Who created Bitcoin? Hint: It's not who you think... (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of my post from yesterday. 

In part one we talked about the possible creator of Bitcoin. It can be seen here:


*Again I want to reiterate that these are just my thoughts and not necessarily fact. No one knows for sure who Satoshi Nakamoto is or who he represents.

At the end of the post I postulated that the possible creator could be a government and the likeliest government in my opinion would be the government of the United States.

If Satoshi Nakamoto were actually a government it would solve a couple of the more pressing questions regarding his identity.

For one it solves the question as to how one individual could have created such a historic an technically impressive feat all by himself, in his basement.

And secondly, it also solves the question as to how an individual could have remained anonymous now for almost 9 years without once revealing himself.

Or even having the foresight to make himself completely anonymous when he released his project in the first place.

Remember it doesn't necessarily have to be the United States Government that created it... It could be any government.

Russia and China also likely have the technological know how to create Bitcoin and therefore must also be considered. 

In fact they also have an interest in getting off the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Over the past several years they have been stating publicly that moving away from trading in dollar terms is an objective of theirs as they feel it has given the United States an unfair advantage in the global economy. 

So, we have 2 major players with a major incentive, which is why I won't rule them out completely either.

Moving back to the United States (or whichever government created Bitcoin), most people think that a government couldn't have created Bitcoin because it would be counterproductive to them controlling the money supply. However, for countries like Russia and China, they already don't control the money supply of the world's reserve currency so it makes sense for them to set about creating another form of currency that no one could control.

That also would strengthen the case that the creator was some government outside of the United States.

However, for the rest of this post I am going to proceed as if it was created by the United States. If the United States created Bitcoin, the most obvious question is, why?

Why would they create a monetary system that they couldn't manipulate in the way that they do currently with the dollar?

*Fair warning, for the rest of this post I am going to put my tinfoil hat on and you may need to as well as it starts to get a little more "1984" than anything else...

Well, what if I told you that Bitcoin was not the end game?

Instead, what if Bitcoin was a giant beta test?

A beta test for what is to come later...

Back in 2008 it was made clear that the current financial system was way too fragile and dependent on good actors to survive in the long run. There needed to be a better system.

Bitcoin was created as a possibility for said better system. The goal of Bitcoin was to get the technology out into the real world and see how it works. See how people interact with it and also to iron out any kinks that might come up.

Rightly, as people have pointed out, Bitcoin is not without imperfections.

Once enough information is gathered, a new and better blockchain and coin is created.

Enter Govcoin (or any other government created coin).

This coin and blockchain will be created officially by the United States Government and it will be backed by the government. It will not be forced upon it's people through violence (at least at first), but it will be mandated that taxes and fines be paid using it, which means people will have to convert to it and the hassle of doing so will eventually get more and more people to adopt it.

For this example we will say the exchange will be 1 US dollar for 1 Govcoin for simplicity.

This conversion will last for a period of time before the use of cash and dollars is eventually outlawed. 

This new digital currency will be used in all facets of life. The government will be able to know anything and everything you buy. It will all be recorded on a ledger, thanks to blockchain technology.

Bitcoin will have been the first, but it will eventually be made illegal to use and transact in. Govcoin will be what is pushed upon all people.

There will be resistance from the anarchist and libertarian crowds, but mainstream will adopt it easier than they have Bitcoin because it is backed by the United States Government, and like it or not, people feel more safe participating in things that are backed by the government.

Eventually Bitcoin will go the way of the dinosaur as will most other non state backed cryptocurrencies. 

The only ones that will remain are the ones backed by central authorities. 

The technology that was once thought to decentralize the world, will actually work to enslave people to the their governments more so than at any other time in history. 

The government will be able to limit what you can and cannot buy if it so chooses. For example, if you are overweight, they may not allow you to purchase sweets. Since everything will be digital and no cash will exist there will be no way for you to overcome it. 

The grocery store will not be able to process your transaction because of the government mandate. Etc etc etc... 

*Much of these ideas and thoughts were inspired by this:


Feel free to check out the links if you'd like to learn more.


Admittedly I hope I am wrong about all of this.

I hope that Satoshi Nakamoto was simply a pen name used by some super genius who created Bitcoin in his basement and values his anonymity more than most. 

I hope that Bitcoin goes on to change the world and I hope a truly decentralized Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency can win out. 

