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(Side note: If you're new and don't know about CLOUT and how it works, click HERE to find out more!)

Henry Wang

Henry Wang is the Founder and CEO of Firefly Mesh. He is also the Founder and President of International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF).

Henry’s drive and vision is to build Decentralized Autonomous Mobile Mesh Network and promote the next generation application ecosystems which can build the global sharing platform of interconnection and interoperation based on blockchain.

He founded the International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF) to promote worldwide blockchain applications.

Henry earned his M.S. in Beijing University, and he pursued PHD study at Physics Department in Northwestern University with a full scholarship. In 2000, Henry transferred to Washington University in St. Louis for PHD study in Computer Science. He earned the Master Degree with expertise in Internet Tunneling Protocol Design.

He is a thought leader, and an expert on Internet Protocols, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing.


Q&A with Henry Wang!

What is it about CLOUT that made you decide to be part of the team?

The traditional style of the World’s media is central, controlled and regulated. It is old and outdated.
CLOUT is a revolution since its content will be based on crypto and blockchain technology one of which will reflect real content, real meaning, and the real insight.
I see that Clout will be helpful to the entire community globally.

How do you feel being appointed as CLOUT’s Advisor- the one and only person from your country?

It is an honour to be part of this revolution. CLOUT has a whole entire team combined of 13 different nationalities so each Advisor can actually oversee and assure that the content is not just focusing on or from somewhere like the USA. To have a well-balanced mix of people as the advisors assure the integrity of the content – one that is not biased.

What is your message for the people of the world?

Currently there are 3 billion people who are not connected through the centralized banking system.
My belief is through Mesh and Blockchain, the bank will be unbanked and with CLOUT as our Blockchain home or community, we can finally unite the world into one.


This team is truly coming together and bringing in the best people from all across the globe. The CLOUT network will be connecting us all soon enough! With the addition of Mr. Wang, I fully expect this to take off globally!

Check out the BCT threads as well! Announcement thread and the Bounty thread

Make sure to join the community!

  • Connect with the CLOUT team on Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram and a host of other social media platforms for the latest news leading up to the ICO or to be an EARLY INVESTOR!

Alternatively you can e-mail them at or sign up through

PRE-ICO price is $1.00 USD per token + 1 FREE CLC per CLOUT purchased!

Make sure to let them know "Greenbuff" sent you in the referral section for 10% BONUS CLOUT during the PRE-ICO!

PRE-ICO ends on October 27th, 2017! (10 ETH minimum) Get in quick, it's selling fast!

Remember, this project is going to revolutionize the industry, take this as a sneak peek and a chance to get in before everyone else!

Also, check out @knircky 's post about CLOUT CEO David Cohen! Click HERE

OR this HuffPost article! Click HERE

Influence or power, especially in politics or business.

Thank you for reading! Much love!

Sources: & Whitepaper

The CLOUT Team
Design Indaba

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Always remember: FUD is NOT fact!

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So "Henry Wang". Are you sure you are not just making information up?

This to me appears that Henry Wang is a fictional person you created with purchased Facebook accounts.

Please provide proof of anything you are saying. Again people this is looking so dangerously false.

The link to "Henry Wangs" linkedin account is actually just a link to clout's youtube page.

The facebook page associated with him has not been used since 2014.

Over 900 Henry Wangs on Linkedin. This name is used because it is hard to verify.

The website has some funny things going on with his name.

Please take time to look into this people. It is a seriously dodgy looking ICO.

All the information given on the team, imo clearly makes it look like a scam.

EDIT: Also why are you using an affiliate link when you are the creator of CLOUT?


For starters, I am not the creator of CLOUT lol. Secondly, his LinkedIn seems to be just fine?(link provided below)

An example of a common name that would be hard to verify would be "John Smith". Search that on LinkedIn. 50k+ Results.

He had an old FaceBook page. Reactivated it for this project I'm sure. (China has their own Social Media btw, most others are banned there.)

Please take time to look into this people.

Always remember FUD is NOT fact. :) Feel free to go to and ask the team on LIVE chat 24/7 with any questions you may have!

Thank you for your feedback!


You just updated the website after I said it ^^
Why pretend it didn't exist?

24/7 live chat is just you with a mobile phone. Big deal. Anyone can do that.

Guys seriously be very careful with this.


This is a pretty big team, unless you have any evidence, I highly suggest you stop humiliating yourself. There are many avenues of quality information out on the web about this ICO. Your just spreading FUD because this team's idea somehow threatens you. Anyone wanting to directly talk to people on the team should go join the Slack, team is really responsive, and they do have some big names. IOTA's founder is the CEO of the project.


I have pointed out the reasons exactly why I believe so. That is my evidence of course. Lucky for me I don't get humiliated that easily.
If something looks like a scam I am for sure gonna ask these questions. If you have any evidence that what I have said is not true then I would gladly like to see it.


I would like evidence of any of your accusations.

Your evidence is nothing but a feeling, nothing more. I have provided you with links and information as well.

Thank you for your feedback!


lol you just updated the website after I said it so why pretend it didn't exist? The 24/7 live chat is just you with a mobile. Anyone can do that.

Again people don't throw your money away.

Thank you for your information regarding Clout @greenbuff I will definitely try it.


Definitely! It's something to take a look into, hope to see you participate!

Great info mate thank you ! I will get more infos about CLOUT and make a choice


Check out our BCT threads and my other articles for more info!


Feel free to join the team's Slack too.


I will look into clout !

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Super app...! Looking at the past track record it's hard to argue with the results. I'm impressed, keep up the good work donation coming your way if this keeps up


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