How Did Our Bid Bot Experiment Go?

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😎 Bid Bots 2 😎

This is what happened when we used bid bots
We spent a bunch of money but we didn’t make much
Most people were ok with it
Some people thought that we were dicks

But there’s one thing that we can say
We met a lot more crypto-babes
Now their friends are joining Steemit
That’s a good enough reason to use bots
The bots
Crypto-babes love bots

Bid bots were the only way
The SteemBirds ever hit the trending page
Good content was not enough
To get your post to the fucking top
To the top
Like it or not

Using bid bots is a risky biz
Cause your ass might get down voted
You could even lose some cash
Better make sure you’re not posting trash

The treading page was never great
Even before the bid bots came
Whales have always had control
Right now they’re controlling it with bots
With bots
Maybe we should give it a shot

Bid bots were the only way
The SteemBirds ever hit the trending page
Good content is not enough
To get your post to the fucking top
Mother fuck'n top
Like it or not


Bid Bot Experiment Results (just an FYI)

Last week we promoted our post to the trending page using bid bots. It cost us 280 STEEM and the post paid out a total value of 277.5 STEEM. So we lost 2.5 STEEM on the post. This was largely due to the market correction, which also meant we got paid more STEEM and less SBDs. Had the price of STEEM and SBDs stayed constant, we probably would have made a small profit. As it stands, it was an informative experiment and a cost-effective promotion strategy.


Promotion Cost: 280 STEEM
Payout Value: 277.5 STEEM
Total Loss: 2.5 STEEM

Promotion Results:

New Followers: 125 (some of which were bots lol)
Comments: 252
Reputation: @steembirds moved from a 60.9 to a 62.0
Youtube Views: 315


Obviously, the songs are epic! LOL Always enjoy them.

But this was a fantastic experiment and numbers to back up exactly why bid bots can be a very effective promotion strategy. Goes to show that great content like yours can trend and attract a new audience.

Well done!!!

Thanks @jongolson! Exactly, it's nice to know that now everyone has the option of being on the trending page if they're willing to put some money behind their content. 😎

Absolutely. I think when people understand you basically spent 2.5 STEEM for all those new followers , increased reputation and oodles of new exposure...It's pretty much the best value out there for advertising and promotion.

Did it help that the content was hilarious and memorable, absolutely. But that's not the platform's (Steemit) responsibility to 'create' the content...That's ours as creators. The cream will rise and the bots helped it shine!

I love this case study guys. :)

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I basically did the same experiment and came o more or less the same conclusion, although my take was closer to -30 percent. When has music promotion ever been free?Not for my tenure that’s for sure. Today’s experiment however...much better. :) See y’all on the trending page! 😉

how much steem is spent on the promotion of a post?

@embroiderynews Follow me and upvote. I will do the same and i will upvote for you on your posts

Hi! Friends
I am Jitendra Gautam
If you want to earn huge money from steemit.
If you not able to write a unique catchy content then I have an offer for you I will write 10 posts for you, in return you have to give 1 steam dollar
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Hi! Friends
I am Jitendra Gautam
If you want to earn huge money from steemit.
If you not able to write a unique catchy content then I have an offer for you I will write 10 posts for you, in return you have to give 1 steam dollar
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Yeah the songs are really epic as hell:))

obviuosly its worthlesss due to ur investing cost is as high as r getting then at the conclusion in what way we got good reviews and votng on our post big bot

they had their great effort

Basically, you spent 2.5 steem on your promotion and got some good results, which is exactly the purpose of bid bots.

Exactly, it was great promotion. I think if more people used them and drove up the bid prices... then people would only use them if they really believed their content was high quality, thus perhaps creating a better trending page... but I guess we'll see how it all plays out!

Hey, top follow up track! Glad you picked up some more Cryptobabes :D

I'm just wondering about this:

think if more people used them and drove up the bid prices...

Currently, I don't see how it would work out that way, but am happy to be educated.

