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How to End the Financial Enslavement of Central Banks World Wide

The Central Banking system has become the glaringly obvious elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. As the current "Powers that Shouldn't Be" have used financial despotism carried out by a central banking scheme globally. The only way to take the power back from the Central Bankers is to kill their economic system. So, what we need is a well thought out plan of action, that can be implemented in order to do so. The Central Bankers make their plans in secret because they require secrecy to control the masses, however as the masses we do not require secrecy as our plans are for the benefit of everyone not just ourselves. So we can lay our plans down in plain sight, and as long as they are well thought out enough, they can't be stopped.

The power of open source. We have the numbers on our side, we built the systems the bankers have used to control us. So if we wanted we could easily take the systems back over and use them against the bankers. The Internet is their greatest weapon against us, but it is also our greatest weapon against the elite. I believe if people review my plan, offer alterations in the comment section, we as an open source community could come up with a definitive and actionable plan to accomplish what we all basically want, an end to the debt monetary system created for and by central banksters.

Taking Away the Banksters Military, Step 1

The United States has become the Military Arm of this global Central Banking Nightmare. It was already that before 9/11, but 9/11 amplified their control to inconceivable levels. Since the 9/11 False Flag attack on America, the Central Bankers have been using the United States Military to conduct their foreign wars to install central banks. The Iraq War was for the benefit of the globalist bankers, the Afghanistan War, the current situation in Syria. It all benefits the bankers who loan money to Governments so governments can conduct warfare. It is literally that simple. If we did not have these central bankers using their politicians & puppets in the media corporations they control, we would not have wars. As wars do not benefit anyone but these bankers. So, how do we stop this from continuing? We take back America; the heart of their Military, because with the people controlling the American Military not the banksters, there is no other foreign Nation the banskters could use to come back in and take America over. They did this exact thing in 1812 by forcing us into debt with a British invasion. In the modern era the United States Military is the British Empire, and whoever controls it controls the world. Right now the bankers control the military but we could easily kick the bankers out of America and then use the military they created to start a campaign of wiping out central banking from the planet. So how do we take back the US Military?

Create a Critical Mass Awakening to the Solution: Article 5 of the Constitution

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional monopoly, and Congress has no power or authority to divest their responsibilities to create and regulate a currency to a private bank. The Fed being unconstitutional means, that we the people have the legal right and authority to call for enactment of Article V of the US Constitution to call forth a Constitutional Convention during which the Private Federal Reserve could be removed from existence and monetary creation and policy could be returned to Congress, therefore the people. During this convention I would highly recommend a complete clean sweep of all corrupt politicians in the federal government and all laws that are 100% unconstitutional such as the prohibition of Marijuana which is not legal under the Constitution. They required an amendment to ban alcohol, there is no amendment banning cannabis. All we need to do is create a "Critical Mass", about 5% of the population, in America roughly 16 Million People that are awake and actively raising awareness about using Article 5 to End The Fed and we will be able to pull it off.

How to Create Awareness Effectively

Protesting for protesting sake is meaningless. You need to have an identifiable goal and an easy to grasp message. Protesting is still a viable form of raising awareness. The message has to be simple, but it also has to be meaningful. Chanting "We are the 99%" is completely meaningless and accomplishes nothing, which is why so often government agents; generally take over protests and steer them into chanting nothing but meaningless common sense statements. "We are the 99%" is common fucking sense, chant that all day long; the bankers don't care who you are. They know you are the 99% before you left your couch. This is why Occupy Wall street failed, because government agents took it over and ran it into the ground, the movement had no discernible goals, other than "We want more money", which makes you sound like whiny Bernie Sanders type libtards. So since we need a "chant able message" that actually means something I think "End the Fed" suits just fine. At protests this should be the chant, don't let government cointelpro agents shift it to something else like "we are the 99%". End the Fed is something everyone who is the 99% should be in support of. We need to get the message out by the following means to raise awareness:

  • Protesting
  • Using Social Media, all forms of it
  • Creating Articles
  • Creating YouTube Videos
  • Furthering this plan with your own ideas
  • Hactivism
  • Creating Alternatives and Using Them
  • Using Independent Wealth to Fight Back

