The TRUTH about Roger Ver, Bitcoin and BCH (and why you and your $ should stay away)

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Most of this post is me organizing known events, statements and actions with links/pictures/articles that will help you to dig deeper into a certain topic. I may express my opinion on something, but I wrote this to give you information, what you do with that info is up to you.

I will continue adding more references and links.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, please share.

If you have been around crypto for even a couple months, then you have likely heard the name Roger Ver at some point. He is currently the face of BCH (Bitcoin Cash/Bcash). Previously, he had been the face of Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Classic.

Chances are, however, that you have no idea of just what a masterful con-man he is. He keeps trying to come up with sophisticated ways to trick you into making bad trades for his personal gain.

I do not generally 'bash' people online, but when someone is attempting to bring down Bitcoin at the financial expense of almost everyone involved in crypto, it becomes a no-brainer to spotlight exactly what is going on.

This is a long con and one that he has attempted before, but this time around he has really connected some networking dots with some of the deepest pockets.

These include John McAfee, Calvin Ayre, Erik Voorhees, Jihan Wu and Brian Armstrong (Coinbase).

Before we get into all that, it is really important for us to understand Roger Ver and his intentions, so let us take a minute to go over the history of Roger Ver.

He was born in San Jose, California.

2000 Runs for California State Assembly as a Libertarian

2002 He plead guilty to selling and mailing explosives, he was sentenced to 10 months in Federal prison.

"The sentence was handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel following a guilty plea on one count of dealing in explosives without a license in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 842(a)(1); one count of illegally storing explosives in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 842(j); and one count of mailing injurious articles in violation Title 18, United States Code, Section 1716."

"According to the information and plea agreement, Mr. Ver sold explosive devices described as “Pest Control Report 2000” on the online auction site eBay. He purchased approximately 49 pounds of the devices from a supplier in South Carolina, and sold at least 14 pounds of the devices to bidders on eBay. While engaging in the business of selling explosive devices, Mr. Ver stored the explosives in a residential apartment building and mailed the devices via the United States Mail in a manner contrary to Postal Service regulations. Judge Fogel sentenced the Defendant to 10 months in federal prison, a fine of $2,000, as well as a three-year period of supervised release. The Defendant will begin serving the sentence on August 2, 2002."

2005 moved to Japan

2013 Seven months before Mt.Gox collapsed with 750,000 Bitcoins he read from a script in Mt. Gox headquarters saying everything was fine.

2014 He denounced his United States citizenship.

2014 He acquired (he also has 'control' of reddit/btc, a quick browse of the thread subject titles will give you a glimpse into the brainwashing attempts, any positive threads about the REAL Bitcoin are promptly removed. )

Both are used as a way to legitimize his manipulation.

2014 Roger Ver holds between 400,000-450,000 bitcoins, acquired from his buisness that accepted bitcoin payments.

2015 Roger Ver's first attempt to co-opt Bitcoin is when he started Bitcoin XT, using blocksize arguments to try to trick people. It failed.
ver xt.png

2016 Roger Ver's next attempt to manipulate the crypto market for personal gain with Bitcoin Classic. Fails.

2017 Roger Ver forks Bitcoin, creating BCH, this time with a much more complex plan. He joins forces with Calvin Ayre, currently with U.S. warrants out for his arrest. Calvin, has run a poker/gambling website, and someone I have been familiar with for a long time. They have been 'plotting the death of Bitcoin'.

ayre ver wright.jpe
(photo credit: Hacker Noon)

Roger Ver's known Reddit username is MemoryDealers. Here is a quoted post of his from 4 months a go.

"I've been talking with two other very large holding friends about a joint effort.

I think the next steps are:
1: Full Bitcoin Cash support by the Wallet. (Support coming very soon)
2: Mining profitability being similar. (This will happen after about 600 more blocks)
After those two things happen, it will become much easier for whales to feel safe about pushing the price / mining profitability around a bit."

This is him setting everything up to manipulate us. He manipulated mining profitability, he manipulated demand all ultimately trying to manipulate perception.

Here is a link to a detailed post about that,

Roger Ver and the Owner of Coinbase Brian Armstrong are friends. Make no mistake, Brian is on board with Roger in coming up with ways to make money off of all the people forced to use his company, Coinbase, to buy crypto.