However, history has taught me to be skeptical and cynical, especially when it comes to the government. Perhaps if the technology keeps advancing at a fast enough pace and there is a fast enough adoption of a particular currency it will be too late and the government will miss it's chance?

Really that seems like the best chance for all of the above to be wrong.

But again, it's tough to beat anyone who makes the laws and has the ability to jail or fine those that do not listen. 

Stay believing my friends!




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Just like the most amazing inventions, someone had a basic idea and it evolved. Probably went through hundreds of minds to get the overall concept. Either way, it's made many people rich. WOO HOO

Great read! well put!

I also like to think it was a random dude in a basement (maybe it´s parents) who created it. But of course anything could have happened. I like to concentrate in what to do with it more than who created it. It is a hell of a technology with a potential to grow to some jaw dropping levels. We should all be thankful it was created and that we are enjoying its services. LEts see where it goes, I think up and high.

Thanks for such a good post!

That's the hope! As long as governments decide to regulate it instead of replace it ;)

Definitely an intriguing post and theory! Crazy time for crypto currently. I wonder which coin or set of coins will ultimately win out? STEEM could explode in popularity if Steemit becomes prominent in the social media scene.

Yeah STEEM has huge potential. Can't wait too see what happens in a few years. We live in interesting times indeed.

Yea, we need to get things moving here. The longer steemit takes to get going, the more likely it is that someone beats them to the punch or does it better. We are racing against the clock here...

Good news! Yes, you're completely wrong with all of this :)

I think you really should demystify blockchain. It's just an algorith and protocol, and after ten years of research, yes, one person can implement it, alone in a garage, it's not such a big deal as you might think! No goverment involved, sorry. And it's against all government interests also.

The same way HTTP ("Internet protocol") was invented by one person, Tim Berners-Lee, and the first transmission through internet was made between 2 Universities. Sorry, it wasn't in Area 51. Again, no conspiracy possible, sorry.

Read more wikipedia (again a two-people project that has became one of the greatest things of Humanity) and see less X-files! ;)

Check out this article abot blockchain:

If the major governments of the world decide to make it illegal to trade, mine, or transact in bitcoins it goes the way of the dinosaur. Not saying that is expected, I am just saying I wouldn't underestimate the power of those that have the ability to make the rules.

Interesting idea, but I do not think it was the US government as the current monetary system works too well for them. The governments needs the money created by inflation to finance it's debts.
It could be a rival government like China of Russia who wanted to create a rival to the dollar.
What makes me think it was a group of people is the deflationary aspect built in the currency. Value preservation is a priority for individuals, not governments. The group could have been backed by high worth individuals as these would definitely benefit from an instrument like bitcoin. This would explain where the original ressources came from.

Those were some of my reservations as well. The US is currently enjoying a huge advantage over the rest of the world by having their currency as the world's reserve currency. It is certainly possible that a country or two got together and said lets figure out a way to even the playing field for the rest of us...

I agree on you erlik, China would be more likely. Still there are arguments, the US is in deep debt to China and the US $ is basically controlled by china. China could flood the market with their $$'s. US finance would be in deep crisis and the US-Dollar no longer the global lead currency.

I track with you up to a point.

What are your thoughts on humans trading and bartering outside of digital currencies altogether?

We could trade without the GovmntCoin by just handing over a loaf of bread for a few summer squash.

Sure it wouldn't be "allowed" but black markets will always exist.

I have recently thought the same about BTC origins after watching a 60 Minutes episode on Stuxnet

That is very true. There may be the risk of fines or imprisonment to do so, and guess what currency those fines will have to be paid in? However, you are right there will always be black markets.

They can't fine and imprisonment everyone. That is the grand illusion all people must realize.

They don't have to. You do it enough times and the rest fall in line.

I don't think this idea will work long term for civilization especially considering what humans have already built up. Most of the amazing infrastructure and achievements we've had has been facilitated at least in part by the fact that we can exchange a single agreed upon unit of value in exchange for goods or services we need or want. If you needed something in the barter system, you have to not only find someone who has what you need but someone who has what you need and needs what you have. This sounds like a nightmare, especially when you needs a lot of different goods or commodities to say make a product or something. Having a universally agreed upon store of value like dollars or bitcoin makes things extremely convenient because it gives you the flexibility of A) storing value for later use, B) when you use it later, it can be exchanged for virtually any goods or services. For those reasons I think money is extremely important and is here to stay my friend.