Fear of Independent Wealth

The powers that shouldn't be use finances to control everything, thus by accumulating and then using money against them you can break the matrix of information control. John McAfee is an example of someone the power system was afraid of. So they created the Showtime Movie "The Gringo" and used ad hominems to attack him because his political plan was not something the elite could accept. He wanted to End the Fed, and use crypto-currencies instead of Federal Reserve Notes. This is a viable plan, and because McAfee had wealth he was able to get his message out there and even get on National TV a few times. Someone with more wealth or, if we collectively pooled some resources to create an advertisement campaign we could use their financial control against them. Running End the Federal Reserve ads on tv, or on YouTube channels that are considered mainstream could really wake a lot of people up. We just need some finances in order to do it. People like John McAfee who have independent wealth are massive threats to the system because they could single handed use their own finances to spread their ideas throughout society by paying for advertisements, and boost promotions etc. They have the power to break through the information matrix and affect real change with their wallets is the main point. So we really need some business leaders in society to come forward and support this type of an action to End the Federal Reserve. I mean can you imagine if someone independent or we collectively got the money together to run an ad during the Super Bowl for example about ending the Federal Reserve, how many people that would wake up?

Using America's Military Power to Crush the Central Bankers Globally, Step 2

The Central Bankers if kicked out of America would likely claim we still owe them the National Debt. Well I say at this point we tell them "Good Luck collecting it". If we have taken back over America and our Military, then we can ensure America is never put back under the Central Bankers hold. Setting an example for every other nation why central banking is not for them. We could also support any nation that required our help to free themselves from the banksters control. Eventually debt monetary central banking systems could be eradicated from the planet. The US Military as you can see above is already deployed globally to accomplish this. Use the bankers own system of Military oppression against them. They put America into trillions of dollars of debt to create this Global Police state but they forgot, we are the soldiers and we have the law on our side not them, all the bankers have is fake money and their illegal private banks. If we just woke everyone up, this nightmare could easily end.

Or we could just let them start WW3 and sit on our coaches until we are vaporized by the very militaries that are supposed to protect "we the people", not "we the government agents in underground bunkers".

Once the Bankers are Gone Globally we can Talk about Creating an Anarcho-Capitalist Society - Final Step

I know people reading this are like, you can't use violence if you are an anarchist and blah blah blah. Well guess what is going to happen if you go full voluntaryism without getting rid of central bankers? One day they will roll into your little camp with their military police and put you all back to work for the bankers. Or they will start WW3, and the weapons of war they created will wipe you out by accident. If we do not fight back, the system will continue to grow until there is no more "voluntary societies left". You can withdraw from the system now and go to some hippy dippy anarchist society in the hills, but that won't stop the bombs from flying, that won't end the situation we face. As far as I can tell that is shirking your responsibility and running away from the problems we all face. At some point we have to decide enough is enough and take the system back or burn it to the ground. Only once the Bankers no longer control other Governments and their Militaries can we be sure it is safe to disable our own defenses against their controlled nations. So if we want an anarcho- capitalist society, we must be willing to fight fire with fire until there is no more need to fight because we won the war. The bankers are not going to go away quietly, and even if they lose they will try again at some point in the future. Central Banking must be 100% eradicated from the Earth and their debt banking practices should never be allowed to be implemented again. We can replace them with whatever we want, be that crypto-currencies or some other form of non debt based monetary system. Then we can try to have an anarchistic society and not have any military or war. Rather spend our money on reaching the stars and feeding the homeless, and being good stewards of the planet we inhabit.

So come out and join us this Saturday for the Million Mask March and bring your "End the Fed" sign, let's get the ball rolling and start a national critical mass of awakened Patriots. Let's take the first step in the long hard process of creating the global voluntary society we all seem to want by raising awareness with all the means we have.

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First step. Vote Trump. He wants to audit the Fed.

  1. Trump is running to help Hillary win the election, he is the "Pied Piper" candidate according to the DNC's own emails leaked by wikileaks.

  2. Trump is beholden to the same banksters including his business partner George Soros. Trump and Soros have and still have a long history together, including Trumps financial advisor Steve Mnuchin who IS STILL a Soros employee.