On Twitter:
"I'd like to upgrade to code which will increase the block size in December, following Scaling Bitcoin conf w/ others"
4:12 PM - Oct 12, 2015

Coinbase is now running BitcoinXT (BIP101) in production as an experiment, blog post w more details coming soon 4:07 PM - Dec 26, 2015

The whole situation with the BCH listing on coinbase was planned for months, but the hustle started years ago, the above talking about Roger Ver's Bitcoin fork at the time, called Bitcoin XT. This should make you sick. They have been working together since at least 2015 in tricking you into making choices off of misinformation. No doubt in my mind Roger Ver got the best of Brian Armstrong, as he is not directly attached to anything, and Brian is now facing a shit storm created from the obvious insider trading that went on, and he may not come out unscathed when all is said and done.

Pic at the top of the thread shows Brian's feelings toward BCH. A quick google search will show you more.

Roger Ver also owns and is savagely misleading the public into thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin(this is why he hates it being called Bcash, because it can not stand on it's own legs).
Roger admits on the video below that there is nothing wrong with pumping up prices to draw miners in, but the issue with it is that it is he is only doing it to manipulate Bitcoin prices, so he can trick the public into buying and selling.

He is a big investor in hitBTC/antpool, and those miners are the ones that you see supporting BCH everywhere, being aggressive and spreading lies(like Russia and the 2016 U.S. election all over again).

Forbes Magazine: "The last wild card is how Bitcoin Cash could affect this fork. It has 8MB blocks, no SegWit, and two of the most notorious big blockers, Ver, one of the richest Bitcoin hodlers, and Jihan Wu, the CEO of mining manufacturer Bitmain and pool operator Antpool, already promoting it."

When BCH forked from BTC, Roger and the miners planned to act like no one was going to mine BCH, they did this so they could buy up everyone who started dumping because they thought the project was a no-go. This is how he filled his war chests, when the miners started mining, and everyone started buying back in, he was there to dump the shares on them.

bch fork graph.jpe
(Note on the graph the initial movement lower, that was the preplanned FUD of Antpool not mining BCH when the fork occured. Next, where it bottoms out, this is where Roger Ver & Antpool accumulated massive amounts of $BCH. Then, the price shoots up as Antpool turns it power towards $BCH. At this point, all the cheaply bought shares, are sold back to the investors/suckers. TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WE'RE PROFITED IN THAT MOVE. Then we see a long gradual decline, as the remainder of the coins are sold off and other investors start to lose interest in the project, because unless they are in the inner circle, they did not know the process would repeat with the coinbase announcement. Which it did.)

It was also planned between Roger Ver and Brian Armstrong that BCH would not be 'listed' right away after the fork on Coinbase. This was to create uncertainty. In the days/weeks leading up to the fork, Coinbase manipulated its customers several times with contradictory statements, some sent hours a part. All part of the plan.

"I received an email at 3:34pm today (same day) from Coinbase saying this:

Bitcoin Segwit2x

The Bitcoin Segwit2x fork is projected to take place on November 16th and will result in two bitcoin blockchains. Following the fork, Coinbase will continue referring to the current bitcoin blockchain as Bitcoin and the forked blockchain as Bitcoin2x.

This blog post is not a clarification, it’s a contradiction to a customer communication you sent 3 hours earlier. Both have influenced the market, the first to the positive and the second to the negative. They both have “informed” (more like misinformed) your customers’ investment decisions.

What is going on with your management? Who’s in control of the communications?" Response on Coinbase blog post by a Coinbase customer.

Prior to the coinbase $BCH listing announcement, there was a massive increase in volume and buys, and the price was pushed up significantly.
The following day, Roger on CNBC tells the World:

Brian Armstrong came out publicly and said he will be investigating this and he also tweeted that he told all of his employees to not make any trades with $BCH for weeks leading up to the announcement.

I would not be surprised if that is true and no Coinbase employees contributed to the volume and price increase of $BCH. Instead, it was his buddy Roger Ver and Antpool miners who were the culprits.

Almost for sure verified by Roger Ver himself as he tweeted the next day a couple quotes from economists saying insider trading is a good thing and we should want it. Pure insanity in my opinion.

#CNBC also was used in the plan, as Roger Ver used his guest appearances and got the host on board, as detailed by this write-up.

This was all planned from BEFORE the fork ever happened. From his previous failed attempts, he knew exactly how to manipulate the masses, by using his buddy Brian Armstrong, his influence at Antpool mining and his network of websites.

