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 Hello friends

today I begin to familiarize you about public safety

firstly I want to say about why the concept of public security and not the concept of national security
in my opinion the concept of national security it is not correct, because such an approach ensures the safety of any one nationality
and all over the world there are many people, of different nationalities and in my opinion correctly pose the question about public safety

where are all the people on earth live peacefully and happily
and let's look at this question
all normal people understand that around the world right now is not very good

it is at the state level recognized in all countries

recognized by scientists, politicians, sociologists
and the question arises

why all countries have something like gas, oil, gold, timber, coal

but all are poor and have problems
What's going on in the world? Who is to blame that all people live as now?and most importantly what to do to fix this situation?and I will try to give answers to these questions

all of you probably have heard the word anti-globalists

and on TV show that they travel to countries like Europe and America

are doing rallies

normal people should appear question
if there is a anti-globalization then has to be the globalists
who are they? what do they do?and most importantly, what is globalization?
here, many scientists

they were understanding globalization is associated with some sort of question
or with the economic globalization

or military expansion

and so on


if you speak on scientific

it is a process to control the concentration of the productive forces of mankind

if for example to watch

on the ground there was a time when the Indians that lived in America and did not know that beyond the seas lives Christopher Columbus

which will open them

the inhabitants of The Iberian Peninsula did not know that there are Russian
the Russian did not know that across the Strait from them on the Islands live the Japanese
and the Japanese did not know that across the Pacific Indians live

this time, it was on our planet

we know this from our history
people lived as considered necessary
but once in the course of history for Nations and peoples have began contact between states
as an example, the king married the Queen

he unites Kingdom

War went to a neighboring country

it was conquered by force and arms

in my country wheat is better

I conquered the market

and also subjugated the interests of another country
the religion introduced in another country and also

subjugated tasks

which are solved in this country to my interests
that's basically what happened earlier in our world
and if you look at our history in General, humanity
we will see what the whole story is the process to control the concentration of the productive forces of mankind
and now we live in a time

when we like or don't like

understand it someone or not understand

this process of concentration it is almost completed

and the first who consciously came to the understanding of this issue

it was the ancient Egyptian priesthood

why an priesthood first came to this understanding and not another priesthood, another country?

Yes, because the social situation was different everywhere
was Egypt at that time

this 3500 years ago

this state ribbon

now imagine the river Nile

the left and right of it a narrow strip of fertile land

and then the desert

on this narrow strip of fertile land, many people live

and all they want happiness

but happiness is not enough

and Egypt fought a war for living space

from history you know it
and often these wars Egypt lost

who ruled Egypt?

we say Egypt was ruled by pharaohs
but the pharaohs it was the boys stupid

the real rulers of Egypt it was

the ancient Egyptian priesthood
and here they are possessing secret knowledge

Which belongs only to them

and they hid from the rest of the people

this knowledge allowed them to manipulate the consciousness not only illiterate crowd

but Egyptian pharaohs

and the ancient Egyptian priests in order not to die themselves in the war 

developed wars


what we in modern language callby cultural cooperation
or information war in other words
to implement the their plans

it has created a specific army

later I will detail tell you about this army

and I will repeat

that the whole history of mankind

at the global level

this process to control the concentration of the productive forces of mankind
and now this process is actually completed
for example, in Russia 3500 years ago

such social tension was not like in Egypt
like someone had a fight and left home

went into the forest

and in the forest berry river fish

that is, people will live

and in Egypt with nowhere to go everywhere the desert
therefore, this difference in social situation

she inspired the leaders of ancient Egypt

in the face of the ancient Egyptian priesthood

on the development of methods of warfare

called cultural collaboration or again in other words information war
now many politicians call

as the world government

the forces of the West

the world behind the scenes

these are the people from the ancient Egyptian priesthood

and now this mafia controls all the processes on planet earth
since the days of Egypt this mafia emigrated

and now she is in Switzerland
Switzerland is the main headquarters of the mafia

why Switzerland?

