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Get Ready for a Huge 2017 in the World of Crypto Currency and Bitcoin.

Are you as excited for Bitcoin and Crypto Currency as I am in 2017? I believe the world is now fertile ground for a disruptive technology like Crypto Currencies. All around us we see countries struggling with inflation and the first thing they do is sacrifice their national currencies while simultaneously destroying the wealth of their own people.

This has caused a massive influx of new money pouring into Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. The rates and amounts of wealth that will be transferred to Bitcoin this year will far outpace what anyone can imagine. When that happens it is just a matter of time before a percentage of these people figure out that they can also own other Crypto Currencies like Steem, Monero, Ether, Dash, Zcash and Ripple. My 2017 predictions are based on the increase in market cap size in 2017.

Bitcoin Rising in 2017!

1. Bitcoin Current Market Cap $15,444,482,144-

The biggest beneficiary of the new wealth entering the world of Crypto Currency in 2017 will be Bitcoin. Once Bitcoin passes $1,000 the mainstream media will likely get on the Bitcoin bandwagon. This will bring with it institutional money. Those of us who have held Bitcoin over the last few years will be very happy in 2017.

My prediction for the price of Bitcoin by the end of 2017 is $1815. I know this is pretty conservative compared to many other predictions but I never discount the fact that we could have another hack or unseen event like the Bitfinex hack in 2016. Where would Bitcoin be right now if that incident did not happen? Even though it had nothing to do with Bitcoin itself, negative news like what happened to Bitfinex can slow down adoption.

2. Monero Current Market Cap $189,306,755-

The Crypto Currency that took me by surprise in 2016 was Monero. The privacy focused Crypto Currency is gaining new fans every day. People love privacy when it comes to their money. I believe Monero will do well in 2017.

3. Ethereum Current Market Cap $692,922,717-

Ethereum had an amazing 2016 up until the DAO collapsed like a house of cards. I believe Ethereum will rebound in 2017 and get their blockchain in order. All bets are off if they can't get it right.

4. Steem Current Market Cap $38,669,242-

My favorite Crypto Currency for 2017 has to be Steem. The team is doing amazing things in the social media space with it's platform and the 3rd party arriving soon. In 2016 its flagship social media network did not launch without controversy but the fans have stood alongside the founders Dan and Ned and have built an amazing community. I am a proud user of Steemit and the Steem currency.

5. Dash Current Market Cap $78,444,418-

Dash has been a stable Crypto Currency for years. It also has had plenty of controversy but I happen to love it. The video below explains how the world of Crypto Currency works. Dash may not be the shiny object that everyone wants but it works so people who love privacy, speed and utility will continue to grow their Dash holdings. If you can afford it I recommend you get some Dash Masternodes. Most of my Crypto Currency wealthy peers own a few Dash Masternodes.

It was a smart move by the Dash voters to add Amanda B. Johnson to their marketing team.

6. ZCash Current Market Cap $16,517,533-

So much hype surrounded ZCash this fall as it launched its live blockchain. The price predictably started out high and has since tumbled to a more realistic level. I do believe this privacy focused Crypto Currency will stabilize and find plenty of capital in 2017.

7. Ripple Current Market Cap $233,708,060-

Over 2016 I owned a small stack of Ripple hoping that this payment protocol would finally take off. Well, another year has passed and Ripple still has not been widely adopted by the banking system like they had hoped. I believe 2017 will be the make it or break it year for the Crypto Currency.

My Predictions are Based on Growth in Market Cap.

I hope to see Steem and Dash break into the top 5 this year. My crazy prediction is that Litecoin will be knocked out of the top 5 in 2017. This may seem like a stretch but with Crypto Currencies like Monero, Steem and Dash gaining fans anything can happen.

My Dec 31, 2017 Crypto Currency Top 5 in Market Cap Prediction.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Monero
  4. Ripple
  5. Steem

OneCoin will almost be eradicated to the joy of all Crypto Currency fans.

What are Your Predictions for 2017 in the World of Crypto Currency?