To me, more users would mean fuller bidding rounds (depending on what limit the Bot has for ROI) and thus a smaller vote = less promotion. The only winners here being the Bot owner and delegator/s.

Anyway, the 'experiment' continues and hopefully Steem will make it out the other side!

Thanks man! When bid values exceed payout values (so a negative ROI for users) then instead of an arbitrage opportunity, bid bots will create a true market for promoting content. If users can only use bid bots at a loss, then every dollar spent on that promotion is presumably backed by content worthy of that promotion cost. Does that make sense?

Of course, as you mention, the down side is that the bid bot owners/delegators will be making an increasingly bigger ROI for doing basically nothing lol.

I think it would be a cool experiment for the community to publicly create a bid bot and burn the private key, and then the account just powers up all the bids, but essentially all STEEM/SBDs sent to that account would be powered up forever. So it's kinda like burning the STEEM, which would profit the whole community rather than a few individuals.

Another song title you could use...Sad but true. You guys did pretty well breaking even in this trainwreck of the last week if that's the case, well done, very nice exposure to the Tenacious D of steemit. Did you ever think of becoming a power trio?

lol there's been talk of collaborating with a parrot at some point in the future! and I think we all deserve a market bounce sometime soon 😎

Lol SteemBert!


Yip lol, that's the guy! 😎

Haha you need to dye his head white so he has the steem emblem on top of his head, he has the nice blue coat for it! You need to teach that thing how to comment, all they need to know is nicepost.

That's awesome! It cracks me up that people get pissed on here when someone they don't know rises high in the trending. That is like the used car salesman telling someone, "I would sell you that $60,000 barely driven car but I don't like the shirt you are wearing." Ha, self righteous people are comical in my book. IF that parrot can play an instrument by the way you might have viral gold.

I know right? every time I try to use bots I loose my ass. To only loose 2.5 SBD you are doing great. Keep up the good work.


A possible downside you don't mention with using bots is that you might just be assisting in the process of 'sucking wealth upwards' to the people who delegate to bots - clearly from your massive reputation gain, this is mainly going to the early adopters.

You've clearly gained from using them, but I think the people who run them and delegate to them benefit even more.

Everyone else who doesn't use them, however, loses, which means that if individuals are going to act rationally they must use also use them - this basically empowers the wealthy.

Surely it's a strategy that just increases inequality, distorts the reputation system and basically just puts people off joining, thus undermining the whole platform?

Isn't it basically a WIN (bot owners/ leasers) win (bot users) LOSE (everyone else) situation.

I'm aware that fryst who runs one of the bots has a severely individualistic outlook on life so literally couldn't give a toss about the consequences of his actions for everyone else, but I had the feeling you two were a bit more 'socialist' in nature, and had some kind of ethical break that prevented you from engaging in activities that undermined the broader social base?

Maybe I was wrong, or maybe you've turned? It is hard to support the commons when it's economically irrational to do so at an individual level after all.

At some point I might just say fuck it all and just delegate all of my stake to bots for return, might be the only way to become and real steem WINNER, it's certainly the easiest!

Thanks for the comment, you make some good points, especially the one about distorting the reputation system.

I personally view the bid bots as just another Steem experiment, Steemit could put an end to the bid bots any time they want, but they are letting it play out. I personally like their hands-off approach. I don't think any individual can know how Steem/Steemit is supposed to evolve, blockchains are just a dance between code and human self-interests.

I think it's important to assume that the whales who are profiting from the bid bots, are the same whales who were previously engaged in less transparent self-voting schemes, in order to maximize their ROI. To me, bid bots are just the lesser of the two evils, since at least now people can promote their content in a meaningful way. That wasn't the case before. What would be great is a blockchain based bid bot system that burns all the STEEM received. Obviously this would have to be permanently backed by a massive benevolent whale... @steemit (cough).

Personally I think the most obvious way to fix Steemit's underlying distribution problem is to move to an account based voting system with oracles. Then bid bots would no longer function. I think this may be on the roadmap but I'm not sure it's possible.