Very good post..the government is watching.

This post is getting more interesting...and making me feel as if am ready a thriller spy novel..which I like a lot. I always belive that Bitcoin is the current KIng of Cryptos however, the beautiful one is not yet born: a better one will surely come. For Social media, steemit will be the king as I indicated here in by blog: Why Steemit will disrupt social media and make socializing profitable again : https://steemit.com/steem/@charles1/why-steemit-will-disrupt-social-media-and-make-socializing-profitable-again

In any way, we are in a good place and will surely be successful in any situation. Upvoted . Keep it up

I hope so. I think Bitcoin will either get regulated by major governments or they will replace it with something else. The second option would not be a good outcome for most of the cryptos that are alive and thriving today.

I agree, however how can government regulate what they can not control?people might reject the government imbosed crypto ie people of the world ..United states dont control the world.

Once again you raise some interesting arguments. there is no doubt there has been a war on cash over the past ten years, trying to force people away from cash and onto electronic payments. Cash cannot be controlled and cannot be influenced by negative interest rates but anything electronic can be. Look at India's recent removal of high denomination bank notes, dressed up as anti fraud and money laundering!

I am still sceptical about Satoshi though!

I think we all :)

I do not think Bitcoin was created by any government.
There could be be two groups involved, which are on the suspects list for having provoke bitcoin,
of one of these is a group centers around the Trinity College, another is a bunch of loosely affiliated international collaborators.

Both of these groups are on the record with indicating to bitcoin with papers & software.
But both groupps haven't admitted so far openly that they were involved of creating bitcoin.

If you read the papers they published in the run-up to bitcoin then there is pretty clear that these two groups had the technical ability
and the means to execute that idea.

It's certainly possible.

Indeed bitcoin is the best invention of the world.

I'm with you, it probably was created by a government somewhere. They probably have a plan to use it in the future whenever fiat currency dies. But I still think we can profit from it in the time being

Those are my thoughts as well...

The evolution of bitcoin is truly amazing. I love reading posts like this one. I also really like the V for Vendetta mask usage. NicE post, I'll follow and upvote you!

An interesting read. Thanks for posting :)

I kind of wondered if the Government created it but had no theories as to why... it just seems fishy in today's day and age that ANYONE who makes something so amazing can just 'stay anonymous as long as they want.' You know, without being dead or a complete fictional being.

Yep, exactly.

Very interesting post, Bitcoin is GOD of Cryptocurrencys :D
followed and resteemed :)))

I completely disagree, but thanks for floating an interesting idea.

This truly is a dark scenario, but we might see it regardless of the creator of the blockchain. The technology is here and it's easy adoptable by the government. And when ever they decide to go the path you described, they'll have the advantage. As you said ... after all they are the government and people will follow especially if they must.

I still hope that this won't happen but i wouldn't put my bet on it ...

Even if the government created it. It is no longer in their hands. Its like the Internet. Created By US Defense Department but no longer under their control

Yes, but the government makes the rules... If they decided to suddenly outlaw trading and transacting in Bitcoin, it would suddenly lose most of it's value.

Oh they can try, but once it goes global, no one government can stop it.

It's like Google, Facebook and Instagram , which are banned in here in China. People find a way to get thru. I need to use a vpn. Even For Steemit

But I do agree they can make it difficult. Here in China they prevented bitcoin exchanges to do RMB withdrawals

Or banks closing your account because of Bitcoin

This one is not limited to US . The exchange I use in Singapore had to move thier bank account

The bitcoin miner fees are already getting out of hand, I can move cash cheaper through the banking system, especially for smaller sums.
I wrote several blogs about it, but they never get traction. no one is ready to hear the down side of things.

after all it is just the first prototype, better versions are in the works.


Good post, but i hope and pray you are wrong! I often think about that time magazine from, i think 1989?.....with the digital coin on the front marked 2018. And i sometimes think that where we are now is too coincidental, especially with "their" push toward a cashless society.
Have we fallen hook, line and sinker for their grand plan.......or, as you say, have they been beaten at their own game?
My thoughts are actually the later as my instincts tell me we are at the beginning if something game changing in a positive way.
Meanwhile the governments of the world are losing control as more people wake up to their self promoting agendas.

