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ello dear fellow Steemians! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!


A Brief Recap Of Our Project

The aim of this project is to reward people for their efforts and possibly publish reports of biodiversity data contributed or cataloged by Steemians on behalf of the people who contribute (giving due credits to the contributors).
The Steem Biodiversity Project is a non-profit effort based on community support and contributions. We'll also try to use our funds to help deserving fellow Steemians contribute more towards the goal of the project. The remaining funds will be used for paying out some royalty to the people actively working as scientists and those helping in managing this project.

Moving Ahead..!

We started working fully exactly a week ago on 09.01.2019. The past week (Week-1) of our project has been amazing with your we will now describe...

  1. Our Server: SBioP Became Fully Functional!

Maintaining a Discord Server is not an easy task, as many of you may be already knowing. It's especially tricky when you start a new one...
We have had our server for quite some time, but it was never active. Now we are running it on full throttle...😊


  2. We Got A New Project-Logo!

“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English--but are great in remembering signs”
― Karl Lagerfeld

Old Logo.
New Logo.

 3. We curated 32 posts in the last week!

Though we don't have enough SP to be able to make any difference of post payouts of the posts we curate, but never-the-less, we believe in consistent efforts...

Here is a RAW Curation Log:

------(Log Start)------

(The posts have been manually curated by @aakashsinghbais and @medro-martin)
Frosty morning in apiary 2020! — Steemit
Prima visita di inizio anno alle nostre piccole api, il tempo rigido non permette di mantenere le famiglie aperte per… by @phage93

🌈Leben im Holz │ Life in Wood 🦋 — Steemit
Weidenbohrer ■ goat moth Cossus cossus (Linnaeus, 1758) Der Weidenbohrer ist ein Nachtfalter aus der Familie der… by @faltermann
Look who we found... another one! Getting a lot of these around here lately. This time we decided to do a bit of a… by @papa-pepper
Mushroom Monday - 2019 Fungi Finds — Steemit

Here's a few more fungi finds from 2019 for this #mushroommonday by @balticbadger Here's some standard mycena.… by @sketch.and.jam

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 02:03
🌄 Taubertal im Winter │ Tauber valley in winter 🦋 — Steemit
Naturschutzgebiet Haigergrund ■ Haigergrund Nature Reserve Vergangenen Montag hatten wir in Bayern einen Feiertag.… by @faltermann

medro-martin (Founder)Last Friday at 02:29
The small emperor moth (Saturnia pavonia) is one of the most spectacular moths here in my area, the Istra peninsula… by @borjan

medro-martin (Founder)Last Friday at 02:52
My Butterfly Expedition Day !! — Steemit
Today i figured i would combine my #wednesdaywalk and #butterfly day together there was a park i visited a while back… by @hangin

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 11:26
The ant-eating chat or southern anteater-chat (Myrmecocichla formi...
This tiny bird was a first time for me, I saw him near the town of Robertson, South Africa. The photo was taken… by @callierhino

medro-martin (Founder)Last Friday at 11:40
Coraciiformes — Steemit
Coraciiformes Nikon D5600 Coraciiformes 21.07.2019 by @blacks

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 19:51
Harvesting Mason Bee cocoons — Steemit
In the early Spring female solitary Bees were busy building homes for their offspring. I took some Bamboo I had… by @solominer

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 20:00
Yellow slime patch growing on stone — Steemit
I want to call this a fungus but its actually a mold. Its known as scrambled egg slime or also known as dog vomit.… by @solominer

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 20:31
Kumana National Park with a rich biodiversity in Sri Lanka... — ...
Read "Kumana National Park with a rich biodiversity in Sri Lanka..." on for the best experience Hello… by @madushanka

aakashsinghbaisLast Friday at 20:40
A 360 ° view of the mountain, easily accessible, with memories of...
Read "A 360 ° view of the mountain, easily accessible, with memories of Mount Hawagala in Sri Lanka." on… by @madushanka

aakashsinghbaisLast Saturday at 02:30
Mushrooms growing on tree stump - Infrared Photography — Steemit
This stump is all that remains, though life will continue to grow from it. The bark of the former tree is food for… by @solominer

aakashsinghbaisLast Saturday at 17:03
Feathered Friday - BIRDS IN THE BAY...AND ALL AROUND TOWN — Steemit
The great white egret (Ardea alba) ... ... is searching for fish ... (Enlargeable) ... is a pretty big bird ...… by @borjan

aakashsinghbaisLast Saturday at 17:42
My 1st entry for Amazing Nature Contest by @adalger — Steemit
Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! As you have probably noticed by now, I love photo contests here on… by @phortun
Winter mushrooms Зимние грибы — Steemit
Winter is very warm this year. In the afternoon, the temperature is often above zero. This is very unusual for this… by @nilpan

aakashsinghbaisLast Monday at 23:22
Feasting — Steemit
Swans,gulls and a few ducks, gathered all to have their breakfast,or lunch,near the supermarket. People feed them… by @acesontop