Roger Ver does not have to pay schills, and I believe he hasn't, because the schills were created by the Antpool miners having a significant financial interest in it suceeding.

This is a recent video of Roger Ver 'debating' John Carvalho about the real Bitcoin. It is long but necessary for EVERY person to watch so you understand what is going on in the crypto world. Notice everytime he gets asked a question that he knows will be bad for his con, he quickly changes the subject, or gets loud and berates. In this regard, he acts very much like President Trump, changing the subject, gas-lighting and repeating the same lies. I am sure he suffers from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Like PTSD, a traumatic event causes rewired brains in people with NPD. Everyone with NPD exhibit most of the same responses to similar situations.

Here is a NPD picture which goes into detail of the 'signs and symptoms'.
(photo credit: SlidePlayer)

So as you watch this, knowing now that he may not even be capable of empathy or feeling bad for doing something wrong to you, do not just listen to what he is saying, watch how he is saying it and then wonder why.

Dig deeper, learn more and protect your money from the exact type of person Bitcoin was created to keep us away from!

I hope you find this informative.

As I find more relevant articles/links, I will share them here:

"Yes. I mine whichever version of Bitcoin is most profitable and then convert them into Bitcoin Cash because it is the most useful version." Roger Ver on Reddit (MemoryDealer) on 12/7/17

"The only reason why Bcash was created was to reinstate Asic Boost because Segwit disabled it. Asic Boost gave the Chinese Bitmain company a competitive advantage in Mining Hardware.

That is the only reason why bcash exist."

"Roger Ver and Brian Armstrong criticise censorship on Reddit"

"MGT Capital Investments, a New York-based investment firm led by John McAfee.........Beyond claims of its expansion and processing turnover, MGT quickly garnered attention following launch of the mining operation by appointing two prominent figures from the Bitcoin space in Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver. Just under a month ago, Vorhees joined MGT in an advisory role while Ver got on board as the Advisory Board Chairman."

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Roger Ver also owns and is savagely misleading the public into thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Deal with it.

As you can see, it is very easy to see which people are Antpool miners!

LOL @ the REAL Roger Ver actually coming over here and up-voting that comment :-D

Typical psycopathic ad hominem hit piece that uses mirroring and projection. The real deception is the coin known as Bitcoin that is no way in functions to the original whitepaper and does not represent the Bitcoin system.

Another Antpool miner no doubt! I have no problem discussing ANY aspect of this write-up with anyone, I simply laid out facts.

You missed the important facts actually. BTC is impossible to use at the moment. The fees and time are ridiculous. This is what Roger predicted and that's why created what BTC was meant to be before banksters fuked it up. You are on up-side-down logical fallacy. Nothing with facts. It's bending facts to serve your narrative. Peace

You are the one who fell for the koolaid.

From the abstract of the Bitcoin whitepaper
" A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online
payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a
financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main
benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending.
We propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer network."

Bitcoin was created to prevent double spending of coins and to allow peer to peer payments. Which it continues to do. On top of that It has evolved as THE store-of-value coin.

Roger predicted it because he manipulated it.

Ask him these 3 questions.

How much total money has been added to BCH blocks that were mined?

How much money has he and Antpool lost out in opportunity costs from continuing to mine empty blocks? This is how the backlog was created and the story line was formed.

If any of that were true, why does Bitcoin/btc have a current market cap of
$279,074,603,826 USD?

it is the most expensive and the slowest. ever heard of free market and how it reacts to obsolete shit? it creates alternatives. there are coins that are much better than BTC. you can stay in BTC cult, but why would you? why is bitcoin better than BCH or even LTC at the moment? store of value? OK, but still a shitty one. now the lightning network will solve it all for you? why "upgrade" such a great product? to control it maybe? keep it bro :)

The market has clearly answered as $BTC price dominate $BCH price by 4 to 1.

There are lots of payment options, and that is the competition $BCH is in against $LTC, $XLM, $DOGE, $ZEC, $BTS, $STEEM and many more.

However, there will only be one undisputed Store-of-Value coin and that is $BTC.