Well guys did you ever thought about the anarcho group for freedom called Cicada 3301?

most amazing inventions, someone had a basic idea and it evolved. Probably went through hundreds of minds to get the overall concept. Either way, it's made many people rich.. thanks for this amazing post ..how about you??

Surprised no one posted this yet... "Satoshi is japanese for "Wise" or "Enlightened". Nakamoto means "group" or "organisation". Satoshi Nakamoto = The enlightened group = The illuminated group = The Illuminati"

source: https://tinyurl.com/ydfgh8vr

The financial system works perfectly, ... it was designed this way!

Which system..the blockchain or the debt based monetary system??

The monetary debt based system!

Thought provoking dark scenario. Lets just hope it was not any government project.

Very good info :) thanks

Isn't bitcoin considered to be a decentralized money system? And now it turns out somebody is controlling it?

It would be easy enough for a government to co-opt Bitcoin. Just create another Mt Gox sized exchange failure, and in so doing, create the "need for the security of being backed by the government". In addition, everyone using govcoin will receive a discount every time it is used, until it is accepted everywhere.
Security and convenience, the two biggest tools the government uses to manipulate people.

Great post, I also agree with your view to be cynical about most things but at the same time to still have an open mind and search things out. I guess we just have to educate more people fast enough before the governments start indoctrinating people about their own new govcoin!

If Government did not back it, it would have been history since long time ago. Again, in my opinion exchanges are the backbone of cryptos. THe direct link to fiat is the main factor which keeps investors comfortable with cryptos. If exchanges were made illegal by governments and you suddenly cant get fast and liquid $$$ for your coins, the panic begins, and we all know that not a lot is needed to crash such a volatile market!

Nice post @jrcornel! U are completelly right! Always be critical with any official history and doubt about it...i think this is the same as kenedys death...we'll never get to know who the real inventor of btc was...

id like to point out that historians aren't sure if sun Tzu, who wrote the art of war, really ever existed. if the govt limits peoples sweets (for example) whats going to stop me from buying them for you?

The only problem I have with all these cryptocurrencies is the vast amount of alt currencies there are further diluting the price of the bitcoin. Also, if their ICO's are bad like some of Ethereum's it could lead to a futher down spike in price like its currently doing... :/

You have given Nice Perspective about great mystery. I really appreciate it.

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pls check my post here -

thank you

Great post I am happy to be following otherwise I would have missed it. Looking forward to more awesome content. Cheerz

I can't imagine ant government creating Bitcoin. Just look at the lackies running the FED!

nice post brother..
for us.

It might be a little 1984 but entirely believable

Excellent point of highlight 1984, check this point out, you would like it https://steemit.com/hackers/@daudimitch/are-hackers-really-hacking-or-exposing-government-hacking-tools-and-programs
And then you can paint a more colorful picture with this post https://steemit.com/blog/@daudimitch/one-blockchain-one-love

It's going to bring the next generation of the Rich, and I mean super Rich. Again it will leave the poor, poorer because they lack the education of what's evolving. I say we all need to hop on the next level of living. @zimi

Bitcoins looking at a soft fork on aug 1 and the price is predicted to drop 50% it's going to be split into two currencies... Not sure who made it but alot of people are going to drastically drop some cash out s soon.
Cheers, just giving a heads up :)

It could be Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin.

If blockchain involved only money then I can see it being relatively easy to replace the Beta technology with GovCoin. But as the current technology has evolved into including intellectual property, contracts, health records and even land rights it will make it very difficult to outlaw until those legal structures end, particularly since it is used globally. If this was an experiment then it is the extension of its use into other property that may have been unforeseen and problematic for phase 2 of the grand plan.

If Satoshi Nakamoto is a, "pen name" then it is reasonable to believe that this name has a symbolic or metaphorical meaning.

Satoshi: "Wisdom or Sense"
Nakamoto: "Central Origin"

Question is, are central players the ones truly wise to the plan?
Let's hear it: @corbettreport Upvote for Corbett's take!

good job @jrcornel - like the way you think outside the box

My theory is if a government made this. It would not be US , CHINA or RUSSIA. They might have the capability but not the motive knowing the economic chaos it would cause. I think it would be the Japanese , who still are suffering a flat economy. Bitcoin would stabilize their economy by untying them from the US dollar. Also Satoshi Nakamoto is such a Japanese name :)

This is actualy a very good thinking. And it can easily come to this and maybe it will.

upvoted and restimed
tnx for sharing

How does government with its control over banks not already knows what happens in relation to all those bank accounts? Would switching to Govcoin really change anything materially in that respect?