Isn't it basically a WIN (bot owners/ leasers) win (bot users) LOSE (everyone else) situation

Everyone can and should run or use bid bots right now if they want to. That's currently the way the game is being played. It would be like playing baseball and not stealing bases cause you think the game would be better without stealing. Meanwhile, everyone else is stealing bases.

To me, bid bods seem to have way more pros than cons given the current and past states of Steem, so I think it's an experiment worth seeing though. And the more people that use them, the more accurate the experiment results will be.


Thanks for the detailed reply,

blockchains are just a dance between code and human self-interests.

The sociological term, which also incorporates the 'hardware element' into its definition is 'transhuman assembalge'.

I'm kind of with you on using bid-bots in the sense that if everyone (or at least the vast majority) used bots as much as they could then IF they are detrimental to the platform then it would just make their negative effects more obvious, and reveal the results more quickly.

Of course weird things might happen with scaling up the use, you never know!

I'm also for trying these things out... I did try out bots a while back, but with only a few $ each time, I made a positive ROI for the most part, but just didn't really like the feel of it very much.

I agree about oracles, I mean what's the point of competing with everyone to hit the trending pages when writing about different things, it doesn't make any sense.

The burn option is something I hadn't thought about... Way to techno-socialist to be considered I think.

I personally won't be using them to promote my own posts, it doesn't make sense for me, as I said, increasing delegation to vote buying services is a possibility though, which is effectively the same as using them to promote yourself were ethics are concerned!

Nice baseball analogy.

thanks for the detailed and educational discourse you two!!

That looks like a good result. And also you can't forget that You have also won a good amount of STEEM Power. So that 2.5 "loss" in the long term it is not a loss I guess. I wish I had that much to invest in some of my posts to promote them eheheh :) but it is a good case study. :) thanks for sharing it.

Yeah, we counted the Steem Power in the overall value received, but you're right in that Steem Power goes up slowly over time. Another interesting note though is that using bid bots forces people to power up half the STEEM they're using to promote the post.

Yeah and that is something positive when it comes to influence the value of steem in the market. The only negative that I see with bots in this days is that is making a lot of people lose the sense of community and engaging and being creative. :( I feel the community have been really "dead" latelly

I feel like when steem is down, lots of ppl stop engaging.. i’ve been through a few of these down markets and that’s the trend. For me... this is the time to be extra active and post!

Yeah always create no matter what :) because I love what I do and I clearly don't do it just for the rewards... otherwise I probably would have gave up long time ago lolol

Haha @steembirds, I enjoyed big time the lyrics and the performance of your ironical Bid Bot Experiment song.

But I think that I've enjoyed even more the fact that a post filled with true Sense of Humor, remarkably funny eloquence & hilarious sarcasm finally had reached the fucking top of the Trending Page. ¡The Mother fuck'n top! 'They' like it or not!! LoL

I feel the community have been really "dead" lately

On other hand, as for @sergiomendes comment. I fully agree with @jaybird & him. Lose some money in promotion through the use of bid bots, could be paid back as profit only in kind. But basically, also in detriment of the sense of community and engagement whilst we are being creative in the process like they say.

Btw, and on this "dead" department.. ¿Do any of you speak or understand spanish? };)


I guess we only can go with the flow and see where this will take us. And no I can't speak Spanish:/ portuguese speaker in here eheheh

Ah! portuguese then @sergiomendes? Well, maybe not so far as to be able to decrypt & understand thoroughly my fearsome Spanglish. Hahahaha }:)


You don’t necessarily have to hit the main trending page for this to be successful for content u believe in.. trending in whatever category is most relevant might be enough & then u don’t need as much investment capital ;)

I get what You mean I think. And yeah you don't need to hit the trending page to be doing good profit but when the majority of the posts there now are using bids to get there you lose the opportunity to be seen by different people and be discovered. And to have that money to invest you need to be in a high position already or otherwise it gets difficult to be found. And as an artists you just want people to appreciate what You create.

