am offering them an invitation of free ongoing access.

I know everyone is busy so I invite you to read this overview and begin following along with the STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project updates. By supporting the project in this way once launched this program will always be free for you to use with no costs whatsoever.


In the meantime follow along the STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project and watch as the development progresses.

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Hey @jordanlindsey,

Thanks for the invite. I don't know much about MT4 or what types of accounts I need to participate, but I am curious about Forex and would like to join the beta. Can you give users like me a crash course in setting up your strategy with the accounts we need?


Absolutely, @robrigo & @biophil the next STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project update with have details on how to set yourself up to join the beta and follow along.

Same here, just to tinker with it sounds awesome. When I tried the bitshares app it triggered something deep inside me. From something I never seen before but it did trigger a very 'old' feeling. Weird.

Keep me in the loop as well. I would like to give it a spin.

same with me.. what is the best way to be updated ?

Definitely @nutela, @tee-em & @eddie.rogovoy - I will PING you with a STEEM money transfer when the next update is posted. It will be on Monday

Hey @jordanlindsey,

I am a marketer, web developer and investment banking student. I would love to offer my assistance in supporting the project. I have a pretty wide range of skills and knowledge in both marketing and finance, as well as basic coding languages. I also manage funds for a few clients and have their permission to back quality projects as I see fit.

If there is room for someone like myself on your list then I would love to get involved.

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So this is an EA to run on MT4, correct?

Yes, a MT4 expert advisor. I am thinking using a broker that offers both managed accounts (individuals grouped together) and Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals as the best option.

So to your selected people, are you just offering the EA for use, testing, and feedback?

Yes, the selected people once we go live will be able to use the program free (without a fee). In the meantime you could test the EA on a demo account to see it working and all of the feedback/suggestion/ideas will be greatly appreciated!

I suggest using fx choice for a broker (but you can use any non FIFO broker) because of their reputation as well as bitcoin deposits & withdrawals.

All that I need is a demo account number for you to begin testing the EA on your own computer and I will provide installation instructions.

Thank you for the invite.

Absolutely @amazingprofit, the journey is only beginning.

Awesome please keep me updated .

My demo account is working on FXChoice-Pro Demo 79942

I am going to get out information to you today on how to get setup and connected @carrinm

It trades crypto or Forex? What is the role of Steem exactly?

It can trade both crypto and forex on MT4. Most MT4 brokers only offering trading in bitcoin so far. Either way, I prefer and it is BEST to have it trading non USD crosses in USD.

Transferring the profits out via Bitcoin >> transferring into Steem Power.

Profits can be transferred out in $ or bitcoin and it is up to you what you choose to do with them.

Nice initiative, would be great if you could release the buy and sell set up rules so that others could independanlty back test this trading strategy. Do you have the capability to back test for say the last 2 years? following that, do you ahve the capability to use a program to auto optimize the variables of the strategy in order to determine which are the optimal for this particular market? finally do you have the capability to forward test these variables in order to optimize the variables based on current market conditions? from what i can see you are running this to test over night, this way of testing probably just wont do it. need to run years of back data and several weeks of forward data at a minimum to confirm that this is indeed the holy grail. interested to see where this goes however....

Thank you for the support @starkerz. I appreciate you. I am not going to provide the source to the strategy. It has taken way too long to develope and create. Too much blood, sweat & tears. I hope you can understand.

I do wish I could auto optimize variables. I mean that would be awesome & fun. I would be fearful something like that would lead to curve fitting but I would love an AI program that could auto optimize to find the best take profit and stop levels. Most ideal time to move stop losses. I know with certainty I do not have the most optimal settings. But it is extremely profitable with extremely low risk.

Backtesting on MT4 is not ideal. With the ideal conditions (market data) metatrader 4 back tests are only 90% accurate. Which is way off. Again, back testing could also lead to curve fitting - so I never do it. However, this strategy is traded on the 8 hour time frame with orders updated every hour. This time frame does not come default on the platform making it impossible to back test if I wanted to. You are right, it is going to take some time to confirm that this is the holy grail, but I do think the closest to the holy grail we will ever come across. Thank you for your interest and being a part of this.

