Max Keiser & the biggest Blockchain Proposal ever

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I got a chance to interview the legendary broadcaster and filmmaker: Max Keiser about cryptocurrencies and his upcoming trip across America to promote Crypto. He will be traveling with Hollywood superstar Steven Baldwin as part of a 16 episode series to be aired on RT. He'll interview major crypto leaders and spread the message of cryptocurrencies. He managed to raise $500,000 from the DASH DAO to sponsor his trip.
0:20 How Max got into Cryptocurrencies
2:28 Gold vs Crypto
4:30 The greater crypto space
6:40 Max's new DASH sponsored series - Great American Pilgrimage
8:17 Promoting DASH and crypto
10:04 The Crypto Innovation
18:31 The future of Cryptocurrencies
21:43 Crypto vs the Bankers


Max is one of my favorites. The only downside is I have to find him on RT . Maybe not this time. Resteemed n upvoted

Stacy and MAX are the BEST. Thank You Michael on Landing such a great Interview..........STEEM On !

thanks os much @onealfa !

You got Mad Max himself on an interview, nice job. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

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I have believed in Litecoin's stability for a long time but now I see a moon on the horizon.

Max is a very naughty boy. Please inform him that's our sole prerogative. Who is printing this crypto monopoly money stuff?
We have good reason to believe it is being used to fund wars in the middle east and that is our sole prerogat... actually strike that last comment.

God! Have you yanks not sorted this mess out yet? Do I really have to come over there myself? Call an emergency meeting for Bohemian Grove. This is the last biscuit! The bloody European Royals are on my case.

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Ah! Here you are boys. Isn't this 'Steemit' thingy terribly exciting!!
One has a question. One wonders when one's visage is to be embossed on these new 'Bite coins?'

Very cool interview in a even more cooler series of interviews! Personally I believe that Max Keiser point of view in cryptocurrency field and virtual assets trading is interesting and I find it engaging if someone like him with enough experience and knowledge in this area supports projects like this!
Thanks for the article! Deeply appreciated!


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He's so enthusiastic about crypto and such a legend!

Great to see people promoting crypto!
He said he got hate mail "up until 20/11". What does he mean by that?

This is great timing and if it's good it could be a huge boost for crypto. I wonder how much bitpay paid for the ads he mentioned they did? Anyone know how much that was?

Just found you on steemit, following

Nice, would love to meet max!

This is so awesome!! Love hearing what Max has to say.Full Upvoted you bro!

Thanks so much @frost04 . Max was so cool to talk to!

Keep up the good deed @boxmining, I learn a lot from you.

Great interview!

Oh damn that profile of yours xD

Love max Keiser one of my favorites to listen to while I work

Micheal ! You are the best man.!! Thank you so much for all the awesome vids all the time ! My morning ritual is box mining and coffee ☕️!!

Max is feared by the old corrupt system...thanks for the post !

I like Dash, plus Max Keiser. Hope Dash can instead focus on Asia or South Easy Asia - it will catch on like wildfire for example in Korea, since they use T-Money for everyday usage such as bus, convenience stores, postal services; using Dash would be very smooth and easy to adopt. Bithumb is the top trading exchange for Dash. So it goes without saying that in Korea, they know about it. Just how to really put it down, good wallet, implementation for small vendors (eg. they have tons of single owner boutique coffee shops_)

Hey Box, what a scoop eh? Max is where I heard about Bitcoin years ago. He makes so much sense, even when he is clowning around like a maniac. He shows himself to be a deep thinker when you get him one on one... I like how he is looking at the big picture about taking on the nation-state and central banks which have been caused as much harm as good in past few centuries.

Ill upvote this Really helpful info thnx

@micheal, awesome interview. I love that about your channel!!

Max Kaiser is an asshole, period.

Great Post! Thank you Max .

love max, but i wonder which supplements he uses?

What an opportunity! Nice work man

Michael, this is a great interview. I own a masternode and i am very excited about this project.

Oh nice! those things are so expensive now! 400,000? almost half a mill

I bought it 3-4 months ago. It was a bit cheaper than.

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very awesome interview sir

You did a great job keep going @boxmining

Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?

its one of y fvr8 i like this interview as well good attempt

I adore Max and extremely excited to hear your interview..bravo

Great interview!!!!! Anything fiat is trash. Even PMs are a win because they will hold their value at the very least. You will be rich in comparison to the majority.

Thank you welcome for me.

Thank you @boxmining and @keiserreport for the entertaining and informative interview. I'm very much looking forward to Max and Stacey's new series and @boxmining's inside scoops on their adventures.

Keep up the good work y'all! =)

2 legends! great interview :) Can't wait for the updates!

I love your post

Super intervista... Max è un grande ;-)
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

A Different View Of Why Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million Sooner Than We Think! -

Congrats on the exclusive for behind the scenes action for the road trip! Hope to see a lot about it!

Legendary Max Keiser and Superstar Steven Baldwin!

Awesome job!

cool post!! My upvote!👍👍

Whoa great interview! Been listening to Keiser for a few years and always love his antics and analysis.

Блокчейн норм?

A very good post. And can add insight.

Why in the heck did Bitshares not get Max Keiser and Stephen Baldwin involved on the Billion DOLLAR HERO CAMPAIGN????

Cryto is becoming a threat to the establishment, like we knew that it would




Max Keiser is one of the best crypto leader in the wourld , i love this man

i wish him a safe journey on his tour, and i thanks you @boxmining for sharing

Cool Thanks

Props on getting get host on your show! Great job!

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Dude yes love Max, thanks for your work bro big help for us all indeed.

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Oh wow, been following you on youtube for a while but didn't realise you were here too. Great interview btw, i love max and stacey, Keiser report is a great show. I really wish i'd been watching Dash a little closer, it's had an outstanding week.

"Hollywood superstar Steven Baldwin" Superstar? LOL

Honest your becoming my favorite source for everything crypto!

Thank you so much for your support @surprisebit !!!

This is going to liberate the world!

Keep posting MAX!! Your a great source of info on!!!

I am really impresses of your effort there man. Keep up the good work. Aim high. Maximum respect from Philippines. :) Vote casted

I like Max but I am grateful that Stacy is there to control him. I feel that his viewpoint is informative. I recall when he said that everyone should buy a silver coin to cause a default in the comex market. I still think that would work.

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I am a new steemians, maybe i should study first with you, regards know me please follow me
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Agréable !
J'aime ton travail.
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