Who created Bitcoin? Hint: It's not who you think...

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That is the $44 Billion Dollar Question.

Which is roughly the current market cap of Bitcoin as I type. 

If you asked this question among a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, they will all likely look at you and say, 

"Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, duh." 

But, who the heck is Satoshi Nakamoto? 

There are plenty of theories out there as to who this person, or groups of persons, is. For today, I am going to stick to a theory that makes the most sense to me.

*Keep in mind that this is all theory and opinions based upon things I have read and what makes the most sense to me. 

When you think about it logically, it is pretty absurd that we don't even know who the creator is of a technology and coin that currently boasts a market cap of $44 billion dollars and has been around for almost 9 years. Plus this technology is considered possibly the most ground breaking since the internet. 

Most people would like to put their signature on something like that. 

What we know...

Satoshi Nakamoto is an anonymous individual (or group of individuals) that invented Bitcoin. He released an extremely technical white paper in late 2008 called "Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System".

Nakamoto mined the very first bitcoins and accumulated over a million coins in it's beginning stages. It is estimated that Nakamoto owns at least 7% of all bitcoins ever to be created. No new Bitcoins will be created after it's supply reaches 21 million coins. 

If Bitcoin really is the future of money, like some people think, that would likely make Nakamoto one of the richest men to ever live, by owning over 7% of the entire money supply. 

Satoshi Nakamoto isn't really a person at all.

In my opinion if Nakamoto really was some individual he would have come forward by now. That or someone would have figured out his true identity by now.

He hasn't, and they haven't. 

Plus, the technology behind Bitcoin is truly masterful and is an engineering marvel. We are supposed to believe this was all cooked up in somebody's basement?

That seems like a stretch to me.

Especially when you consider this this...

Blockchains are often referred to as "Web 3.0", which means that they are considered as possibly the future of the internet, and that they will have as much effect on the world as the internet originally did. 

Well guess where Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 came from?

And I am not talking about Al Gore...

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 originated with the U.S. Government. They were born out of the U.S. Military's DARPAnet project (formerly known as ARPANET). 

At the time, the Cold War had the United States searching for a communication network that could survive a nuclear attack. Thus the need for creating a time-sharing network of computers was born. This network is widely considered the precursor of today's internet. 

So, you are telling me it took years and years of collaboration among computer scientists, researchers, and engineers to create the internet using the best tools the United States had to offer, and we are supposed to believe the next evolution to that was created by a single person in his basement?

That makes sense... (sarcasm font on)

So, if Satoshi Nakamoto isn't a real person, who is he?

This part should already be clear to you if you read the previous couple paragraphs. 

In my opinion, the theory that fits the most facts and makes the most sense logically, is that Satoshi Nakamoto is basically the pen-name used for a group of people working for a government...

Governments have the incentive and the technological capabilities to create Bitcoin. Also, look at when Bitcoin was created. It was created in 2008 (released in 2009) in response to a major financial meltdown that originated in the United States. 

Ok, but which government?

When deciding which government is the most likely to have created "Web 3.0", I think the most logical first place to look would be to look at the ones who created Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Which brings us to...

The United States Government.

*To be continued in Part 2 tomorrow




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It makes absolutely no sense that a government would want to create a tool that leads to their own demise. Governments have 0 control over public blockchains and 0 understanding of how they work. They can't steal Bitcoin like they can dollars. They can't hire blockchain architects because they are all anarchists. They also can't control the supply and play with interest rates. Their only play is to take down the entire internet to try to destroy the decentralized ledgers.

I find it probable that Satoshi Nakamoto is not of this world and that the code is a gift to our species in an attempt to help us abolish governments.

I can't prove this rather ridiculous theory but no human has come close to proving they had any part in the original creation of Bitcoin. (LOL @ Craig Wright) Also there is a surprising amount of information in the Wikileaks dumps about emails between astronauts who have been to the moon, Obama's highest ranking officials, people high up in the Vatican, and others talking about aliens and their supposed technologies and communication with us. It is wild stuff that you are not supposed to know about. I suggest checking it out. https://wikileaks.org/

Wait till part 2 ;)

FANTACTIC ! Magnificent !

