Pause and Freedom

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 Dear friends!

Today I will talk about trends in the development of our civilization, which are obvious, but at the same time remain undetected in many respects be blocked by the mass media.
In reality, we live in is not the same as it was several decades ago. He is changing dramatically, and collect as snowball exponentially.

Thus, the biosphere is usually described as an environment of living beings. But very few people know and think about the concept of the techno-sphere. Techno-sphere includes all the achievements of industrial civilization, from electrical appliances to food. Anything that touches the techno-sphere to be converted is not always visible, but the key, including the man himself. 

 This is not about environmental ecology. There is another problem, not any less serious, as it is, though not expressly revealed yet, threatens the most valuable thing a man has – his freedom and personality. This is a matter of spirit ecology, which, for some reason, nobody is concerned about. Attention is distracted to insignificant and unessential matters whilst the world is rapidly changing from the other, the invisible side. It might seem that nothing is happening. Something IS happening, as a matter of fact.

This does not seemingly express itself – everything seems to be running its course, our civilization is following the way of technical advance. In fact, the progress, as it is when its fruit are beneficial for the man, has completed and is now moving in a direction which is contributing to the technogenic system as an independently developing structure. The system, like a tumor, started to actively proliferate by itself, independently on the man’s will. Everything shows that this process has got beyond control. 

 When the civilization settled down to the technogenic course, such laws started to operate which had never revealed themselves before. Now these laws cause the techno-sphere to steadily develop into a matrix. Matrix is a sort of a conglomerate, a system for which a man is a battery powering this system. Such films as The Matrix or Surrogates are not science fiction but our nearest future. And this is not the point of technical appliances people are surrounding themselves with. Once having got into the global information field created by different mass media, they find themselves possessed by the system. This is not the man who controls the system any more, but the system itself fully controls and over masters him. It’s too easy in WWW.  

 Who could benefit from it? In fact, nobody. Man is used to think that whatever is going around him is rule by the will of some other people. But the system is developing by itself. Who rules the jungle? Nobody – it grows and lives as it should do since plants united and tried to coexist. 

 And the system wants the following. It needs to come to the stable equilibrium point, roll up into an optimal structure where people, like cyborgs, will maintain its existence. What is needed for it? The matrix cells must be filled with controllable elements. And these elements are to be, first, not fully sound not to have free energy, and second, not fully sane in order not to understand where they are. Energy and conscious will shall be just sufficient to duly perform their functions. 

 Have you ever thought why after work most people want nothing but fall on the couch before the TV screen? This sort of fatigue is a common thing, we are used to it. But is it normal? It is not. Common thing is not the normal thing. Has it ever occurred to you why a modern man’s life is bordered between 20 and 40? Nobody needs you as a recent graduate because you have no experience and after forty nobody needs you because you have been sponged dry. Similarly, after forty you are not interesting for the opposite sex as well. Again, is it normal? Habitual, yes, but essentially, something is wrong, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be this way! 

 Another thing which is beneficial for the technogenic system is the population restriction. It should seem that depopulation of consumers must lead to reduction of return gained by the system. But, in fact, when the system has rolled into a matrix, the surviving consumers shall become like operated mechanisms and the society shall become totally controlled. This is the purpose and the sense of such rolling. 

And again a question: is there anybody behind it? Today it is smart to discuss vague rumours about some global government, also known as Bilderberg Club, uniting the richest and influential people worldwide. However, this is but the system’s trick to draw a red herring across the trail. Many people naively believe that should this handful of snobs, who are up to mastering the universe, be put out - and the problem will be solved. Nothing of the sort. If you just pluck the tops of weeds in your vegetable garden, will they be gone? 

 Those having the power are the system’s puppets more than its rank-and-file members. The first are pulled by strings by the system directly, the latter – via advertising, false targets, disinformation, and other garbage fed to them by the first. In the modern society, it is not possible for somebody to devise something global, for example to trigger off war, and then reаlize it according to his sole plan. A banker is not able to finance such a costly affair unless a proper group seizes the power, which, in its turn, is not possible without a proper background. Everything is interconnected and interwoven within the system. But the reasons should be looked for even not in the background itself but much deeper – where this background is formed.

But how are the plans of the system are implemented? Quite simply: first, by manipulating attention of the majority, and second, which is still simpler, via the food they eat. 

 Attention management is the most efficient method of management in general. You don’t even have to arrange any ideological propaganda; it’ quite enough to make a donkey think about a carrot by hanging it in front of its nose, and it will obediently follow where you need. The principle is that attention is focused upon the information which is beneficial for the system, and is distracted from vital problems to insignificant ones. The examples how to do it are numerous.  

 New diseases are made up allegedly requiring immediate vaccination, while the cancer problem, annually deteriorating, is led astray from its key decision. Today very frequently information appears that a cure for cancer is found at last. Would be funny if it were not that sad. And people keep on dying. Meanwhile, the primary and basic cause was discovered in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg, which won him the Nobel Prize. But it was very soon forgotten.

The fact that biosphere has transformed into techno-sphere and the conclusion from this are not spoken about directly. Attention is distracted to another direction – to problems that have not emerged yet and there is no evidence that they will ever emerge, including, for example, the global warming, cooling, flood, 2012, etc.  