Wait... what? How did the market react with BCH price before it existed? BTC was the first. It is the gamechanger. I love it, but not religiously... Why does it (still) have such a high market cap? because followers just found out about it from the leaders... like Roger for example. So everyone wants a part in this amazing (not), new (not) thing they heard made millionaires. It's a butthurt thing more than the functionality of BTC. Market just doen't know any better yet. The cell phones when they were the size of a brick were great too. I do not wish to use my obsolete phone from the '90 now. I also recognise that BCH, LTC, DASH or MONERO offer what BTC fails to offer. BTC stopped developing... probably on purpose, because it does not make any basic logical sense otherwise. The market responded to this with forks. Market could have not reacted the other way around, because it would also lack basic logic. One would have to study economics in indoctrination camps to misunderstand basics of economy like that. Market does not break the laws of time. Please kindly advise what makes BTC better than any other coin (apart from shitcoins of course). I like how you upvote your own posts BDW. says a lot about your logic... :D

when I use GDAX there are no fees that I have had to deal with to withdraw my bitcoin to an alternate account . In other words research = no fees... FUD equals HIGH fees

7500 views, including Roger Ver(he upvoted Yogi's top comment) and not 1 rebuttal? Must have fucking nailed it!!

It’s easy to get views when you spam the link all over the web...

Tough to compete with you Antpool spammers and scammers!

All we can do is feel sorry for you.

"We"!!!! Nothing like a 'decentralized' team!

What kind of rebuttal do you want? The kind that is showing Blockstream's and Bitcoin Core's colors or one that basically discredits your whole piece?

For everyone reading, literally 99.9% of the time, when someone shows support for BCH, if you go to their previous posts, you will see that they are part of the BCH army.

The KEY thing to note, they never just talk about their project, bcash, a verbal attack on Bitcoin is almost always included.


1.) I am not a miner 2.) I don't have a million dollars, not even close and I am not paid by anyone to be here and write this comment. 3.) Please do tell me which part of my comment was a verbal insult? You are the one saying bcash...

Then you drank the koolaid. Not everyone is aware of the plan, Roger Ver did a lot of things early on in Bitcoin and has quite the following. That was a general statement, not replying directly to you above.

You guys call Bitcoin, 'Bitcoin Core', literally adding a word. I shorten Bitcoin Cash to Bcash and I am out of line?

I would much rather us talk about how after the fork happened, how Roger Ver and company savagely planned to act like the project was a no-go so everyone would sell their $BCH to them, only to turn on the jets and pump the price. Then let it look like it is slowly dying down again as Roger Ver & Co accumulates millions of $BCH again, run the price up in the days leading up to the #coinbase announcement, and then sell all those $BCH on those Coinbase users thinking they were acting real fast on news.


This is not speculation. It has been verified.

When did you get your first $BCH?

I call the developer team behind Bitcoin (currently worth ~13.800$) Bitcoin Core, because that is their name.

I don't think anybody in the BCH community called the project dead. In fact since the coin's inception the subreddit increased to over 130k members.

There were rumors flying around the internet 4-5 days before the Coinbase announcement.

Gank sounds like some sect preacher. Wonder what interest does he have to not recognize problems with BTC and solutions BCH offers. IOTA will replace both anyway :D

Roger Ver is doing what is his best interest, keeping his financials as number one priority, surrounded himself with other scammers like fakesatoshi....
He is a professional con artist, bear in mind. Every Jack gets his Jill.

When I do a Bitcoin Cash transaction, I pay 1 sat/b which for a transaction of 226 bytes results in a fee of $0.006. So Roger is indeed right when he says you can do a transaction for less than a penny. A lot of people choose to pay more fees though or have a lot of input and that's why you see a higher avg. fee in this video.

i have seen his coordinated attacks on the BTC community for to long now. its time to put Ver and Btrash in the garbage bin of history and move on to the moon without them

Maybe it’s time for you to read the whitepaper and realise Bitcoin is a peer to peer cash system, not a digital gold coin.

The final words of the whitepaper,
"Nodes can
leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the proof-of-work chain as proof of what
happened while they were gone. They vote with their CPU power, expressing their acceptance of
valid blocks by working on extending them and rejecting invalid blocks by refusing to work on
them. Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism."

Bcash needed to be changed within the guidelines of the whitepaper. Satoshi Nakamoto states in his conclusion that needed rules and incentives can be enforced with the consensus mechanism. Not to be confused with a contentious fork, followed by an avalanche of manipulated statements and outright lies for personal gain at the expense of the community.