Epic Song :)

Please watch my video about Because of your too big bid you made everyone lose money on their investment. EVERYONE who was using the bot you bid so high on, lost money. So please do not use them unless you know how. They can be profitable if people don't get greedy.

The goal of bid bots is not for them to be profitable to the people that use them. That's just a short term arbitrage opportunity... the free market will always close that gap. Inevitably, the bids will become higher than the payouts and that's when we will have a true market for promoting content.

However, currently they can be profitable, and they could always be when more bots are added. However, it will never be profitable if people bid out of control.

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You're basically asking everyone to work together to share an arbitrage opportunity. That's just not how markets work. Plus, individuals profiting on bid bots adds very little (if any) value to the community. Whereas, bid prices that represent a real promotion cost (above zero) will add value to the community because they will represent content that's presumably worthy of that promotion cost. Basically you're looking at bid bots as a way to make free money and I'm looking at them as a way to promote quality content.

I look at bidbots as a way to make profit and promote at the same time. However, I will concede your point on just adding value to the community. I have been trending plenty of times in my dtube career of 42 days, for quality of content, nothing more. Ideally, yes, I would like to see large groups of people use bots a certain way, one that is profitable for all of us. There is no reason to bid $300 on a bot that MAX vote value is $200, but for some reason, people do. It is because they do not know how to bid. Hence, I made a video bringing awareness to this issue. So you guys may say that the only way to be trending is to pay for it, I disagree. That assumes those who make good content wont be trending based on the merit of their work, which they will. I appreciate you guys bringing attention to the bidbots in general, cause they are the promotion tool of STEEM, however, I disagree with your conclusions. That is what is beautiful about freedom of speech tho, isn't it?

LOL you used all bid bots on this?... Im surprised there wasn't more profit, at least if you have more people viewing the post i would expect more people also voting it... At the end you could say you invested those 2.5 steem in promotion and got some value out of it...
Also you are right, bid bots are profitable only when steem price is going up, i remember that from the randowhale age, i learned it was only profitable to use it when price was pumping, then for some reason the bot got to sleep every time the price was going up lol, so i got tired of any bid bot....

Yeah, ultimately we were happy just for the exposure!

I think there is a way to count views of YouTube embed but just embedding the link doesn't by default count views outside of YouTube.

Interesting, I was under the impression that embedding counted most of the views whereas just sharing the link doesn't. I definitely get a lot more views registered on youtube when I use the embed option but I'll look into it more.

Using bid bots is risky but its worth it.. The whales have an opportunity to see your post. I have a question which of the bots do you prefer one to use ?

Indeed! Still experimenting... I have not yet had a problem with any of them. But I do prefer to start with the bid bots that let you up vote the post right away... that way more of the curation rewards are sent to the author and you have a better chance of profit or at least breaking even 😎

This is hilarious, lol

New Followers: 125 (some of which were bots lol) The irony. Lol

That painting of you guys is pretty badass. What medium is that in?

I know lol 😎

Oh yeah, and that's our friend @artwatch, she rocks! Hey @artwatch can you answer that medium question?

Sorry, I was just wondering if it's a physical painting or done digitally?

Yeah lol, I'm not really sure... I'd like to know too!

OMG !!!!! I love it (I know you know :D)

So, you lose money when using bidbot !!!!! I knew it but I wasn't 100% sure sooooo Thanks !!!!
But... Finally ... The main purpose of bots (people don't think of it) is ' to promote ' a post and then you spend some money on advertisement which is normal since ' promotion' is never free ;)

And your rep moved for 1 ! When I think that I became crazy and started to publish severals times a day on Steem to increase my rep (to cross the 70 for my first year birthday :p) and all I had to to is to pay a bot... lol

Anyway, stupid question : why don't you use Dlive / Dtube and even Dsound for your song ? :) Original song / beloved Steemian ... They may upvote you well :) Better than bots lol

Thanks @roxane! Yeah, it more about the promotion than profiting. Congrats on your 70 rep, you've been putting a lot of hard work in so you deserve it 😎... unlike us bot users lol.