:) I back test, optimize and forward test with Ninja Trader. Its pretty damn good once you get the code correct. It certainly gets you past curve fitting. Would be good if you tested this on Ninja....

I was wondering first if you are for real.

With the ideal conditions (market data) metatrader 4 back tests are only 90% accurate. Which is way off.

90% accurate seem pretty darn good but the again I don't understand the context. I once did the Kaggle contest for the Titanic, just learning a tutorial. A model with 80-85% accuracy was very very good and more would just lead to overfitting.

Speaking of the Titanic reminds me of 1 in 60 rule in navigation. For each 1° off over a distance of 60 nautical miles (NM), it will result in 1 NM off course. Now imagine 10° off is 10 nautical miles. In Forex a 90% accuracy is not nearly sufficient for back testing. It is all about the forward test in real time.

OK, can't say I understood a 100% but say 90% ;) So I'll be following along then.


We have read the words HOLY GRAIL so many times in trading.....
But sure, we will be following and see how this project evolves.

Indeed! But @palmtreetrading closest to, not "the" holy grail! Looking forward to sharing more with you and learning together.

wow, this sounds very cool and promising. looking forward to try it out once your project is complete .

Nice @krypto101, I hope that is by the end of the month. I will keep you posted in the updates.

Thank you, looking forward to it !

Hello @jordanlindsey
I would be interested looking into what you've got going on.

Awesome. I will be sharing more in the next update this Monday!

I'm excited about this project and would love to take this program for a spin! Please keep me in the loop and thanks for the invite!

For sure, I will PING you with a STEEM transfer when the next project update is posted (this Monday)


Good luck with huge BTC>SP investment, I did the same today at almost same time but for smaller amount.. Do you play poker?

This was very informative and I can't wait to check out more from you. Upvote and followed!

Very interesting knowledge
I am trader of Bitcoin . Just new to steem

Thanks @dine77.
Looking forward to sharing more and growing together

absolutely amazing idea !
keep me posted, i'm looking forward for it.
what is the maturity level, can i test it with real money ?
what about the security, who controls the private keys ?

Awesome, I will keep you in the loop when new updates are posted for sure.
You can test it with real money or on a demo. I trade it with real money. The next update (on Monday) will have details for getting setup to test on your own computer.
Zero security concerns, it will be your own individual account with you and only you have access to deposit or withdraw funds.

Yes please! Teach me what you know @jordanlindsey

You are in the loop. I will PING you with all new project updates

I'd like to know more - can you send me an invite?

For sure, the next update will have the project outline timetable and details for getting setup with beta testing before the launch.

awesome project i'm following :)

So happy to have you involved!

@jordanlindsey I use MT4 for Forex through Tradersway in USA and they allow BTC deposits and BTC withdrawals.. I have tested literally hundreds of EA's,.. Please let us know results from your testing or I would also be interested in helping to test

Good stuff. I had been looking into them so it is great to know your experience with them. I do like FX Choice a lot and I have been with many brokers. We need options though as we grow. I appreciate you @followbtcnews.

The next project update (Monday) will have details for getting started and set up for testing. That would be great for you to be involved. I will PING you with a STEEM transfer on Monday to let you know the update has posted.

I would like to test the EA on FXChoice demo account,Please advise ?

That would be great. The next project update will have full details for you to begin testing. I will PING you

I would also like to test the EA on FXChoice demo account, will the MT5 account work?

Great. Use the form in the post to submit your demo details (pro-demo) and I will get you connected. Use MT4 - superior to MT5, think Windows versions ;)

@jordanlindsey , Thanks

Very interesting. I'm looking into it.

Interesting. We'll keep an eye of the project.

Great. Looking forward to working with you @criptomonedastv

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Looks very interesting ! Nobody has really done anything with steem I dont think. Nice work ! Just subscribed to your youtube channel !

Awesome @iamjsunc, I think you were my 17,000 subscriber to the channel! I appreciate the positive feedback and you.

No problem, im definitely interested in your project. Keep up the good work. Im gonna sit down & watch all the videos !

Interested. I do/did have an FXChoice account for something else. Never got it going - now I go back to it download link for MT4 download is not wanting to work (which is what happened last time).