The people that do not wish for transparent ledgers, will have the choice to switch to private cloaked ledgers. The demand for such ledgers will be sufficient for them to seek their use even if banned by law. This notion is enforced if the Government would use public ledgers and total control to extract punitive levels of taxes. No better incentive to escape the system than punitive taxes.

interesting but then they probably created something they will lose control over, because they're are conflicting geopolitical and monetary interests in the world. and there's always gold :)

great job!!

Great info, keep up the good work.

The Fiat Currency Masters have spent at least 500 years implementing their system by force; they will not lay down and die, far more likely that this is part of a bigger picture! It could go either way, though, depending on the nature of reality.....And no, sorry, we haven't​ figured that one out yet....

great job!!

Americans created Bitcoin to send money to terrorists without being tracked.

I've actually been thinking of of your theory the past few weeks. We are on the way to going e-everything, and I think currency is soon to be making the switch as well.

Thanks for the post. By now some of us have probably heard many theories about who Satoshi really is. From alien technology dropped to mankind to a hermit scientist living in Tibet.

My personal favorite is that Satoshi is just a brilliant scientist who loves Pokemon Go and wants to bring Pokemon Go to the next level using PokeCoins via a Blockchain. Until then I am counting the days that it will happen :-)

Would gov coin be centralized and still be minted like fiat? If so, its the same as the dollar nobody wants because of the debt?

A lot of useful information learned. Thanks for the links!
And I also think that it's an alias.
A real hero doesn't want to be found out. Post is very informative.

i think that your idea no matter how out there it may seem has a lot of strong factors backing it such as the web 1.0/ 2.0 creator

I love this piece, thought provoking... the government piece would get on the nerves of a couple people who are anti hahahahah... i wrote an an interesting piece that you can check out... its compliment this piece nicely https://steemit.com/blog/@daudimitch/one-blockchain-one-love

I love it, very good article and yes what if?

very interesting

Interesting post ! thanks for sharing! STEEM ON !!

History has taught us any rule or kingdom wont last longer than 150yrs, british had their time and USA is next ,cryptos should survive long haul

Octavian's power was then unassailable and in 27 BC the Roman Senate formally granted him overarching power and the new title Augustus, effectively marking the end of the Roman Republic. The imperial period of Rome lasted approximately 1,500 years compared to the 500 years of the Republican era.

I really hope that you are wrong

Great informative post...highly appreciated your effort :)) upvoted

I think it is very likely that it was just a guy in his basement wh got the idea. This is absolutely no work of governments. They are just too stupid for that.

I read your post yesterday. But the big majority of mining power is in china? Since nobody can control bitcoin, currently its not the us who would benefit that much from btc. Ethereum is in russian hands. Future could be really interesting

Bitcoin surely seems like a Pilot Test.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

The idea you have about tracking all transactions and observing what you buy (and by extension of blockchain DApps, many other facets of your life) is very interesting. But again, I think government creation of Bitcoin is very unlikely.

If the aim was to keep the centralized system in place and simply be able to have a permanent ledger (so in other words just tokenizing USD or whatever FIAT), they would have started with a private blockchain. We see countries now that are very interested in Ethereum (including Russia and China) that want private chains they can manipulate. Singapoor is already well on it's way to tokenizing its currency with a private Ether blockchain. Starting with a decentralized blockchain and letting that idea gain public support and significant market capitalization sounds way too counterproductive.

Next, about your point about China wanting to move off the dollar for exchanges and as the reserve currency: yes, that is true. However, a decentralized currency is again, against their interests (at least in the current world economy where other governments can also manipulate their monetary systems' supplies and regulations). China has great power over their currency right now; as I'm sure you've heard, they can devalue their currency at will to lower the cost of exports or keep the Yuan trading competitively against other currencies of countries it trades with. I don't think they would be so keen on giving up advantages like that.