Do you see the difference?!

I don’t like the way that BCH team plays, makes me not want to support that coin. However, the fees and transaction times of BTC are non sustainable, to new comers alts May look better. Where money flows now will not be determined by the same thinking as before. BCH team have done a lot to promote Dash and their competition. Nothing decentralized about what I have seen so far, miners, exchanges, pumpers, misleading CNBC stories coordinated attacks, not pretty. I may sell into strength on BCH and buy BTG

Why for the love of god would you buy BTG? There were so many scams associated with it and I would not be surprised if there will be more.

Someone from Seals sent me over to this article... Thanks for putting this out there for the world to see.

Roger is not who he pretends to be in the public eye. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing folks.

He made Bitcoin the success it is. Thanks to him I learned about it in 2012.

AKA thanks to Roger Ver, Yogi mined a bunch of BCH and now is stuck in the trenches with Ver.

Why reply like a spoiled baby?

Great piece. I'm happy to learn about this guy. Nice work. Have a wonderful Christmas buddy.

People need to realize it's a war out there.
Don't be stupid, do your own research on both sides, see who is real and who is pushing an agenda and for what motive.

It's your money. Research or lose.
Distrust people telling you to not look at the argument of the other side... That is always suspicious.

Love is a battlefield!

Great work gank. Fuck this pos. Makes me wonder how much banking cartel dick he's had to suck to get funding for his little btc co-opt attempts. Also, see your a card player, as am I. Have you heard of virtue poker yet?

I have not, what is it?

Decentralized poker on block chain

These guys are killing crypto?

I wrote that a year a go and it has been spot on. $BCH is now infighting after failing to destroy bitcoin.

I really hate what they are doing. This faketoshi has same linetag as Ver

rogerkver Roger Ver tweeted @ 21 Dec 2017 - 00:14 UTC

"You should want more insider trading, not less." - Milton Friedman

"There shouldn't even be an SEC" -……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Brilliant article. The complete Roger Ver resume. With all the info on Roger available online, if you lose money on Bcash you only have yourself to blame.

Thank you, I invested a lot of energy in researching it thoroughly but was one of those things I felt compelled to do.

If it was a healthy competition I'm all for it but their scheme practices sicking me. I just hope they won't ruin their blinded follower when it crash to nothing.

Alright. This is crypto. It's the wild wild west all over again. People lie, people steal, people have motives you don't know about.



Otherwise you will be fooled.

Don't believe people attacking character.
They have no arguments.
Look at the tech and follow the money.

Ask yourself:

Is it a coincidence that in 2016 AXA invested in Blockstream and in 2017 Bitcoin BTC became unusable as a currency and suddenly the whole 'digital gold' narrative was rolled out?

Just keep in mind that crypto is a game changer.
Do you really think nobody is trying to slow it down and destroy it or it's reputation?

Damn bro! You speak my thoughts. Namaste yo!

You are out of your element, sir. I think you are looking for connections that aren’t there.

I am not looking for connections that are not there. I was told the whole plan by an Antpool miner in an attempt to sway me to the dark side. My reaction was to write this.

Everything about the past few months make so much more sense now. Whenever there is money to be made, manipulation and corruption will arise.

Good on you gank

wait... so BTC sucks... but it doesn't at the same time? BCH, LTC, DASH to name a few offer much more, are quicker, cheaper or more private... but they aren't at the same time and it's Roger's fault... because the very reason he created BCH is out of love for BTC that stopped being BTC? How do you connect so much nonsense into sense? Is there a new sect I wasn't aware of? Do you have to choose the pope of cryptocurrencies or just go with what works best for everyone?

Is there any logic to your logic? ;)

oh, i think Bitcoincash is revolutionize crypto currency 2018 & future

bitcoin core is a scam, at least bitcon cash is a currency. at least bitcoin cash is bitcoin. bitcoin is an unusable 'store of value', tell me, what happens when a store of value loses value? its lost all use function.

This is an attempt at character assassination

90% of what I listed are FACTS. If someone character is assassinated by facts, that is on them, not me!

The man IS a convicted felon after all and people act like he is some Bitcoin Jesus here to save us. His motives have divided and continue to divide this amazing community and I think that he needs to calm the F down with his propaganda :-D

"bitcon cash" You accidentally called it exactly what it is! a con, so funny!!!

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