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I like STEEM

I think that the graphene family of tokens are the sleeping giants about to awaken by late Spring of 2017. BTS, PEERPLAYS, BLOCKPAY, etc.

Few people even know that BitShares will become the state of the art crypto for privacy once STEALTH is implemented.

Three second block times and decentralized markets will rule by mid year as centralized exchanges come under vicious attack by governments trying to retain control amidst collapsing fiats.

It's going to be a wild ride! Happy New Year!


Crossing fingers for the Bitshare community. Do you think we should put a chunk in Bitshares alongside our Steem?


You do know that Steem, BitShares, and Peerplays are all built on the Graphene technology so that developments on one platfrorm should be readily adopted by the others, don't you? They should prove symbiotic in many ways. And BLOCKPAY, by the BitShares Munich team, is a uia (user issued asset) on BitShares internal decentralized market which will give an income stream from the several projects nearing release (smartwallets, payment systems, stealth transactions etc.).

There are many other exciting projects under development.

Full disclosure: I have positions in all tokens mentioned :-) and many others on the BitShares DEX (de-centralized exchange).

I think that the price of bitcoin could well go to 2 to 3 thousand in 2017, but what does that do for you when compared to BTS going from 0.004 to .10 cents?


Yes, I knew about Peerplays and Bitshares all being on the same network as Steem. Thank you for the deeper explanation.


I wouldn't say they are on the same network. I would say that they use the same underlying technology for their chains. So developments on any one of them should be fairly easily adopted by the others. And devs working on any one of them will be familiar with the technology of the others. For instance, PEERPLAYS has mentioned that they are developing a dividend disbursement function. When available, if this then becomes adoptable by BitShares it will add enormous flexibility to businesses wanting to use the BitShares DEX.


Loving the perpective here! ;) Namaste :)


Wild, it has already been and the future seems to be, by all indexes, bringing more of it, plenty more. I still want to invest into BLOCKPAY as have to admit that I would LOVE to learn more about STEALTH, especially if one can invest into it too... ;) As you underline, the attacks on fiat money by the governments of this world will bring about, faster and faster, the demise of fiat money while giving an accelerated push to the cryptocurrencies. Looking forward to another year of prosperity in that realm. Namaste :)

I like a few of this year's ICOs too. ICN is looking great. Looking forward to what Singular does.
I'm curious to see how ETC performs. It's a shot in the dark, IMO, but not a foolish one. If some projects get built on it, it may see some nice movement. The last week hasn't stunk.
BTC should have a nice run. ETH, maybe later, but I don't expect anything in the next couple of months. I'd love to be surprised though.
Ripple just seems like a dog. I like the idea, but will they ever actually get traction? We'll see.
ANS is pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see if they can pull their project off as expected.
If I were investing 100k in cryptos today, it would be something like this, with the expectation of spreading some among ICOs in the coming year.
50k BTC
25k ETH
5k ICN
4k ANS
3k Steem
3k XLM
2k Ripple
2k ETC
1k Golem

However, outside of cryptos, I'd put silver right up in the top three.


I have been Silver heavy since 2006. No stocks or anything gov regulated. ICN has been looking great. There is another coin that is coming soon that I am really excited about as well. When it is time for launch I will write a post about it.

Hi @hilarski, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Bitcoin at parody with the DOW, Silver +100, Gold +5000.

Facebook and Twitter become the new myspace as SteemIt and other free speech platforms take over.

Steem and Bitcoin is the only coins worthy to invest time and money in, the rest is crap. Sorry my language. (Ethereum is a joker, that could turn out to be huge).

Happy new year :)


Happy New Year to you also. I love Dash also but I understand many folks don't like it.

I love this by Barry Silbert!

Onecoin will be eradicated. Good u hear that (:

Great review! Looking forward to see what will survive the test of time in your predictions. Namaste :)


Factom is another cryptoo that is new to the block and has great potential and funding, plz take note of it


Thanks a bunch for the heads-up and namaste :)

We have a very similar outlook. Enjoyed your interview with Berwick the other day too


Thank you Richard! We had a good time.