FXChoice-Pro Demo 79942

Fill out this form @carrinm so I can set you up on the backend and email you install directions, https://goo.gl/forms/lxXRlU4zVF6so7RV2

Not sure if you were having issues with the download before or after you created the demo account. Please let me know if you need a fresh download link for FX Choice MT4

I found another way. The power of being an IT geek. Email stuff sent.

Setup details sent :)

I'll be honest and say 100% of this post went over my head. But... how do I make money?!

Follow the future updates @flexifriday and @correctdrop for the STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project!

me too im not even sure why I got invited im a newb

@jordanlindsey I was invited. How do I get involved to get started with the trading bot growing my money?

Follow the coming updates on the project. This is going to be fully automated with no setup needed. Right now if you are familiar with MT4 and want to start testing let me know, https://goo.gl/forms/lxXRlU4zVF6so7RV2

I'm familiar with MT4 but it has been a number of years since I've used it. I will follow your link and see what I can do. Thanks!

Look for the next update to provide details to help refresh everything for you.

simple FX use MT4 or?

MT4, I received your details @coinmaster4you through the form and will email you all of the install directions - once I get all of the little ones to sleep over here

Hey Thanks, for the invitation, I am not any familiar on MT4 and Forex is something kind of scary for me can I test your bot on paper money, Or how you will help us. I really admire the people who make Bots, they are like genius for me, they have t now a lot of the market. Thanks for Sharing

Yes, you can test out the bot using a demo account or paper money. The next update is going to show you exactly how to do that in easy steps. Thank you @aker4444

Ok I'm definitely interested. I believe in the Steem Platform and it will revolutionize the way content is distributed and produced. I'll keep an eye out and make sure I recommend to my friends.

I appreciate you, thank you @ebmgrj for that

When do you expect to introduce it?

Early next week I will send out an update with details on the project outline including info on how to get setup for those interested in beta testing. I hope to be able to go live with the project within a few weeks or by the end of the month.

Thanks for the invite. I may know a lot of things, but a lot of what you guys are talking about is Greek to me. So I wouldn't know if it is for me or not. MT4, Forex, and EA in terms of what you guys/gals are talking about here is not something that has meaning to me.

Now if you have a companion post that explains these things I might be interested. It seems like it could be an opportunity, but it is one in a field of which I know very little.

Thanks again for the invite. I wish I understood the implications better.

In the days ahead I am going to follow up with companion posts explaining everything little by little so it is easy to understand and follow along. That will help you be better informed. Thank you for reading and adding to the conversation.

I appreciate you @dwinblood

Thanks for invite but I have to decline , I am not using Windows for anything finance related, too insecure in my view.

I agree windows is not safe. Even if someone hacked into your MT4 there is no access to funds there. They could not withdraw anything. You can use linux or mac os to run MT4 these days. Or the internal money manager system of FX Choice without having to run anything on your own computer. Stay tuned to the additional updates and I will explain everything as best I can. Great point.

you can sign me up I'm interested in learning more.

Awesome @ebmagrj, glad to have you with us on this journey!

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the tip! I made a lot of trading mistakes trying to take profit too early when I first started trading. I mostly focus on an investor mindset and use a portion of my wealth to actively trade with, for fun, and to learn.

Trading is incredible difficult. Take cryptocurrencies for example. Those who try to day trade most likely lose money. Those that HODL are banking $$$

This is why I needed to write a fully automated program to do the trading for me, without emotions. As for the best advice I can give for an investor mindset watch this video, https://goo.gl/Ho7frD

Thanks for the invite.
We do need to get creative these days for growth outside of the bankers grasp.


Just saw this. Not sure how it slipped through my radar. Thank you for the invite.

Glad you caught site of this now. Glad to have you now. I will keep you updated on future updates!

Thanks for the invite :) Just followed you, looking forward to updates and learning more about your project.

You got it @the-bitcoin-dood! I will keep you in the loop for sure.

how can i get involve, by the way, follow me @dkinx

Watch out for the next STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project update which will layout exactly how you can get involved in beta testing.

Interesting, following!

good info

Count me in. I've been trading FX for over 7 years and have designed some EAs. Would be awesome to get involved in your project :)

Awesome! Glad to have you on the project.