let us watch the story

during world war 2 

there was a time that all of Europe was ablaze with fire

and in Switzerland, some doctor was feeding swans in lake Geneva

the question

if Hitler was such a strong and ambitious

then why he not robbed the Swiss Bank?

the same money

gold lay

and Hitler didn't go there

that is, Switzerland was not touched
Yes, because Hitler knew

what in Switzerland are its owners

and the whole victorious march was in Europe

it's like giving the mafia the whole of Europe also industrial and military potential of Europe

for to throw at Russia

but for what?
and the fact that

when the mafia carried out the globalization

and they had brought all mankind to the global systemic crisis
the existence of this crisis so well recognized by all scientists
the environmental crisis

the economic crisis

the credit crisis in the financial system

the military crisis

wherever you look, everywhere problemy
the causes of this crisis has recognized in johanesburg at the conference
in August 2002, was 2 conference

attended 2 faces of all States of the planet earth
and it was at this conference had questions that how to live? what can we do on this planet?

the first such conference was in Rio de Janeiro in 1992

these heads of state on these conferences solved the question of how to live with each other?
and that remarkable

when they gathered for the first time

they set tasks

on the ecology of the planet

you may have heard

The Kyoto protocol on environmental preservation

and in 10 years abrasives in Johannesburg

it was recognized

the situation has not improved

but deteriorated
you can watch the expert magazine number 37

from 2 September

this elitist magazine

 like this for the elite

and it says

15% of the world populationit's prosperous countries

Europe and America

and these 15% consume 75% of all resources mined on the planet

and the remaining 85% of the population

 they get the remainder of resources is 25%

the journal recognized third force

written there

this third force has put issued an ultimatum to all mankind
if the leaders of wealthy countries

 set goals

is ecology

clean water

the pooraiming to feed the country and required clothing

and the leaders of the transnational banks multinationals

they said

we will solve all your problems

and the rich and the poor

if you provide us with in undivided ownership

all infrastructure livelihoods of people

it is primarily

the energy of the planet


the entire resource industry

here's proof about the world of the mafia

the owners of all transnational banks transnational corporations
they are about 350

the clan families of the world
they own 50% of the accumulated richness of all mankind

these are the names

to give you an idea

it Rothschild






these are all the names of famous
these globalizers mafia having problems

 they appeared long time ago

and to the article this was the cause 

World war 1 and world war II
they identified the following Problems

the first - people on the ground too much
on the ground 6-7 billion people

they believe

that the earth can sustain 2-3 billion people
this is what they call the theory of the Golden billion

2 miliard people this staff

and they admit that there can be 1 miliard replacement service personal

and 3 billion people on earth they call

excessive population 

and this excess population according to their plan

themselves must die

it hunger




the second problem they have is Natural resources

the earth is round all explored

and they want to take control
many scientists now say that in 15-20 years will be a war for water
just imagine you are mafia

you live in Switzerland
you inspire the people that money to make money

and in fact, money doing nothing

it's a lie
because we eat not the money

and eat cereal from the grain which was raised by people in the field

spoon which is made at a factory workerat 

the table which made carpenter
and the money why?

and the money accompany the trade and services

exampleI make jackets

you do televisions

you irons
We all goods allowed into the trade

and imagine

one-way swirling Products

in the other side of swirling money
and must be appropriately

commodity supply

money supply
if more moneythis is called inflation

if less money is called deflation

and now in affluent countries

the growth of goods and services a year is less than 1% -3%

This 1%-3% is determined by the growth of the country's energy potential

because right now, all the products are made on the basis of electricity
again you imagine the mafia

you Rothschild

you Oppenheimer

you Morgan

you make his fortune by usury
you give money in loans

they give you back with interest
and you are the source of inflation
everyone knows the dollar is the world currency

and the dollar now exceeds commodity turnover is somewhere in the 40-50 times
and look

