One Coin To Rule Them All - Is Cryptocurrency An Evil Plot To Rule The World By The New World Order?

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As the world moves closer to unity and away from national identities, one has to question the wisdom in homogenizing the world at such a fast pace before thinking about the consequenses. Shipping products to different continents has its benefits but also has created unintended environmental tragedies causes by invasive species that were stowaways onboard the ships. Developing industries in thirdworld countries can simultaneously destroy and create opportunities before we can evaluate the full affect new innovations have on communities.

I sometimes wonder if our rush to adopt new innovations blinds us to the full consequenses of our choices before we have had some time to thinkm about it. As exited as I am to learn about cryptocurrencies, a part of me wonders if we are being led to slaughter without realizing it. Join me as I muse about this possibility.

New Is Not Always Better

I remember a time when airlines were nationalized and flew a flag on their tail proudly proclaiming their country of origin. Slowly these airlines evolved into global companies and shed their national skins as they took on a more global identity. Communications companies, energy companies and financial companies have all undergone similar transformations as they evolved from national companies into global ones.

Currency used by the people though has lagged behind this trend of having a global makeover. Most of the population trades within a specific geographical area so a national currency works just fine. As more and more businesses do business internationally and consumers demand goods from beyond national borders, a currency that can be easily exchanged peer to peer and business to business will grow in demand and practicality.

Until cryptocurrency came along the bulk of money used in day to day transactions for the most part still have a flag attached to it or the face of a king, queen or president.

National currencies are subject to the whims of that country's monetary policies and the chipping away of its purchasing power that comes with it.

Many crytptocurrencies or "digital cash" systems like Bitcoin, Dash, Steem, and Ethereum, offer an alternative to the government-controlled banking-cartel money schemes and present the people with a cash system that governments cannot inflate and manipulate. The ease of use they provide, particularly across national borders, their drastically lower transaction costs and predictable money supply is attracting many to exit the monopoly of traditional banking options.

As much as I like the sound of these romantic notions surrounding a new money system for the people and by the people, free from government oppression, completely decentralized and unstoppable as it may be, the conspiratorial critic in me has some questions. He said like a spider to a fly

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Let's suppose for a moment that you were Rothschild rich and so were all of your buddies. And imagine you had nothing better to do with all of your wealth and power but to further your interests in dominating the world. You owned all the land, banks, businesses, real estate, minerals, water, oil and other natural resources on the planet, you own the genes to life itself and everyone was in debt or beholden to you. Wouldn't it make sense to own all the currency the people use for exchanging goods and services too? Why leave that out of the mix? You'd want it all, right?

That's going to be tough though, right? I mean people work hard for money and they don't take kindly to someone taking it from them. To get your hands on everyone's money in every country without starting a riot you have to be clever.

One way would be to control the banks and to just put more money in circulation by loaning it to governments and politicians. It would increase spending for a while and pay for some projects but by the time this cash was distributed to the majority of the population it wouldn't be worth as much.

Still, all money would eventually funnel into my control but there's still the problem of all these national currencies and the accounting and currency exchanges between countries.

It's such a hassle to convert currencies between different nations it would make my life easier if there was just once currency, right?

One Coin To Rule Them All

The world would be easier to rule with a One World Coin. A global representation of value in digital form, instantly recognized and accepted worldwide. But how could we get people to accept that? How do we get them off of their dependence from national fiat money? How do we make them desire a digital coin?

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Problem, Solution, Reaction, has worked well in the past to control people. What if we created financial uncertainty in the reliability of these national currencies around the world, unveiled a few banking fraud prosecutions, arrest some fund managers for running a Ponzi scheme, and sink the nations into impossible debt? Then we could hack into the databases of a bunch of companies who store millions of peoples' personal financial information and have the mainstream media report it. That may create doubt in the current banking systems until a tipping point was reached instigating the people to demand alternatives.

Meanwhile, we will "covertly" introduce a new digital asset protocol that will grow exponentially and address many of the shortcomings of the current banking system so as to promote early adopters to spread the use of our digital cash system. People would start trumpeting the virtues of using this government-free monetary system and all the while the government would be acting as if it did not condone the use of it.

This would make even more people want to use it as the stability of the world finances continues to be called in question. Eventually people would feel they were the clever ones circumventing the fiat monetary system in favor of a new cashless system for the twenty-first century.

After a few generations no one would want to use such an outdated money as a national fiat such as the USD and would only transact with cryptocurrencies. We will give them lots of different cryptocurrencies to choose from to give the illusion of choice to those using it when all along that's what we were promoting the whole time. A world that uses a digital asset to make transactions and does not identify it with any particular country.

