So I asked Bittrex: Will Bittrex Support the Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork? And they answered me.

in bitcoin •  last year

I wrote to Bittrex Support the other day to find out if the October 35th Bitocin hard fork would result in an equal amount of Bitcoin Gold in a BTG wallet as I held in my BTC Wallet. Well they got back to me and I was rather surprised at the answer.

My support request went like this.

Will you be supporting the Bitcoin Gold hard fork?
I need to know where to hold my BTC in preperation for the Oct 25 BTC / BTG hard fork.

If you can provide some detail I would like to repost this answer on to inform that community of where to best store their BTC in order to get an equal amount of BCG in there wallet.

I will need a rather speedy answer on this as this BTC / BTG hard fork is fast approaching.

Thanks in advance.

The Bittrex Support teams answer went like this....

Your request (274002) has been solved.
Bittrex staff will never comment on whether or not a coin will or will not be added to the exchange.

If you would like to see a coin on Bittrex, encourage the dev team to fill out a New coin submission. Details:
Follow us on Twitter @

So there you have it folks.
There is the Bittrex answer-non answer.
Best bet.... don't hold your BTC at Bittrex when the BTC hard forkl takes place on October 25.
That being said, Bittrex did honor the BTC / BCC hard, fork but it took a few days before wallets appeared in the Bittrex exchange with the BCC, or BCH, as it is listed in some of the other exchanges to show up.

I keep all my BTC in a Mycelium wallet and I have exported my private keys. This way I can recover my BCG coins when they are created.

For more info lets go to Trevon James, @trevonjb he explains it a bit better

Disclaimer -- @trevonjb has been accused of being ascammer concerning his promotion of bitconnect.
Start at 5:09 to learn about the hard fork.

Below is the unedited, un-punctuated transcript from the above video starting at 5:09

...So now we got another hard fork so people are starting to realize that okay well we can just hard for bitcoins get free Bitcoin so there's another hard for coming called Bitcoin gold or B gold right now this hard work after doing some research it's not a it's like a a dividend like you get paid for holding Bitcoin that's what their point of doing it is they're they're not trying to make this a con Bitcoin gold some huge project they're just trying to get everyone some free Bitcoin alright so when October of 25th there's going to be the heart there should be the hard fuck around that data because it's do about around about a wrap of that it's about blocks like when the block happens that's when the for clapping so whenever the block happens sometimes it's off by maybe a few hours a few days so November first it'll be on exchange so what's gonna happen on October 25th all the Bitcoin had as long as you have it on your own private key so meaning you have it on Hardware wallet paper wallet ...

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I'm not falling for it lol . . Forks have no effect on the way I trade alts. I trade charts.

That is a funny article though. Thanks!! So, looks like Yobit will honor it :D


Good to know about yobit. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Yobit is a shit coin exchange, honestly. But I do use it for those unheard of gems . . diamonds in the rough. Just be careful there. Many of the coins are completely dead and/or are scams.


yep they still trade paycoin

BCC was available immediately not 2-3 days later on Bittrex....

Be careful guys, i have the feeling that everyone thinks it's gonna be like BCC, aka free money and a BTC pump . A lot of people are buying just to get " free coins" and are planning to sell BTC as soon as it happens. I'm expecting a huge dip after Nov 24... Only god knows tho haha


Why? People will be massively selling their BTG.. BTC price will go up.

Ledger nano and chill.

I'm hodling my funds onto my hardware wallet in the form of BTC. It worked well with the last fork!

Best answer ever!

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Good job man. i agree with you that don't hold your BTC at Bittrex when the BTC hard fork will takes place

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We are already in the world of cryptocurrency, just embrace the changes...

Thanks for the heads up buddy

Good and thanks for clearing up the btg questions. Thanks

my opinion... yes they will support it like they did with bcc. But there is some risk if they do not as btc holders on bittrex will not receive bitcoin gold - that would suck. So it is a gamble - when I received my BCC on my nano, I immediately transfered it to bittrex to sell, and it took 22 hours to become available and clear the 40 confirmations. During that 22 hours the price of BCC dropped from 750+ to 275 where I finally dumped it. That was very frustrating, even though "free money" I was grateful... but watching the price tank while waiting for the transfer to clear was a painful experience. So I'm not sure what I am going to do. I will probably send half of my btc holdings to bittrex and keep half on my nano. I'm just not sure yet - hoping Bittrex gives some sort of definite answer in the next week. Thanks for the attempt to contact them and thanks for your Steemit post - I have upvoted etc. Good luck everyone. And congratulations to everyone that has had the balls to hold BTC and ETH this year, it has been an amazing year, and I think as crazy as it sounds, - the best is yet to come. 2018 will blow our minds as Internet Money will become more mainstream and change the world in a positive way. Peace

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