Lastly, you made a statement about Web 1.0 and 2.0 requiring immense governmental funding and effort and thus extrapolating that "web 3.0" therefore can't be done by a single person if it is the future of the internet. You're kind of right and wrong at the same time here, I think. You're right in the sense that bitcoin isn't web 3.0, it's the initial proof of concept. There are thousands of devs working on blockchain tech right now, which is really the "web 3.0", not bitcoin itself. However, saying one person can't write bitcoin because blockchain tech is the progression of the internet is over simplistic. Web 1.0 and 2.0 required lots of infrastructure (a lot of it was physical) and governmental involvement was needed to ensure the network was expanding and continues to. Bitcoin and other blockchain tech runs on top of the existing internet and changes the way we communicate and transact over the existing internet. There is physical infrastructure necessary such as hardware to verify transactions in the case of bitcoin, but satoshi tried to decentralize this infrastructure as well by incentivizing people with computers to keep the network running in exchange for a reward in bitcoin (mining). Sadly, this has not worked as bitcoin mining is kind of centralized with large pools and companies consolidating much of the hashing power, especially with the help of ASICs.

All that being said, I like that you're open to being wrong about all of it and even hope for it :) It was worth reading, thanks for the post.

═╝ Truly enlightening to a noob such as myself, many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, upvoted!

ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

A very interesting perspective. I know the deep state is messing in Crypto in a major way right now. They are trying to play with all of us. I hope you are wrong about the end game. If you are right, I will be leaving this wonderful country. Great article.

Satoshi = Nick Szabo, it's pretty much been proven already.

Good read, very interesting concept. Let hope you're wrong and Satoshi Nakamoto is somewhere out there.

If yoi really want to know, check out some old Slashdot articles

read these posts from people who actualy had emails with the satoshi email and analyzed the data around his first emails an couldtell this personas NOT japanese and a native english speaker who also got up and worked during British time zone schedule,
"by IamTheRealMike ( 537420 ) on Monday December 16, 2013 @02:17PM (#45705687)
Just a few minor corrections (I had multiple private email conversations with Satoshi over a couple of years before he disappeared).

The bitcoin site was registered via an anonymous DNS registrar that specialises in anonymous speech. For a short while he also used an email account from the same service, again, a service dedicated specifically to anonymous speech. I've seen no evidence it was selected due to any links to Japan.

I don't know where you got the idea that his writing style was that of a native Japanese speaker. He never once wrote anything in Japanese or even referred to Japanese culture. His writing style was actually that of a British guy: full of British English spellings and mannerisms. Also, he timestamped the genesis block by including a headline about the British banking bailouts from The Times. That's a British newspaper that is most commonly referred to outside the UK as "The London Times" due to its rather generic name. It would be rare for an American or Japanese person to refer to it just as "The Times". Finally, his forum account was set to GMT and his posting activity was during evenings GMT.

Having worked with his code and the man himself, at least for a short while, I think Satoshi was very likely to be a single person, who lives in the UK. But that said, I've never dug any deeper because he clearly wished to have his privacy and I think it would be a sad day if Satoshi's real identity were revealed without his permission." from IamTheRealMike on @SlashDot .org

and so I am gonna take a wild but educated guess that it was Tim Berners Lee, the man who had already created the World Wide Web http protocal and crypto currency would be the next step

Here is a copy of my email from Tim Berners Lee from 2005 over a decade ago when I first learned about him when I was in highschool, and i had to ask him if he was a robot and he replied, "if i were, how would you know? Would you trust me saying "I a a robot"?

I just sent an email back to Tim Berners Lee , inventor of the World Wide Web, after 12 years of not emailing him back and i told hi about steemiit and invited him to comejoin our decentralized community i even oferd hm $100 to sign up perosnaly paid mby me but if we had the creator of the world wide web oin steemit it woudl be a HUGE dal and he would get THOUSDS of dollars per post!

The government will be able to know anything and everything you buy.

That's an interesting thought, I think all in all; to say that these are the million dollar questions, would be an understatement. Skepticism is a great to have in a speculative word that we live in.


It's not that hard to find out that Nick Szabo is Satoshi... all the evidence links to him..

Nice article. As days go by more governments become friendly with bitcoin and bitcoin becomes more obsolete as a technology for fast and small trades, also mining is very centralized, so it could easily be some kind of beta testing for a new electronic currency being planned by governments to implement in the future, until then bitcoin will continue to work. Right now with the problem of very centralized mining bitcoin has already lost most of the "decentralized" ideal.

That was a thought provoking read and compelling argument. The optimist in me really wants to believe that bitcoin was not created by the powers that be. My guess is that bitcoin was created by a group like cicada 3301


However the dates don't match

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