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RE: The TRUTH about Roger Ver, Bitcoin and BCH (and why you and your $ should stay away)

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Typical psycopathic ad hominem hit piece that uses mirroring and projection. The real deception is the coin known as Bitcoin that is no way in functions to the original whitepaper and does not represent the Bitcoin system.


Another Antpool miner no doubt! I have no problem discussing ANY aspect of this write-up with anyone, I simply laid out facts.

You missed the important facts actually. BTC is impossible to use at the moment. The fees and time are ridiculous. This is what Roger predicted and that's why created what BTC was meant to be before banksters fuked it up. You are on up-side-down logical fallacy. Nothing with facts. It's bending facts to serve your narrative. Peace

You are the one who fell for the koolaid.

From the abstract of the Bitcoin whitepaper
" A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online
payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a
financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main
benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending.
We propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer network."

Bitcoin was created to prevent double spending of coins and to allow peer to peer payments. Which it continues to do. On top of that It has evolved as THE store-of-value coin.

Roger predicted it because he manipulated it.

Ask him these 3 questions.

How much total money has been added to BCH blocks that were mined?

How much money has he and Antpool lost out in opportunity costs from continuing to mine empty blocks? This is how the backlog was created and the story line was formed.

If any of that were true, why does Bitcoin/btc have a current market cap of
$279,074,603,826 USD?

it is the most expensive and the slowest. ever heard of free market and how it reacts to obsolete shit? it creates alternatives. there are coins that are much better than BTC. you can stay in BTC cult, but why would you? why is bitcoin better than BCH or even LTC at the moment? store of value? OK, but still a shitty one. now the lightning network will solve it all for you? why "upgrade" such a great product? to control it maybe? keep it bro :)

The market has clearly answered as $BTC price dominate $BCH price by 4 to 1.

There are lots of payment options, and that is the competition $BCH is in against $LTC, $XLM, $DOGE, $ZEC, $BTS, $STEEM and many more.

However, there will only be one undisputed Store-of-Value coin and that is $BTC.

Wait... what? How did the market react with BCH price before it existed? BTC was the first. It is the gamechanger. I love it, but not religiously... Why does it (still) have such a high market cap? because followers just found out about it from the leaders... like Roger for example. So everyone wants a part in this amazing (not), new (not) thing they heard made millionaires. It's a butthurt thing more than the functionality of BTC. Market just doen't know any better yet. The cell phones when they were the size of a brick were great too. I do not wish to use my obsolete phone from the '90 now. I also recognise that BCH, LTC, DASH or MONERO offer what BTC fails to offer. BTC stopped developing... probably on purpose, because it does not make any basic logical sense otherwise. The market responded to this with forks. Market could have not reacted the other way around, because it would also lack basic logic. One would have to study economics in indoctrination camps to misunderstand basics of economy like that. Market does not break the laws of time. Please kindly advise what makes BTC better than any other coin (apart from shitcoins of course). I like how you upvote your own posts BDW. says a lot about your logic... :D

when I use GDAX there are no fees that I have had to deal with to withdraw my bitcoin to an alternate account . In other words research = no fees... FUD equals HIGH fees