Basic rules of the traveler PART 2

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Hello friends

I will continue to carry on a conversation with you about the concept of public safety and we will study together  of management theory the world

I repeat now goes an information war on our planet and most of the people in the world do not know it

who is at war with all mankind?

these are the globalizers

which appeared in Egypt
and why should they, this war?

they want to solve all the problems at the expense of humanity

by reducing mankind to 2-3 billion people
I briefly repeat what I said earlier
You can read these details from here

And now let's answer the question

And what are we to do?
reasoning, the following formula

hot war, who wins? all true at whom powerful weapon
and in the information war who would win? perhaps at whom more powerful information and who better than it owns

Next, we consider the principle of management The first is philosophical questions
Why philosophy?

but because the main principle of the Mafia
divide and rule
and that this principle has worked it is necessary to put in people's heads originally false information

This principle is implemented through the basic philosophical question formulation

what comes first?

matter or consciousness?
and now let us think if a man correctly perceives everything that happens around him then he will be right to take decisions

but if a person takes everything wrong, distorted everything that happens around him? such a person will make wrong decisions

and what science teaches us to perceive the world around us?

All true philosophy

this is how the world works?

in philosophy has two powerful opposing teachings

materialism and idealism

materialism in the primacy of matter and spirit secondary and idealism vice versa and they among themselves war

These false teachings were created to manipulate people

they are easier to be controlled

in fact, all the processes in the universe interdependent and are due

they carry oscillatory character of

all fluctuating

acoustic oscillations, light oscillations, electromagnetic oscillations, electron revolves around the nucleus, fluctuating electron in a molecule, the moon revolves around the earth, the earth rotates around its axis and around the sun, the sun rotates in galaxy

all fluctuates in the Universe

and these fluctuations represent a triune




development this means that every thing is material she is ordered and she has an image

and it is endowed with information about itself completely it has all the information,
what made the ancient Egyptian priesthood?

matter gave science

information or the Holy Spirit gave the church

a measure hide

and through this has implemented a global management principle
and all the people on the ground as a result of this incorrectly perceive the world around

the following questions is cause and effect relation

Now imagine, you are the commander of the regiment, you see an the fight, if you're true test to assess the situation, where the enemy, than he is armed, what are your weapons stocks

that is assessment of the situation, this means that the more completely you assess the situation the Correctly you make a decision

history of the planet should be considered as a small fragment in global development  biosphere planet Earth

and that's the question

history it is all by chance? or there pattern?
scientists recognize a pattern
and then the question arises and who determines these patterns? How does the story? it is controllable or not controllable? if controllable, what are the methods of control?
what is the cause of what is happening?
All these questions cover such topics as, human origin, the effect of the bio-system in which we live in the development of genetic potential in human development

History is manageable process, and it turned out that we now live in the same in captivity civilization, which was once in the antiquity, You may remember from the history books, were slave owners and slaves, Slaves were overseer

and when the slave owners understood, that the best slave, it is the slave who does not even understand that he is a slave, and enjoying their chains

Now imagine

slave, dog collar around his neck, He chained, slave always wants to escape, labor productivity is low among a slave, overseers need to slave not run away, owner need to pay money overseers

and slave owners thought, what to do to slave with joy to work for them? it is necessary to give the slave what he wants, and the slave that he wants to? freedom, so it is necessary to give the illusion of freedom
and this illusion of freedom was created, and realized it was in ancient times

This was done primarily through faith in God, and later when religious beliefs are exhausted, Fooling people was translated into social ideology
and the latter can be an ideology that was Marxism, and now we are living in the same bondage

Take $ 1 dollar bill

you see there is a pyramid, and at the bottom the inscription, It is translated as

new world order
in this pyramid at the top


slave owners, below, This is our elite, overseers and at the bottom the slaves, it is all the people 90% of the world's population

keeping people in this pyramid is achieved by dosing applying knowledge
Mafia has distributed world order as follows: in the course of globalization, the concentration of forces of human performance

 each country Mafia puts out its tasks

Japan is a high-tech

America is the world's policeman

Spain is the world resort

Russia is the raw material mining complex

mafia holds a global policy, and the leaders of each country conducts domestic and foreign policy, so if the presidents do not know the global policy  then they are hostages of the one who knows the global policy

Mafia controls the nations and peoples without a structured manner
slaves in the first place is the elite, they do what need to mafia


divide and rule

used to be two-polis world order is used to pit Russia against America, and at the expense tension, Mafia live very well


you mafia

you heads of multinational corporations, you produce helicopters, submarines, ships, weapons, you have created tensions and you have made the sale of weapons

and when arms race is over, Mafia the start to divide the country, Russia is already the division, now there is a stage of separation of America

Now you must listen, that in America develops movement


is when Negroes arming by Islam, their spiritual leader is the boxer Muhammad Ali who converted to Islam
and there they are told, Negros on your bones built America, you have a right to sovereignty

and all this is presented to the world as a transition from bipolar world to a multi-polar world
everyone thinks that it is good anti-globalists, but no one knows that anti-globalists, This mafia tool, anti-globalists express mafia plans