America consumes 50% of all human resources

you mafia

you have made America as an example for all mankind

promoting lifestyle

and have already begun to come to America people and living there on the dole is better our country 

you the mafia

America must be destroyed

you do acts of terror

You may recall

explosion towers 11 September

it was specially prepared by the task to set up the Muslim world against America

As a global policy it does not teach at the university

taught at the University of domestic politics and foreign policy

Domestic policy - this policy is carried out within the country

foreign policy - the policy pursued with neighboring countries
and the man who does not know global policy or does not understand methods and means of influence or does not recognize it

then he becomes a hostage of one who knows the global policy
and we come to the conclusion on our planet

there is a global crisis

This mafia has decided to solve the problem at the expense of poorer countries
this is done by cultural cooperation 

with other words information war

So I ask you now

you know that now there is a war?

not a hot warand

 the information war
you must give me the answer

What war? circle democracy


circle disco

all walk
War has always had a specific purpose

capture resources of a foreign country

and parasitizing a for strangers live richly
This goal can be achieved in two ways

shooting war

He won the country

sent troops

patrols set up and the country is occupied
What is information warfare?

when people completely deceived all facts of life

that people do not even realize that they are already living in an occupied country

and achieved the goal of the war

from all over the world

all natural resources go to the west

and cunning of the war

that all people on earth their own occupation made with their own hands
in the information war is not patrol

every day in every country of the world

rob and take out all

other protection of those who rob

other scientific theories to justify robbery

fourth fool the people with all sorts of spiritual movements

look how much the world has divorced spiritual movements
all these sects were created

so people did not think that they are destroyed
fifth solder people alcohol

see alcohol flows like water

alcohol have children drink everywhere

sixth distribute drugs

a drug addict living on average 30 years

and a drug addict for his murder, he pays even money

drugs are not cheap
and if we talk about drugs

There are 3 market in the world

the most powerful market that brings the most revenue

this market of minerals

the second is the market = weapons market

and the third market is the drug market

and now the drug market is moving into second place

lowering the arms market to third place

and by the way this reason that Bush won and not Clinton

because the representative of the drug marketIt is the English royal dynasty

which controls the world drug market

since the time of the Opium Wars in China

Princess Diana was killed for that tried to slip  from one mafia  into another mafia

and there is not forgiven
Busch refers to a clan of the royal dynasty

a Clinton, the Democrats

when coming to power is taken into account
as now there is an information war
have a document

as a guideline a fraction of August 18, 1948 Allen Dulles

it says

to seize the country's resources

you need to wreak havoc among nations

We need to sow discord between different religious faiths

tear the youth of the older generation

to introduce the cult of sex



it's all we are now seeing
it says on

support various immoral writers


This directive is always improved

and she finished under the name

Harvard project
Harvard project provides

divide each country into smaller independent states
and to reduce the population to 1 billion slaves involved in the mining and service
us just kill

all inscribed in a global scenario of mafia

and in these conditions

hope for rulers of states

this humiliation

us destroy
and the cause of our destruction

this is a global crisis on bombsite

and an attempt to solve this problem

mafia plan to destroy us
is the answer to the question what is happening now
it's scary to believe in

the destruction of the population engaged in the heads of states
Now imagine

you are the head of state

you have all

morning you were sitting on the plane with your family

flew to Phuket

bought rest

in the eveningin 

the evening we returned to the country

you held a political meeting

life is Beautiful
and all the officials involved in theft

Mafia allows them to do it
and the mafia for each official have profiles

if the official will not do so as expected the mafia that he will go to jail
but in prison nobody wants

Now in such a way the mafia controls the rest of the world
and if to you will listen

country collapsed
you must know

just because nothing happens

All processes are manageable

and now all the processes in the world of the mafia that controls

Friends continued I'll write soon

I will not say goodbye to anyone

we all need to know

control theory

and soon we will master it together


Content is quite good, the only problem I noticed you created too many new lines when you could complete the sentence in one line. following you mate

so many lines dude but good content 8]

very long but helpful... thanks for this

first part very interesting like 2nd. thank you. write new posts

And what are you gonna do with this situation, bro?

all easy
just give people info, no need more do
people not stupid

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