My Unique Bitcoin Art | Artwork to calm down after the big Split |

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

yesterday was some exciting day for many of us, envolved in cryptocurrencies. It took over one year to come to this decision and the result is, that we have a splitted Blockchain. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I'm not sure about the success off BCC in future, but i could imagine, that it will be a good valued currency, too.

But we will see.

For now i just want to show you 2 special pieces created by me, that maybe will help you to calm down a bit ;)

Enjoy my work ;)

Hallo Leute,

gestern war ein sehr aufregender Tag für die gesamte Kryptoszene. Nach über einem Jahr der Unsicherheit in der Blockgrößendiskussion gibt es also endlich Resultate. Und zwar ein Split, aus dem Bitcon und BitcoinCash entstammen. Während die Hash Rate bei BCC derweilen etwas mager erscheint, kann ich mir dennoch vorstellen, dass das Projekt zukünftigen Erfolg mit sich bringen wird.

Heute aber möchten wir uns einen Ruhigeren machen, aus diesem Grund liefere ich euch hier zwei meiner Werke, in der Hoffnung, dass sie euch gefallen.

Viel Spaß!



Feel free to tell me in the comments, if you like my work or not ;)

Also feel free to upvote this post, if you want to support my doing! Would be great!

If you wan't to see more, just check out my blog.


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Keep up the good work!

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Once again you nailed it!
Very nice. Keep Up the great Work :)

very psychedelic art...

Very interesting feeling this artwork gives me. It is a soft but hot, glowing, off of melting plastic, with vapors flaming away from the heated melting parts.
The second one is reflective clear sheets of mica in melting heated plastic paint.
Very interesting yet tasting of a bitter but gaseous evaporation in a gravity-less environment.
I love it! Your works always cause me to see, feel, taste, smell and hear the image. Thought provoking and completely conversational and entertaining.
I find your use of colors to make me want to have the images that you turn your art into. I covet your art images. I enjoy your thoughts in art.
Thank you for sharing your artwork! :D


Amazing comments Tim! I really like that you can take that much out of my pictures. Thanks for this great sharing of your thoughts, i hope to read your name again ;)


you will see my name again.... I also paint and on my account I have posted tons of my artwork, pencil, ink drawings and paintings. Some have been enhanced by Photo shop to some of them that were drab. I am not looking for votes on mine, just letting you know in case you hadn't looked yet. But, I tend to admire others works and see mine as hum-drum.

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