Imagine you are a mafia, you have countries and people, if at some country, poorly executed tasks functions assigned to it, slaves became bad work, elite drunk
slaves became bad work, elite drunk, the plans are not met, who is guilty? blame the one who runs the country

the elite

what you need to do in this country started again well-executed tasks entrusted to it? we need to change managers - Elite, on new, how it's done? the people injected tension, hatred for the elite, to the country managers, people smashing elite, who does not understand anything

I have already mentioned, Mafia originated in ancient Egypt, It is an ancient Egyptian priests, for the realization of their plans, they needed a specific troops, do you remember, Egypt waged war for living space, and often losing, and the task was to fight a war in such a way so as not to lose, and they came up with a method of cultural cooperation, or in other words, information war, but for that they need armed the troops  no bows and arrows, and the troops armed with information weapons, and such an army they did world Jewry, they took one of the poorest of the Semitic tribes, Semitic nomadic tribes, Arab nomads, Mafia took the tribe and bring to the desert 42 years


what these people to drive  42 years  on the desert, which can be be crossed in about 2-3 weeks. The Sinai Peninsula is as the Crimean Peninsula


in desert conditions, old people died quickly,hot sun there is no water, and all who were born, they have not heard the stories of grandparents, that is people appeared who do not remember their kinship

they did not work, eat semolina, that mafia constantly bring, and only one priest of the ancient Egyptian, guide Moses, knew where the next pile of semolina and where to go next, people were illiterate, and from the desert does not run
read carefully the Bible, there all is is written,
Mafia make them hostages, every day they were engaged in combat training policy, daytime march throw, and in the evening they brainwashed, did it the Egyptian Priest guide Moses, and that he had spoken, Now listen, I quote

So Israel, listen to the laws and regulations, I now teach you to perform, so you can live and reproduce and inherit the lands that God gives you for an inheritance, you need not give growth to a percentage of your brother (Jewish), not silver, not bread or anything else that can be given to the growth of, foreigners - come in growth and you brother do not give growth to, order to your god, to bless thee in all your affairs, what is being done with your hand, on the ground, whither thou goest, to take possession of it and you will reign over many nations and they on you will not to rule, then the children of foreigners shall build up your walls and their kings will serve you
day and night your gates will be opened so that bring you a wealth of different nations at your feet and those kings and those people who will not serve you those nations will be destroyed

I have quoted

you can check

and now all this abomination considered sacred abomination
Pope of Rome, He knows this and he said that it is necessary to revise the presentation of Bible as the to inadequate modern terminology

in such a way the mafia make a troops

so you know that the Jews have a ritual circumcision of boys on the 8th day. Now scientists know, that is a terrible mechanism, which leads to incorrect formation algorithm of brain function. Human brain consists of two hemispheres, right and left, the right hemisphere is responsible for figurative thinking processes, the left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking abstractly, and the person has a conscious and subconscious, and carrying out a cybernetic analogy, as well as in computers have RAM, which goes to the processing of incoming information quickly and it has long-term memory, where everything is preserved, and that circumcision disrupts the interaction algorithm memory both internal and one that stores information, very important moment when the brain starts forming algorithm, because genetics is given tight time frame for the development of something any

Let's look at an example


when a child in infancy gets the wolf the bear or other animal and animals educate human, and if the man returned to the social society in the age of 12-14 years, turns out teach a man to talk is no longer possible

Ancient Egyptian priests knew all this important information, do this rite of circumcision, because people to easy to manipulate, other words we can say, that such people - it bio-robots. Ancient Egyptian priests have created such troops bio-robots, laid the function of self-reproduction
and what to do Mafia? mafia became Levita - is that some priests have monopolize right to interpret the truth. Rabbis - Jewish cowherd men flock is scattered all over the earth and they must strictly follow the instructions of the Levites

and now look around, all the big bankers are Jews, in public office basically all Jews

Now the mafia is planning to change strategy and introduces the doctrine of Ronald Hubbard

This doctrine is called Dianetics

is Scientology, the essence of this doctrine, example, torment human doubts and fears, he needs to go through an episode. This process of purification. We need to remember all the fears and say it, once remembered, two remembered, 3 times he was not afraid of their fears

This is because it takes a subconscious level these fears on the level of awareness, at first, man cleared of fear and then his is programmed, on certain activities and primarily on the management activities, such people are good at remembering, they make decisions quickly, operative, they are really good managers, but they are also hostages of the Mafia, because in their subconscious embedded system





This is the wrong worldview, that's what I'll tell you later
that is it is the same bio-robots

Mafia decide abandon the Jews and instead put the teachings of Scientology adepts.

Friends, I do not say goodbye

continuation will be soon

still a lot of very important things we need to discuss with you and understand


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@lukeeriko need to use punctuation. Any way, interesting research.

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