Am I just being paranoid or could something like the described scenario really be the case? It would seem that implementing a world currency has been discussed among leaders at the highest level which would mean it is a conspiracy after all, it's just not a theory.

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It's Not A Theory If It's Already Happening

It seems the IMF has already been put in charge of a New world order currency called Special Drawing Rights (SDR).

Electronic currency leads directly to enslavement – away from freedom. The only way left out, is diversification into hard assets such as precious metals, hold outside the banking system. In the late 1960s, the IMF took the electronic currency concept to the next level when they created their own digital currency for the exclusive use of governments and central banks, called Special Drawing Rights (SDR). And even though today IMF’s balance sheet totals nearly 300 billion SDR – around $211 billion, not a single SDR exists in physical form.

Electronic-Bank-AccountThe IMF belongs to the Rothschild club of bankers from all over the world who regulate the entire international monetary system. 100% of the SDR money supply is digital. Just like Bitcoin, it exists in computer databases, making it the digital equivalent of a 500-year old accounting system.

SDR in particular is an even greater scam; the entire reason it was created was because the IMF didn’t have enough real savings. So they ‘solved’ the problem by creating a new digital currency that allowed them to easily raise money out of thin air. But another scam is going on; the SDR is “supported” by the US Dollar, the Euro, the Pound, and the Yen, and from next month onwards by the Yuan too. However, all these currencies participate in the currency race to the bottom, finishing with ZERO, which will make the SDR an outright failure! credit


So phase one of global adoption from the bottom up is already underway with the advent of the cryptocurrency markets. Once people a comfortable using crypto, which is not that different than using a credit card really, and see the benefits of crypto, it is only a few tragedies or crisis away from being controlled by governments for "our protection".

However, Bitcoin as it stands now has a limited supply which would run counter to the traditional habits of governments to like have a money supply they can "print" at will. In the future a consensus could change the limits placed on Bitcoins supply or another coin altogether could be "The One" like Ripple for example which is already used by banks.

Getting people to use cryptocurrency would be phase one of the operation to switch the world to a digital cash system.

What would be the next phase two in your opinion?


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One Coin To Rule Them All - Is Cryptocurrency An Evil Plot To Rule The World By The New World Order?

Frankly, I have honestly quietly been wondering the same thing now, for a long time.

I am not kidding.

This was a gutsy post by you and I appreciate it very much. This is overlooked and undervalued at $11 and only 159 votes but I think it is stuff people don't want to admit, ponder, or think about.

Good on ya man


I'm loving crypto but I do have wonder sometimes. Just thinking out loud here and wondering what others think.


( This is my first post yewwww :D )

Get Ready for A World Currency: The Economist Predicts January 9 1998 predicts a new one world currency in 2018...seems to line up a bit too well to be a coincidence to me ... have a read in the link - check out my youtube channel for more info and subjects -- thanks guys happy steeming

Phase Two is called... Steemit.

Everyone mentions the fact that there are only so many bitcoins that will ever be created but in actual fact that means nothing because it can be broken down into infinite amounts.

nice post @luzcypher
thanks for sharing

I have written an actionable plan to defeat the IMF World Banking System, it starts by invoking Article V of the US Constitution and removing the Federal Reserve:

There is a real possiblity that it is an evil plot. They are already making moves to eliminate cash. Crypto could still be in the trial run fase to see how things play out.
Phase two will probably be another problem reaction solution. Internet shutdown or electricity grid failure (HAARP?)

I also have thought the same as you on this

I bookmarked this for my going to bed literature:) but liked it already since I trust your posts


Thanks for the kind words.

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Interesting post. You might be right. Time will tell.
Some food for thought...If you could visualize the blockchain, it would look something like this:

I kinda agree that this protocol is the perfect tool to do away with national currencies.
The question is how do they get rid of the protocol? Banning cryptos won't work.
And ETF was not approved, surely they would have approved it if they wanted the world to switch to crypto no?
Maybe they just want people to have an alternative so that they don't oppose a cashless society but the same question remain, how do they get rid of these cryptos and force their one world currency on everyone? Unless there is a security flaw only known to them I really don't know how they will prevent people from using them.


Ok, so I'm not the ony one that wonders about this. I don't see what can be done to make us all choose one and only one coin without outlawing all others at some point. Meanwhile, I'm plotting to make a fortune trading coins. I can see my traditional bank account misses me and expects a visit soon.