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 01:42
Hoarfrost and plants! | SteemPeak
Needle hoarfrost .... that morning was everywhere ..... made white cacti from plants. It was interesting to me... by @suzana72

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 02:22
On bike in Swedish mountains. | SteemPeak
August is the season for cloudberries, and in northern Sweden ar large mountain ranges whit great potensial ... by @harkar

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 02:59
A Beautiful Canal Walk Sublime Sunday | SteemPeak
Hello everyone, I meant to post this on last Sunday but life got extra busy on me and I never got to do it. ... by @debralee

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 03:42
A cool Mushroom 🍄 | SteemPeak
Was out walking in a European beech forest, not to far from my home. And I stumbled upon this fascinating phen... by @joklahoma

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 06:22
Moss is beautiful! | SteemPeak
This winter didn't give me a chance to take any snow pictures yet... But the forests are amazing with or witho... by @reinikaerrant

aakashsinghbaisLast Tuesday at 06:29
Nature’s Kingdom #1 | SteemPeak
I like birds, guys. I never catch them No traps, Not online. I don't keep them in a cage. I'll never touch a n... by @erda

aakashsinghbaisYesterday at 00:14
🕷 Jäger im Winterschlaf │ Hunter in hibernation 🕸 | SteemPeak
Vierfleck-Zartspinne ■ Buzzing spider Anyphaena accentuata (Walckenaer, 1802) Auch im Winter findet man Insek... by @faltermann
🌈 Überwintern als Puppe│ Hibernate as a pupa 🦋 | SteemPeak
Rapsweißling ■ Green-veined white Pieris napi (Linnaeus, 1758) Gestern bin ich schon früh aufgebrochen, zu ei... by @faltermann

aakashsinghbaisYesterday at 00:49
Mason Bee homes in more detail | SteemPeak
These Bees make homes using mud, probably where their got their name. The females will lay larva in each mud... by @solominer

aakashsinghbaisYesterday at 01:05
Gorgeous Insect Mobile Phonephotgraphy | SteemPeak
Hi guys,Welcome to my steemit community.Today my blog post for beautiful insect.Let see enjoying my steemit ... by @bigso

aakashsinghbaisYesterday at 01:19
Visit to Biodiversity park | SteemPeak
Some of the snapshots: ... by @utkarshvarma
How to Propagate Venus Fly Traps | SteemPeak
I posted previously how my Venus Fly Traps (VFTs) are in full swing and how they are loving the summer-like we... by @leoneil

aakashsinghbaisYesterday at 01:33
A stalk of lavender flower | SteemPeak
[](>> by @leoneil
Nature photos from our garden / Bilder der Natur in unserem Garten...
... by @kobold-djawa

------(Log End)------

Some Problems We Are Currently Facing...

 1. Low SP

We have just started, and are being supported only by delegations from founders @medro-martin and @aakashsinghbais which are really very small.
We'll be needing a lot of public support to be able to work effectively. So, if you have any spare SP, please do lend us a helping hand. We'll be very grateful to you! (We are non-profit.) 😊

2. Need For Automation Of Curation Process...

The current curation procedure is quite tedious and takes a lot of time and effort. We are currently working on automating our voting process to make curation and commenting as simple as finding the link of the post to be curated.

The Road Ahead...

  1. Our Road To Success: An Active and Enthusiastic Community

We think we can only stay alive by allowing the community to participate extensively in our project. After all, this project is "By The People, For The People" We really look forward to interacting with as many people as we can!
Thanks for sparing your valuable time!

Team, Biodiversity Portal

By the people ⚪ For the people

Want To Help Us?

Please consider the following:
  • Join our Server: SBioP
  • Please delegate/donate to us if you can. To us, every penny counts! We'll be very happy and grateful!...and promise to keep the money in the project.
  • Please consider following our @bioportal.steem Curation Trail, following even at a very small percent of voting power will be appreciated!
  • Write genuine articles describing biodiversity around you, so we can curate your posts!

    We DESPERATELY need your help!!!

  • Thanks To All Our Staff Members!

    Our Current Staff & Community Members
  • Contributors: @solominer @phage93 @alby2 @medro-martin @borjan @utpal-biswas
  • Invited Dignitaries: @brittandjosie @lemouth @dexterdev
  • Founders and Project Maintainers: @medro-martin @aakashsinghbais

  • Thanks to all of you!! Without you, we'd have never reached here!


    Hi there @bioportal.steem, @medro-martin and @aakashsinghbais !

    I just encountered this post a minute ago and already a brief look through it caught my attention .. I am a nature scientist myself, working on astrochemistry, and loooove our Mother Nature and all her little beauties out there .. I am already concerned about this topic for a very very long time and I will look into your project far deeper when I get some more free time and join you in the discord too. I am currently at work, hehe ^^ :) .. So read you later !