 Avatar discussions are pinpointed to the visual effects and are distracted from the issue of the society split into technosphere and biosphere supporters, which is awaiting us in the nearest future. That is why it was not Avatar that won the Oscar but a movie about American guys saving the world from aggressive Arabs.

Again, it does not mean that the mass media are being secretly directed. All comes out naturally, as it ought to be in the jungle. It’s not that easy to draw the attention of a modern man overfed with information. And what is the best thing to attract him? The things that upset, bother, scare. That is why the mass media work the way they do, not consciously though, but on the level of a journalist’s instincts.

Manipulation is carried out in such an unnoticeable, gradual, and natural way that nobody suspects anything. The system’s elements will be marked with electronic chips and made totally controllable like rabbits before they know. But the chips will not be implanted to their heads, of course, again, this is a trick to distract attention. Let people rage to their hearts’ content protesting against such an inhuman act depriving an individual of his rights. All will be done in a more civilized manner, for example, via drivers’ licenses or bank cards, the “rabbits” just will not be able to live without. They will be clearly explained that it is for their own sake, comfort, and security. And the overwhelming majority will believe this rubbish they are fed with and obediently agree, as usual.  

 It all seems to be more or less clear about information. But what does it have to do with food, can it be used for manipulation? Long ago, Bertrand Russell, an English philosopher and pacifist, wrote that using special food and medications it is possible to create a type of people as obedient as sheep in a flock.

Here is an example. In 1974, American government declared the emerging countries depopulation a national security issue matter. But how was this policy supposed to be implemented? The national security memorandum of the USA unabashedly recommended, together with instigating wars, to use food as a depopulation tool.

Long before this memorandum, the system naturally fostered such movement as eugenics (the idea of “racial hygiene” and depopulation). The first pilot experiments of eugenics adepts were primitive, inhuman, and non-democratic as they are commonly referred to nowadays; they found a ready response in the Nazism and Stalinism ideology. Today the same is done more subtly (almost softly) and veiledly, through chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO).  

 First they developed biological weapons, but later they understood that the “peaceful means” are by far more efficient. Transgenic technology is the system’s great invention, it kills two birds with one stone: it is at one and the same time a depopulation means and a food security erosion means for some countries since modified plants seeds do not germinate which means that the seed bank is always held by corporations. An ideal manipulation method! You do not even have to trigger a war. Just refuse to supply seeds to the rebel counties at the right time and you can do whatever you want. Even now many countries are literally brought to their knees. 

 The system is constantly improving its methods. Such a primitive eugenics policy as forcible sterilization will inevitably raise public outcry. Again, this is but a trick to distract attention, sort of a bone thrown to the crowd. Real methods work unnoticeable and gradually, adjusting to the public opinion and taking refuge in ostensibly human goals. Such mimicry always looks reasonable, thus, gene modification of plants is necessary and profitable as it increases yield capacity and eliminates the need for pesticides. Is it bad?  

 But, as a matter of fact, this is just a myth made up by corporations. The facts show that transgenic plants yield capacity is much lower, and the existing pests and weeds are replaced by new ones requiring new pesticides. A dead silence reigns in the genetically modified soy a fields – no birds’ singing, no insects’ whir, no life, as if the plants were made from plastic. But those who have not seen it are not afraid to eat sausage; they do not even suspect that GMO ingredients are added virtually to all food types: semi prepared foods, sausages, confectionery and dairy products, cereals, chocolate, mayonnaise, sauces, drinks – to all matrix food to be found in the supermarket. They even have the cheek to add it to baby foods. But only few know about it because all information is thoroughly concealed.

You may ask: are really no studies being conducted? Why, they are – by GMO manufacturing corporations’ order. The results of such studies, as you may guess, are very optimistic: “trans-genes are absolutely safe”. Probably, now engaged scientists are working to prove that, moreover, they are very good for health. The only independent study was first conducted by biology doctor Irina Yermakova, but it was soon curtailed because it gave shocking conclusions. 

 In the USA, laws are passed, one of them prohibiting growing fruit and vegetables in your own backyard, the other – marking GMO containing products with the corresponding information. This means that people are almost deprived of the choice. Eat what you are given, and keep your mouth shut. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  

 The most interesting thing is that the USA government (or global government – whichever you prefer) anti-third world policy has turned into unforeseen consequences for the USA themselves. One third of America is already reproductively-challenged. Another third suffer from obesity. But as recently as some thirty years ago it was a jogging nation, madly keen on organic (natural) food. Again, still another third is addicted to antidepressants. This is a simple and illustrative statistics. And everyone naively and carelessly believes that this is normal. No one is surprised that chronic fatigue and stress syndrome has become a modern man’s norm of life. And this is also supposed to be normal.

Where did such dramatic changes come from? Are organic products really of no interest anymore? The reason is obvious: synthetic food, especially fast food, which is particularly popular in America, causes addiction, which is not fundamentally different from the drug addiction. The entire population of the Earth consists of hardened foodaholics.

