We in democracy.

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Chapter V
We in democracy.

From a time to here the smart part of the farm, that is the wolves, have entered on to the unconscious collective the idea of democracy. Which is a kind of circus in which we all play to be the same until you try to play at being a wolf. The condition of wolf is not bought, except counted exceptions a wolf is born being that, A puppy of some old wolf or she-wolf. Yes, because there are both genders and I have to make mention so as not to be sexist (a term own by the democracy).

Since in the circus of democracy we are all equal, we would expect equality of genres so much so that at the rate we go and fruit of the mind of some feminist she-wolf (the opposite of sexist, but without being pejorative) those of the masculine gender should in the future gestate and breastfeed. For which and for the sake of democracy will be modified via knife (utensil usually used by fundamentalist goats to correct the stature of the infidels in the Mid East), all this in for equality and democracy. Common is in our days and especially in the western farms see as with displeasure but resignation the merchants of pardons and blessings (very busy these days by an avalanche of accusations of type: kunis, phallus, linguis, etc) they accept sacred unions (weddings) between animals of the same sex (forgiveness gender since sex is topic for another chapter). Which is opposed by some goats, most of the wolves and some other pig. Democracy it is freedom, equality and much anarchy, as every circus is all false except anarchy. In the name of democracy the most illustrious pigs have carried out the most cruel purges and extermination, example if a farm decides to take a path that departs from the current model (eat now, pay forever!) the wolves send their pigs to pacify and evangelize this farm. For which they tend use those farming tools that leave a crater in the ground and all the surrounding land destroyed or preferably well burned. The current fashion is a coalition (cooperative conformed by two or more farms) so they justify to their respective sheep the use of force on behalf of the peace. The wolves, of the type Lobus Sapiens Erectus discovered from a time here that the business of the Correction and evangelization is extremely lucrative. In the past, evangelists and remedies in the name of the creator and his legal representative on earth, were also made in order to annex other farms or hire foreign sheep’s (slave labor leg). However, now the profit is in the sale of farming tools of all kinds, for fly others that run and others that swim and even submerge. All of this tools has something in common, they are extremely expensive and useless except to destroy, burned and dig the earth.

Being that some farms millenary that existed since the beginning of time, today are only ruins full of craters and millions of sheep that have passed to better or worse lives, victims of collateral damage and friendly fire.

(with friends like that it would be better to have enemies).

By order of wolves some pigs of the Cerdus Habilis type which are usually the brightest citizens of the farm themselves who receive decorations such as Nobel Peace Prize, others badges and paraphernalia of colors, names and twisted titles, have implemented a master plan the which consists in condemning all inferior beings (not Lobus Sapiens Erectus or some other Cerdus Habilis) to eternal credit.

Yes, that same perverse tool we already talked about. Added to this they are promoted and given away (if something is free, for sure you are the product) all kinds of applications for your Smartphones in order to improve the browsing experience and make life easier for users as well as indoctrination via means of communications (say press, radio, television, cinema and everything that lends itself to indoctrinate). A normal individual even after being exposed to this toxic cocktail should recover the little judgment that by itself has, if not for a fourth pillar of democracy:

The education. Yes, education says it starts in the family but what kind of education can provide a sheep to its offspring if it lacks education because it was born without this victim of democracy? And to finish shaping the sheep of the future, this is the case in the majority of farms in the Western South West (LatinAmerica) the objective is the creation of an individual type A:

Abnormal, Apathetic, Apolitical and illiterate but illustrious. Of those who hang in their offices many titles awarded by prestigious schools and centers of higher education but that in the background they think that when it gets dark in the big farm it darkens all over the planet and if to top it off they are given or they have the privilege of acquiring (spending the night away from a shopping mall at the waiting for the launch day of the new model) one of those machines adorned with fruit bitten (there are other brands) but this is synonymous with winning and successful individual. So then they are tuned, consecrated and committed to the system for life and in the next life as well. It is normal for the qualifications of these individuals to be pure A’s.

The above added to the back and more hereafter creates the perfect social environment, full of happiness in which roles never change and everyone is destined to be and repeat their role over and over and over again. If not because the model incorporates a fatal flaw and apparently incorrigible, something dark linked to the capital.

But we'll see ...

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