  3. The Fourth Branch has pedophilia blackmail over Trump for his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. (Bill Clinton is also connected and actually even more guilty of this).

  4. Trump is a Jesuit puppet who doesn't believe in religious freedom. Trump said "We must end all Anti-Catholic bias", well guess what if there is no Protest, there is no Protestant Church. True Christians are not "Catholics", Catholicism is more pagan than Christian.

  5. Trump's other policies are a joke. A wall = nonsense. His rhetoric is supported by race baiting shills like Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and Mark Dice. All of them are cointelpro.

  6. Trump is just a clown who knows how to read an audience and play to it. I doubt he even believes half the shit he is saying in what has to be the fakest election of all time.

  7. Hillary already won the election, the DNC has electronic voting machines in all 16 swing states. Good luck with that.

fed = biggest scam in the world

Also the biggest problem.

Truthful post so much control power and blood money excellent article upvoted again.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

or you could just get everyone to use bitcoin and crypto only instead of fiat

The problem with that is:

A) There is not enough crypto-currency to facilitate trade. If you did that tomorrow there would be no where near the required quantity of money to conduct transactions globally. You would need a much larger amount of Crypto-Currency available to make that switch.

B) The Central Bankers will just bankroll their own "E Coin" and dominate the market and take right back over.

C) Businesses are not going to switch over as the Fed Note is the World Reserve Currency.

D) The powers behind the fed may decide to just use their control of the military to wipe out your crypto servers and kill the threat to their currency. You have no way to protect against this at all.

You could replace the USD with Crypto of various kinds but it would take massive investment into crypto currency before hand. It would also take increasing the access to Crypto- and creating printable crypto- coins. Not just a few like there is today.

1). Bitcoin can live offline indefinitely and be booted up again. it is just a ledger of transactions really. 2). There is enough crypto because bitcoin is divisible to the 8th decimal. We will trade millibits not whole bitcoins in the event the whole world uses it. If people hold their funds in crypto and then a government destroys those funds. Good luck trying to get those people to back that government

It is not complicated to kill the fed.
It just takes Congress to state it will only spend 'Treasury Notes'. And will no longer borrow 'FedRes Notes'. (and a boot in the ass that says it will no longer enforce 'FedRes Notes' as legal tender but will on 'Treasury Notes'.


Yes, but no one is talking about doing that, so to get the conversation started is actually rather complicated. I mean how do you get a completely bought and paid for Congress to act in good faith and do as "We the People" Say? I think you have to fire all of them and replace them using Article v. I think we need a major effort to awaken the masses, because Congress ain't doing anything about it and almost no one is asking them to anyways. The average sheeple person has no idea what the Federal Reserve even is. This is the State of Congress today:

Some great points but I disagree that non-violence cannot fight violence. Look at what Gandhi and MLK achieved. It can and does work. If you go down the route of violence you will be demonised as a terrorist and play right into the hands of the bankster elite and their military cronies.

Also love your points about the British Empire. It never really died it just relocated to the US - the ideals, goals and thinking are pretty much identical.

Let's analyze this shall we?

Neither of them took down the banking system that created the oppression they were up against. As much as their accomplishments can't be overlooked neither can the fact that neither of them were able to take out the true powers oppressing them. India is still under the rule of the banksters who ran the British Empire, and the African Americans in the USA, the people MLK died for are still oppressed and now being killed by Police at a rate that would make the 1960's Police look well behaved.

"Every day on YouTube there is another Rodney King." - Lupe Fiasco

MLK got killed by the 4th branch who is run by the banksters. He did not achieve what he dreamed of. If you think racism is dead you aren't paying attention. Honestly, the Trump campaign is basically "Make Amerikkka great again".

"Thanks to the Internet we can see racism isn't as dead as they said it was" - B.o.B.

It's not the route of "terrorism" and violence to legally use the Military to defend ourselves from foreign bankster oppression in my opinion. It is common sense due to historical precedence set by the banksters that they will enforce their banking debt system by force. You have to defend yourself.

Did a class presenation on the Federal Reserve and why we need to abolish it was so sad to see that people didn't understand the problem that it causes us.

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