There is another simple statistics: over the past few years, one third of bees died. Why it is happening, no one really knows. The probable causes include electromagnetic smog from mobile communications, transgenic plants, chemistry, and possibly all of the above. What this means is – there will be no honey? Even worse – there will be no plants that are pollinated by bees. 

 And these make at least three-quarters. In some provinces of China bees have been completely destroyed by pesticides, and now crop plants are literally pollinated manually by people. But nobody is concerned by this problem – everybody is worried about the myth of 2012, once upon invented by Mayas.

All this is very sad. Man, having imagined himself the king of nature, raised an arrogant and destructive romp to redesign the unique biosphere which had been created for millions years. Do you see what is happening? It's like allowing a monkey to a chemical laboratory. And whatever this monkey does there, even out of scientific or super-scientific positions and intentions, will be disastrous.

The main idea that I want to get across to you is that we are not controlled by certain people, we are just walking unanimously and unknowingly into the matrix, under the total control of the system. All this takes place under the auspices of the democratic and humanitarian transformations within the framework of cooperation, peace, salvation of the mankind, etc. Man enslaved by the system does not simply lose the freedom of choice - he begins to want exactly what benefits the system. This process is not initiated and directed intentionally, but is going on by itself, in accordance with the laws of self-organization of a parasitizing system, i.e., synergistically. Very few people see it and understand it. 

 The guys from the Bilderberg Club delude themselves thinking that they are able to control things, but this is a mistake - the system will swallow them as well, moreover, will do it first. The situation has gone out of control long ago. Although, probably they have understood it, because, of course, the Club consists of very intelligent people.

So, the new reality is not the same anymore and the rules of survival in it are different. We woke up in a different reality. The civilization has made a sharp turn from the true human nature toward the technogenic society. And this makes a very strong effect on people - they are not free individuals anymore, but rather elements of the system, most part of whose energy and consciousness is under the system’s control. 

 The technogenic system, by its nature, is absolutely destructive, both in relation to the biosphere of our planet and for the man: his abilities are blocked, opportunities are drastically reduced - all with a view to avoid interference with the system to evolve as it must evolve. But man does not see or feel anything like this as the "operation" is made under general anesthesia, in a state of a deep sleep, of which the patient, again, has no idea.

Life in a technogenic system is arranged in such a way as to obscure the mind and divert attention away from the real state of affairs. A man in the matrix does not see the reality as it really is, does not understand where all these "what and why" come from. He doesn’t have the vision which has simply been swaddled.

How is the mind beclouded? It's very easy. Let’s recall the story of Sinbad the Sailor of the "Thousand and One Nights". Once the travelers arrived in a country, where they were made welcome and treated to delicious food by the local people. The travelers had been eating this food for many days, and eventually their bodies turned into fat swine carcasses and their minds were beclouded. They ceased to objectively evaluate the reality. As it turned out, they were fed to slaughter. 

 I keep on saying that fairytales do not exist – these are all aspects of our reality, which have taken place or are still to be implemented. What we directly let inside ourselves, i.e. food, water, and information, is the tool for suppression of mental clarity. When you live on natural food and drink clean water, your consciousness clears up – it is proved.

How is attention diverted? Recently, you might have noticed that people show distinct signs of distraction, forgetfulness, inattention. You can often see that attention limps: people make ridiculous mistakes, are confused in simple things, make inappropriate actions. It feels like much of the attention of the person is seized by someone or something.

It's like with energy - if a person is ill, the lion's share of his/her energy is involved, diverted to fight the disease. Or, if a person has taken upon himself a backbreaking load of obligations, most of his/her free energy, again, is locked or reserved for those obligations. 


And our common task is to opt for environmentally friendly products. It's very simple. We can not break the existing system, but we can give preference to natural goods and services. As you know, what is the demand, so is the supply.

First, not to consume foods containing GMOs, chemicals, synthetics, as well as additives, imitating the supposedly "natural" ones. Be committed to minimize the use of chemicals and synthetics. Alternative products will appear instead if there is a demand for them.

Second, use your mobile phone for its intended purpose, i.e. as a phone (or, when necessary, turn off radio mode). Take it in your hands only when it is really necessary, keep it away from your body, especially from your head. The only effective means of avoiding direct radiation to the brain, is a headset - headset and a microphone on the wire. It is important to use the wire, not any other connection.

Third, deliberately measure out the incoming information flow, as well as your direct involvement in the global information web. 

 A lot of other alternatives can be offered, but even the above basic measures will be sufficient to significantly change our lives in the direction of biosphere. If we bring our efforts together, we can create a biosphere oasis in the technogenic system. Personally, I am convinced that biosphere and techno-sphere can exist in equilibrium when the system works for the man and not the other way round. Let's take care of our fragile small planet, about ourselves, and about our children. 

 I do not stop there, we have a bright future ahead and a lot of questions that still need to talk to us!

Thank you for your time. 


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Yes, friend
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Yes, but even if someone is sick, there are proper approaches to getting well such as visiting and paying for a doctor (as opposed to stealing medicine someone else created). I hope that makes sense. Wanting to help others is great, but that Cheetah post explains proper ways to go about doing it. Good luck!

ok friend
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