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Hey guys, been awhile since I've been active really, but I'm coming back strong with a hot new ICO coming up! I know there's a lot of those around right now, but this is one that truly looks promising. With the team they put together, and the project they have going, it's going to be unstoppable!

"CLOUT aims to become the standard in quality for everything crypto; news, media and investment. It is an online based integrated software that gives cryptocurrency investors a home.

On the Clout Network you can find everything from news and media about blockchain related projects, to articles on crypto investments and information on upcoming ICOs, and even suggestions for newcomers to the blockchain and a who’s who of the entire industry.

Clout is a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency and blockchain related media."

Well right off the bat I want to say, thank you to the founders and developers of this project. This is basically going to be CoinDesk, meets Steemit, meets Youtube, and more.. Like what? Clout is the platform I've been wanting and waiting for, for awhile now.

It's currently in PRE-ICO! You can actually get in before the ICO starts. Only those with the means and who know about it can get in early. Let 'em know GreenBuff sent ya! Links down at the bottom to get started! For now, check out how it all works and flows together below!

How CLOUT Works

Currently, investors are forced to choose from a variety of different social media platforms when looking to access quality information pertaining to cryptocurrency. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Steemit are the only option for users. These websites are social media networks first and foremost and when crypto-related content is featured on them it is always
reduced to a sub-category of the platform. Reddit alone has over 50 different “sub-Reddits” dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Steemit’s reputation system largely compromises the integrity of information on it because it allows a small group of users with a high “reputation” level to dictate the majority of the content on the site.

Clout is here to fix that.

There are ONLY 100 Million CLOUT coins in total, and they’re valuable for multiple reasons.

CLOUT coin holders can:

  • Use the CLC they earn to be a consistent content provider on the network.
  • Earn a portion of the Clout advertising distribution.
  • Earn CLC through the Clout Referral Program.
  • Sell their generated CLC on an exchange.
  • Sell their CLOUT on a exchange.

Now we know how many CLOUT there are, but how many CLC are there, and how exactly will CLC be used on the network?

"Clout is built on the Ethereum network and powered by 2 native ERC223 tokens: CLOUT coin (CLOUT) and Clout Currency (CLC) CLC is what powers the network. Members use it when they post content, upvote, and comment on other member’s posts. Everything runs on CLC, it’s inexpensive and keeps the network free from clutter. CLOUT coin is what creates all of the CLC. After the initial disbursement to the ICO participants, CLOUT coin creates CLC on a staggered release schedule until 1B total coins are created. Reaching the 1B CLC limit will take almost 50 years, therefore both tokens become more rare as time passes."

I know what you're thinking, what about security, how will I know my investment will be safe and sound, like from quantum computing? Which brings me to my next point.


"Clout is built on the Ethereum network and powered by 2 native ERC223 tokens: CLOUT coin (CLOUT) and Clout Currency (CLC) CLC is what powers the network..."

So that means since they're both adhering to the ERC223 standard, that makes CLOUT & CLC, two of the safest, and fastest transacting tokens on the market to date!

CLOUT is the only cryptocurrency along with Ethereum to utilize homomorphic encryption. This type of encryption is the only protection against the newest and most prevalent threat to cryptocurrency...

Should a hacker get ahold of a quantum computer, all crypto currency that is not encrypted homomorphically, will become obsolete. That is why CLOUT is here to stay, and these others, may not last.

Also, don't forget, after the ICO, CLOUT coins will be listed for sale on Binance & Bittrex exchanges, and CLC tokens will be listed in the near future.

  • Connect with the Clout team on Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram and a host of other social media platforms for the latest news leading up to the ICO or to be an EARLY INVESTOR!

Alternatively you can e-mail them at

Remember, this project is going to revolutionize the industry, take this as a sneak peek and a chance to get in before everyone else!

Influence or power, especially in politics or business.

Thank you for reading! Much love!

Sources: & Whitepaper

The Clout Team/some developed by me

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing.
Fyi, the central authorities @steemcleaners are downvoting when you put your crypto addys in your articles. They're just like the govt, a faceless entity who thinks they know what is right.


Thanks! I'll go ahead and remove those.

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Smoothly done!
Thanks for the knowledge.
Stay wise, brothers and sisters.

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Can't wait for the ICO, thanks for sharing!

Keep in mind you get 10% BONUS CLOUT if you invest with my referral!


Just put in Greenbuff for 10% BONUS CLOUT when you sign up with my referral during PRE-ICO.

Thank you for sharing! Very good article!!
This will be the official #CLOUT page. All followers are much appreciated. CLOUT will be added to the @hitbtc exchange on February 1st. We are actively looking at other exchanges as well. Big things coming, dont sleep on us!! Once again THANK YOU for the support!!