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As of today, @mercurybot has a new look. Huge thanks to @lucybanks for her amazing work on this. If you are looking for some great logo work done, she has the chops to get it done. I can vouch for that, based on the work she did for me.

**A quick sidenote--@lucybanks has an absolutely incredible singing voice. If you want to enjoy some fantastic songs--and I know you do--go follow her. Her D-Tube posts are a delight.


Refund Policy

We have a no refund policy for user errors.

Basically the @mercurybot refund policy is simple. If @mercurybot misses a vote I will fix it. If you submitted too much, bid incorrectly, or just plain didn't like the return on investment, there will be no return of your bid. All bids are final.

Thanks for understanding.


Haven't used @mercurybot yet?

Here's how it works:

  1. Copy the URL of the post / comment you want @mercurybot to vote on
  2. Navigate to your Wallet
  3. Select Transfer under Steem Dollars
  4. Populate To field with "mercurybot"
  5. Populate Amount field min "0.1" SBD or "0.1" STEEM
  6. Paste URL into Memo field
  7. Submit



Just to clarify and also to warn other users. This are the real results when trying this bot:

BidSupposed Vote as shown in [website][e1]Vote receivedReal ROI
11 SBD$28.03$11.59-39%

If you do the math. $11.59 - 25%($2.89) = $8.67. Then we must divide 8.67 / 2 (50%/50%) = 4.335 SBD. So basically these people are showing wrong values and not even telling us how much is the maximum bid. They also show more than $50 as a vote of this bot at 100%.

Conclusion: Do not use this bot. So far minnowbooster is the best out there.

You should fix this or you will be losing people very quickly. And I will really appreciate if you give me my money back. 11 SBD worth way much more than $30.

I have sent you 0.5 SBD. Did not receive upvote. Can you please upvote or refund if you are unable to upvote. warm regards,

Thank you, I have received SBD.

This bot make me disappoint, don't give proper upvote @mercurybot i sent him 0.55 sbd but he give me upvote as 0.40 sbd

What type of return could I expect for a 1SBD bid ?

Return is based entirely on the other bids that have been submitted in the round. Since this question demonstrates a severe lack of understanding of bidding bots, I would recommend not using them. I see posts every day from people that used bidding bots, not knowing what they were doing, and lost money.

I fully understand how bots work, I spend at least 8 sbd per day on bots, I just wanted to see your response to the question.

It is good to see that you have the respect of the bidder before profits.

I really hope you do well with your venture.

I'm not actually connected to @mercurybot, though I've used it a few times with decent results. I just didn't want to see you getting hurt!

Is the bot working today?

I know a round takes 2 hours 40 mins

2 rounds take 5 hours 20 min

I put two bids on today one over 6 hours ago and one over 5 hours ago, but got no votes.

See below copied from your wallet.

5 hours ago Receive 1.000 SBD from steveuk

6 hours ago Receive 1.000 SBD from steveuk

**** THANKS for the Speedy Refund, sorry you had problems with your bot. ****

Luar biasa, libatkan saya dalam kelompok anda..saudara

good post...Please Like My posts I liked you

Please Like My posts I liked you

Hello Jerry, I gave you 1 SBD for this publication, you gave me your vote but that did not generate STD, I wrote in discord for the administrators to give me an explanation but they did not say anything, I would appreciate a refund, especially since I am starting I expected to receive something for your upvote but it was not, I appreciate what you can do, I am waiting for your comments, it is very unpleasant to lose starting, especially if you asked for a loan to someone to be able to invest in bots. This is the post --->

Fantastic and excellent post friend contribution for comment for support

dear @adriatik please see this poste & give me instantly upvote or refend i sended 0.1 SBD please see this poste

I think you left this message for the wrong bot. This bot is @mercurybot--you need to talk with @adriatik for any issues with that bot.

Yes, the guy spammed four messages. I guess he thought he could be listened more easily this way...

Congratulations @mercurybot, this post is the fifth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Newbie account holder (accounts that hold between 0.01 and 0.1 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by newbie account holders during this period was 5236 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $6031.38. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

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I'm going to try it!

love the new look @mercurybot

This is amazing I supporting you.

i think we should be loyal to this paltform not to use any bot

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it's amazing, nice post @mercurybot

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I'm a bit offended you've gone and posted your own designs on a post about the one I've done for him.

very good, i like this

I don't get my upvote. Sent 0.100 sbd 8 hour ago.

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