BTC Sharedrop Frenzy On OpenLedger - Crowdfunding 3.0 Token Begins Its Monthly Payouts

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Today 372 holders of digital crowdfunding token ICOO received first of future monthly btc sharedrop in a 3 hour give-a-way frenzy on OpenLedger.

The amount of 7,8 BTC out of a total amount of 20 Bitcoins allocated for distrubution was sent out today to an amount of needy holders all now being able to take part in the rise of bitcoin value and with that as well the following rise in most well established altcoins and assets out there. Its 2017, its the start of the year - It's the Year of the Blockchain.

Token payout Jan 2017 ICOO - 20 BTC ICOO distribution in total

CCEDK/OpenLedger = 40% of 20 is 8 BTC
12 BTC for distribution to rest of ICOO ecosystem (remaining 60% distributed as below)
20% to OBITS: 2,40 BTC Buyback and burn
10% to OBITS: 1,2 BTC buyback for ICOO holders to be used for future rewards of Bloggersclub members
5% to BTSR: 0,6 BTC buyback for ICOO holders to be used for future advertising of startups contributing to ICOO ecosystem.
65% Monthly ICOO token drop: 7,8 BTC

The aim in future will be a monthly payout of 2% of marketcap, expecting an overall value at all times to go hand in hand with the future success and revenues of the Economic Enterprise Engine of ICO OpenLedger (ICOO).

Don't know about ICOO? Have a look at below articles should allow you to have a better understanding about what it is all about.

You are able to take part in this if you like buying ICOO from the markets on the OpenLedger DEX:

Bitcoin market -

BTS Market -

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

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