    I will definitely resteem this post im my blog the raise the attention .. by the way, I am running the #amazingnature contest and know some huge nature lovers out here on steem .. So if you do not mind, I will post the list of the participants here. They may find this also very interesting and would highly welcome your engagement ^^

    @akinome @alinix @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @atomcollector @bahttg @bigsambucca @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @cocolefleur @davidesimoncini @dkkarolien @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @hangin @iamraincrystal @ireenchew @isabelpena @joanstewart @joebtc @johannpiber @justclickindiva @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @lighteye @manojbhatt @melinda010100 @mintymile @molometer @myjob @mysteriousroad @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @paradigm42 @phortun @qwerrie @redheadpei @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @s3rg3 @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @viking-ventures @wongbraling

    Best wishes,

    Thanks a lot dear scientist...@adalger!!
    We hope you'll enjoy being a part of our team!
    Thanks for your support.

    Martin Medro (@medro-martin)
    Team SBioP

    I would be glad to be part of the @bioportal.steem team !! ^^

    I actually had similar intentions when first started the contest, even started a discord channel once with @qwerrie. But it was not even close to what you already have created in this short time. I was never successful in implementing such a big thing so far. Soo, thank you very much for this honorable effort on your side @medro-martin !!!

    Fortunately I bonded already with many great bloggers of nature during all that time, and now that I found your discord channel I am sooo damn happy about its existence .. This could be an amazing project and I want to participate and support you greatly and be very active in this team if possible ^^ .. I am sure many like-minded will follow ;)

    Lets me start with this idea .. I usually add a "featured" steemian in my contest post, and if you are willing to send me a short and brief description about the goals of this project, I will feature the @bioportal.steem this sunday .. This will boost your presence a bit I hope.

    Best wishes,

    Aaah! Never mind, it's just the beginning, we have to travel far from here. We hope we'll be able to achieve our goals with people like you chipping in to help. This is an open project, everything is open and non-profit.
    We couldn't have achieved this without support from new people, and the things we learnt from other servers and projects.
    I'll surely send you a description about the goals of the project, just give me a few hours time. Some of the things already have been published in our intro post.

    It's great to see people genuinely excited about this project!! Gives us a load of satisfaction!
    It's your project, Enjoy it!

    I will create a banner for @bioportal.steem .. I will add in in a post that I have pending in my drafts folder already and wanted to submit soon .. if you like it I will post it in the discord channel for free usage .. but be warned, I am into this project now and you will not get rid of me so easily, hehe. Just ask @brittandjosie. I can be really persistent !! .. I was waiting for people like you who are eager to cheer for Mother Nature and will help where I can to make this project go wild ^^ .. This will be a great year ;)

    Great find @adalger. I will check this out.

    That's so great to hear @nelinoeva !!

    I already rushed heads first into the bioportal.steem team .. They do not know yet what will happen to them, wuahahaaaa !!


    Thanks for getting my attention to this! What is exactly biosteem?

    Hi there @careassaktart!

    There is a new weekly report published that may answer you some question.. Please look this one up for more information.. There is a lot happening right now ^^

    If you have more questions we would be happy to address them in that post :)

    The new Logo looks awesome! I like the idea and wish you all the best for your project :)
    If you need any help with the automation part of your curation just let me know. I built a few curation services for steem and can help you with that for sure!

    Hello @tibfox!
    Thanks a lot for your blessings!!
    We'll be very happy if you could help us with our Curation Service!!

    Awesome! Just text me on discord:

    Sorry, @tibfox but we are unable to use that link. Can you please tell us your Discord username and tag here, or you can DM us those on Instagram (@bioportal.steem), so one of us can add you as a friend on Discord.
    You are always welcome to join our server, if it can solve this problem.😊
    Thanks for helping us out!

    What a great project and I wish you all the best! Love the new logo. : )

    Thanks for the appreciation!

    You put a lot of effort to your project and I wish you to succeed.


    ps. you may find it not important, but have a look at this screencap I made -- this is how the tail of your post looks like (checked both in eSteem Surfer and desktop browser). all the best!

    Yes @qwerrie! You caught it right.
    We noticed that at the time of posting...that is the reason why we made it a point to mention it in the first line itself that this post is best viewed on There seems to be an interpreter problem with other platforms.

    But thanks for reminding.
    If we can, we'll try to make it compatible with other frontends as the upcoming posts.

    Thanks a lot. Thanks for the support!
    Team SBioP


    This post has been manually curated, resteemed
    and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
    from the @helpiecake curation team!

    Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
    Keep up the great work!


    Manually curated by @solominer.

    @helpie is a Community Witness.

    Ah! Yum!! We really liked the cake @solominer!
    Thanks a lot @helpiecake!

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