I been thinking, many times, EXACTLY the same way like you. That this Bitcoin idea was brought to us by aliens. Or some humans from the future,who came back in time-machine. I have never told my thoughts loud, because i know - all listeners would then only laugh at me...
What a great post!

Thank you! I have been pondering on this wild theory for a while now and I'm glad I finally put it on a blockchain.

But it makes a lot of sense that a government is doing something that makes absolutely no sense.
Do I explain myself?
Good pints you have there. I like the extra terrestrial point of view. Maybe to save ourselves from ourselves.

Many things that the gov do that back fires on them, we see this in history all the time.

The internet is such a thing. But I can understand that they maybe couldn't predict the internet would get many people more informed than a corrupt government would like. But when you create Bitcoin you know from the very start that it will backfire on you.

Another possibility is​ The Archons....Multi-dimensional actors who can take human form:)


I genuinely believe that's possible.

Yes, I agree with you. I also don't think governments are behind this. It would make no sense at all.

Ever think about the CIA, FBI, and Congress aren't necessarily working together all the time, or that they have different agendas? There are always power struggles within governments.. Just food for thought.

Yeah what kind of job their doing except this finding ways to cheat peoples

This is gonna make it hard for me to sleep. Gonna be reading wikileaks aaaaaall night . Followed :)

I think that governments play those games that random people will never understand so i think he is right Us is behind of BTC

I can always appreciate a good theory! Though It doesn't really make sense to me given that decentralized technology literally screws them over..
Thanks for the interesting theory!

It's anannomous nature is the reason why so many are Interested in it. And I don't think any govt would Wan to create something like bitcoin that will take away their monopoly power of generating money from thin air. Just my view

Yes, all the rules were forbidden bitcoin for a long time. Have not yet realized that it can not be stopped.

Yea I just created an e-commerce shop that accepts crypto currency already hosted but not running yet need to fix some shits on it. Waiting for my govt to come after me 😁

Check ur telegram link. Its misspelled. Lets work on an idea.

Australian entrepreneur says he invented bitcoin. Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright says he's the inventor of the digital currency bitcoin

I use to have that dream also when am high on cheap drugs, He should keep dreaming 😁

Why can't be stopped they are stopping nuclear weapons and not stopping a digital coin

What is the motivation for the western world to create Bitcoin?
Perhaps to lure people into a new "safe haven" instead of investing in gold and silver. Precious metals are scarce and demand is higher than world production. So the western vaults are getting cleaned out to satisfy demand in the east. It would certainly delay the process.
Another motivation is to prepare the population for a cashless society in order to implement Negative interest so no one can take out the money from the bank anymore? With negative interest the gigantic burden of world debt is manageable.
Just to be clear: I do think everybody needs to be somewhat invested in crypto!

They keep talking about a new world order, and if you believe the Bible, there will be a one world government with a one world currency

He is the BITCOIN BATMAN...Watching over the crypto industry like it is Gotham.

Why couldn't it have been "cooked up in a basement" though? Lots of great businesses and science projects these last few hundred years started out in basements/garages.

Apple and the modern PC for a recent example.
And how about Steem? Yes I know Stan (not Dan though to my knowledge) used to work for NASA, but are you telling me you think all great new inventions started out as pet projects created by a nation state? That clearly wasn't the case.

Great article friend... It really made me wonder now as to how the btx was created. Honestly there are so much coins currently rolling out that in a few years the market will be overcrowded with randon currencies.
Cheers for the efforts you put in writing this and all the best from me..

Bitcoin takes permission away from the banks and establishment and gives that permission to you and whomever you are doing business with. This changes the dynamics of the way people do business around the world. This is the power of Bitcoin and blockchain!!

I share the same belief. Bitcoin's price will be $1 million per one bitcoin in the future. But beware of scammers who capitalize on bitcoin's popularity to fool, scam, and defraud people of their hard-earned money. The rule of thumb is simple - if an organization inviting you is not in the official list of bitcoin organization or miners.

Interesting theory :) Never thought about this really deep but you are true it's very hard to imagine that only one person had design Bitcoin. So it's likely that a group had made it.. Also take in mind that it was one person who invented quantum theory - Albert Einstein. Or look at Nikola Tesla what he made true. So there is a possibility that one genius person invented Bitcoin. :) Looking forward for your next episode :)

It was...... Aliens =)

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