One thing is certain. It's not going to be a full year. Always excitement and controversy in the crypto space. Happy and prosperous 2017 to you and all Steemians. To Infinity and Beyond 🚀


You as well Stephen, enjoy your New Years day my friend.

No doubt the Steem Team video could sell it to the younger crowd... Bitcoin does not need help and the rest well I have hopes for Ethereum due to the need for contract settlement compared to the Cede and Co doing (not doing) it now.


If they can get their crap together.

Great blog as usual @hilarski
Happy new year man


You also, have a good time this evening.

I have a lot more faith in Steem then I do in Monero and Ripple, nevertheless I would love to see that top 5 you have put forth. Here's to a happy and healthy 2017.


Monero has a following that is almost religious. That is why I think it will do so well. I actually don't own any. I hold Steem and Bitcoin currently. Most of 2017 I held Dash and AMP. We all know what happened to AMP, BOOOM!


What's wrong with Synereo? The platform hasn't even released yet. What happened to it which you were referring to?

Yep that's exactly what i thought great post!

by the end of 2017 I hope Steem 3$


That would be amazing. I am optimistically hoping for $.50-$.75.

Really easy read for #Crypto noobs like me LOL. I may refer back to this post in the future for advice. Thanks RH.

Solid post.


Have a Happy New Year Barry!!


Thanks man.

Agreed for all cryptocurrency you mention above. what about Waves?Do you think it woould be going up too?


I was an investor in the ICO. They have been doing well but are largely under the radar.

Surprised not to see ETC and MAID in your list.


I admint that I don't know much about Maidsafe. I don't have much confidence in an Ethereum without Vitalik.

I agree 100% with your evaluation.
I've been a hard core silver stacker for 10 years. I never felt comfortable with crypto currencies until I started using Steemit 5 months ago.
I like Dash too, but don't own any other crypto yet, except Steem.
Thanks for the easy to parse information. :)


Silver is how I started down this rabbit hole. It is amazing how easy it is to go from stacking metal to Crypto Currencies.


Yes...just not so keen on it not being physical, if the net gets shut down or severely governed when the fiat world crumbles.

Very good post

I like Steem, Dash, and Bitshares based upon what I've researched plus just plain old personal taste. In addition, I'm convinced that Dan Larimer, Ned Scott, and Evan Duffield are brilliant developers and they have ideas and goals that I like a great deal. I think 2017 will be a big year for all three projects.


I truly believe in the Steem idea. Dan and Ned did a great job. It is going to be a great year to be Steeming.
Dash is just so dam good, I can't believe more people don't see it. I hang out with a few big folks in the Steem community and they assure me they are working to make it better everyday.


I agree 100%.

Great article again and an awesome finishing sentence! - Love it! :D

It is hard to have faith in Cryptos like Ethereum which seemed to be on a continuous rollercoaster. Some people must have lost some $ and sanity on that one. My bets and time are focused on Steemit and Bitcoin. Litecoin, the silver equivalent of Bitcoin, I am keeping my eye on however don't know enough about them yet. I like Steemit for the experience it brings. That in itself I want to invest in. Interested in hearing why I should look at others and why. Worldcoin?

Hi thanks for sharing your thoughts
it's a good post & i love your predictions, i see future for the coins yu mentioned except Ripple because lately there was a huge amount of coins added i don't know how so it's kinda dangerous


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BTC will be 4000$. It is innovative. I have talked with my friend, he is a certified fortune-teller (also knows as a predictor).
This is true profit. Not bubble. Real investors we are. I am holding hundreds of bitcoins. That's why. I have no Ethereum, so the price can't be more than BTC! Trust me. Believe in your dreams!

Good points in this article. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. There's a lot of exchanges out there. I found that gives quite a decent overview. I was wondering if anyone of you uses: The site is my go to place for crypto investment analaysis and indepth coin research.


In a year, I will be back to you thanking for this post. Thank you!