The Bitcoin Rapper Crypto-Focused Animated Music Video

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@ cryptorap @henrymaster @mastercryptoskrilla @cryptoskrilla is pleased to share with you the Newest & Best Bitcoin Crypto-Focused song ever. The Animated Music Video was released on Aug. 1 by myself Donnel HenryMaster and the title of the song is Pump & Hodl (Crypto Rap) and is a single off my up coming album Master Cryptoskrilla, this song has that Raw energy to it that will keep you motivated to be involved with Cryptos for forever and a day. I also have a youtube channel where I talk about everything concerning Cryptos so be sure to check me out Oh and yea this single is going viral as we speak. Hope you enjoy it
Oh 1 more thing I shouted out a couple of guys on the song of whom I respect and admire and I may have offended a couple of yall by doing so but I do apologize it didnt mean any harm and i wish yall a 100 years of Peace and Prosperity @zedomax @cryptotradingpro @craig-grant @trevonjb

Facebook: @MasterCryptoskrilla
Twitter: @Cryptoskrilla

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LTC: LbMP1BBWKNNTn7feTUqjTr5Tra2tatH2Wt

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