Hello @jordanlindsey Nic here from Amsterdam @nicnicy , I am really interested to participate in Your project, FXchoice gives a 500 internal server error at this moment so will wait for your advice and feedback before taking other actions, I can help you with Expert Advisors and TA. if you need Forex test data I can give it, nice to meet You

Glad to 'meet' you Nic. Beautiful city, I have visited twice and I love it. Try this address, https://en.myfxchoice.com/ and I would appreciate you helping out testing. I will send you a PING tomorrow with an update.

This is awesome @jordanlindsey, I really love your energy and your generosity of spirit with this project. Following and hoping one day I can join and help out (even though I'm non-tech!)

keep up the great work!!

I really appreciate you. Building each other up is what it is all about! Thank you for being apart of this and spreading goodness @mariana85

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you for the invite, @jordanlindsey - much appreciated - looking forward to learning how to drive such a machine! Keep me posted. Namaste.
Upped and followed - though following requires a little concentration nowadays!!

Glad to have you with us. I am looking forward to sharing more with you! I will keep you posted of the coming updatef or sure.

Hi! I'm interested in doing beta testing and I'm familiar with MT4, but I use a demo there and my broker is 1Broker because it accepts deposits and wihdrawals in bitcoin. I read that they have an API too, if you are interested. Keep us updated mate!

Hmmmm 1Broker is not a STP but a market maker. Meaning they are taking the other side of your trade. Straight Through Processing (STP) forex brokers sent their customers' orders directly to the liquidity providers (banks or larger brokers) only taking a small commision. I would check out FX Choice.

Would be super great to get you testing. Tomorrow I will send out an update to get you going.

Yes, I know that, and it is not regulated also.. but the advantage is it accepts orders only with 0.001 btc , it would be good to do the tests with real money there at the beginning I think, that's my humble opinion.

No worries about being regulated. It seems the regulated brokers in the US have had the issues and nobody else. You want to transfer funds in and out using btc but trade with the base currency USD. Go ahead and test with this broker because the more knowledge we have the better.

I'm going to do my mining at the Banks and pick up a couple rolls of dollar coins whenever I get the chance... I'm Big Time into Pocket Change...

Looks good to me, I'm in!

Happy to have you with us @tomas31, I will keep you posted!

That sounds interesting and I love to help / act with you or spread the word.

Just let me know!

I greatly appreciate you! Thank you for your kindness @detlev

This is a good inovation

amazing post!
looking forward to new content, will share this.

So, what is this ‘GBU mining’ that you mention in your post?

PT Gunung Bara Utama (“GBU”) is a privately owned Indonesian mining company established in March 2007. I figured everybody knows that.. Typo corrected - thxs

Haha, nice save! :D You’re welcome! ;)

I followed u, upvoted all your posts, and resteemed the last one. Can u please do the same back?

Thanks mate I received something from you

Thank You For invite!! and SBD!

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I think I've built something that is the closest to the holy grail as we are EVER going to find.



Sounds awesome

Can I join ? @jordanlindsey

I don't appreciate unsolicited messages via transfers. Will flag in future.

Sorry @demotruck, I was just following @bottymcbotface lead from the message I received when I joined Steemit. Did not realize it was frowned upon by some users. It won't happen again to you.

Cheers man ~ Appreciate you sharing your wisdom! Steem to the moon!

You are a God
When is this Bot available to use.?
I want to test $100 on it

Let me know thx

Would love to be involved and have a play on a demo. The concept, moving forward, could be game changing

I'm totally interested.

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Interesting even not much info.. What kind of cooperation you offering, its not clear at all?

First, I am going to continue with regular progress updates instead of information overload all at once.

Cooperation can come in many forms. I am providing the means. What everyone else has to offer remains to be seen but even simple support of the project through regular reading is enough.

This could be wind up being a collective pool from all those involved. All SBD from posts about the project funding it. Or that is where your cooperation comes in. I would love to hear idea from the community.

The difficult part was creating the strategy and writing the code. Now begins the fun part.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Im interested... so keep me/us informed; Btw I also had idea of writing bot for trades but no time for it at moment; So ok I Upvoted & follow you.

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