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Bitcoin Trend / 10-10-2017

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 Expected trading for today is between 4600.00  support and 5100.00 resistance  

As expected bitcoin price rallied upwards and the price now is
within small distance of 4980.00.

Pullback is expected as traders may book profits around 4980.00 - 5385.00
before pushing to new records.

So What Next..


  • EMA50 supports the chances of extending the bullish wave.

  • The 100 SMA is above 200 SMA so the uptrend is more likely.

  • Breaching 4980.00 level and holding above it, will push the price towards 5385.00.

  • Based on technical indicators, the buyers might need to take a break around 4980.00 - 5385.00 because Stochastic and RSI indicating bearish pressure could return.

  • Breaking 4236.00 and hold below it will stop the bullish trend.

Expected trading
for today is between 4600.00 support and 5100.00 resistance.
Expected trend for today: Bullish.



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awesome news @lordoftruth
really you (sir) not only make my day and even make the day of these people who have bitcoins as a currency.
love your work and you cover very beautiful.
Please keep posting
upvoted and resteem


Thanks for support and resteem


Anytime buddy
I read your post and most of them really worthful
I will help u for better exposure through resteem

As you predicted 5000 again! Great analysis friend! That's awesome!



Thanks for continue support
Becareful ..
Pullback is expected as traders may book profits around 4980.00 - 5385.00

Great graphic chart. good news for btc.
100% like and resteem


Thanks for resteem

Bitcoin Gold fork is helping fuel the current uptrend IMO. Coin for Coin for owners of bitcoin allows for an instant bonus of coins that MIGHT be worth something. So much of this is speculation why not take a stab at some free coins.

Will be interesting to see how much money flows out of Bitcoin and back into other coins/alt coins once the fork is done.


Pullback is expected as traders may book profits around 4980.00 - 5385.00 before the hard fork..
Thanks for support..


I would agree there will be some booking of profits, that is only the smart thing to do. Picked up a bunch on the dip at around $3450 average and looking to lock in 50% gain somewhere around $5200. This was a short term play to cover some upcoming expenses, but if the date is close to the fork I'd hold until after and roll the dice to see what that brings to get the extra BitGold.

The upward price trend is inevitable for Bitcoin.

nice post !great to see news about these.
resteem + upvoted :)

Thanks for the update btc analysis and news.

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very good updates

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Wow bitcoin is doing great.

@lordoftruth - Sir, I'm very happy today. BTC is back to top :) Nice analysis Sir <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thanks, for the predition. Let´s hope it goes that way 👍

Some news are rellay good about BTC and hope we get some uptrend in steem as well
Nice analysis buddy

this week will be an interesting week for bitcoin cause it might cross the 5000 barrier and from their the sky will be the limit unless their is turbulence in the market. it will continue on an upward trend

It's a good news for all the will help them to continue all the system.thank's for your sharing sir..
Hope we will get special something from your post
Best of luck sir

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Bitcoin is performing well but why steem is down, any specific reasons?

great post dear, thanks for your information . this post got upvote from
follow the link and you will get automatic upvote.

looks like new ATH is coming and it will go down after the fork