We've used dlive/dtube/dsound... but in general I find them too unreliable still as far as playback is concerned. We'll use them more and more as they iron out the kinks!

Yep what Dan said lol. Keep up the great work!

Haha, what a bomb!! Love it! :-)

Considering the new followers and attention you received in general one might even say that this was lucrative. Oh and also adding the crypto-babes factor... :-D

Thanks for the show birdies - enjoyed it as always!!
Loved and resteemed

Thanks Marly! It was def worth it for the crypto-babes 😎

lol why do the SteemBirds do anything right....?

Haha, I'm glad to hear that :-D

Another timeless classic by the @steembirds ! I always smile and laugh when I hear your guy's work! Full upvote! And my bot trail is hitting it too including @skunkape @hotties and @hogzilla !

Thanks mon! Our objective is usually to make ya’ll laugh and feel good, especially when steem is low and every1 is tense!

Appreciate the support 😎

Epic Steemit song! lol Good job! This deserves to be #1 on Trending. :)

Funny, but true. Love the song @steembirds. Thanks for making me laugh.

Our Pleasure @loveself ;)

LOL! Yea! Totally agree and great experiment. I played the bots for about 4 months. I had a spreadsheet and kept track of everything. The conclusion: It was not worth it. I was basically breaking even or loosing and to top it off...not many followers. No one cares on Steemit. No one. I am grateful I participated and made money in the Steemit community when I could. The positive: I made some friends. I am just waiting for the next platform that does not have this many problems. Enjoyed your post @jaybird and @steembirds.

Thanks for the personal account Tess!
That’s some pretty useful info u’ve probably amassed, maybe it’s post worthy (not sure if u’ve already shared it or not).

It’s definitely easy to fall into a pessimistic viewpoint about this platform. It obviously has its share of issues, and it has since day 1. It’ll never been perfect, however we are still in Beta and this is definitely the time for these types of experiments to occur. Before mass adoption. I also think that this is a phase in steeemit and won’t continue as is for too long.

Honestly i wonder if another platofrm would be better...? Personally i believe they will all have their issues if not the same issue lol.

Btw, i’ve always appreciated ur content and of course your sandwiches in particular ;)

There seems like a definate way to use bots correctly vs incorrectly.

I still have much research and experimentation to undego before i make my final decision, however the 1 major positive that seems apparent is that for the first time ever, any1 who is willing to back their content up with a few 100$ (if they really believe in it) can hit the treanding pg.

Not to mention Steem is often retroactive so.... even if u lose some money now u’ll gain way more hopefully through the promo when the currency rises etc.

Great to touch base with ya!

Hey @jaybird. I do GREATLY appreciate your reply, your kind words and support. Yea, I did accumulate alot of info. I had about 15 columns of info and stats I was collecting on each post. I spent alot of time (mega time) and $$. I tried to figure out how to "play the game" and the goal was to gain a following. Well.....long story didn't work.

I came to the conclusion that no one liked my shit. The final straw was when @progressivechef was so kind to feature me in his Shine Brite program. I wrote a self promotion and sent pics and he posted. I got a whopping 5 additional followers and not one had even visited, commented or upvoted one of my posts. It was heartbreaking. That is when I decided to refocus on Youtube (which I was neglecting) and just enter the competitions and an occassional post of Steemit.

In order to grow and make it on Steemit you have to attend the get togethers and be apart of a 8-10 person team/ family who will agree to upvote each others posts. OR, you need to post crypto news OR be part of a steemit delegating vote bot.

I have been on the hot page but not trending. Even being on the hot page has not helped. If I didn't self upvote I am lucky if I got .20 cents. I have thought about delegating some Steem and still may do that with my last 1000. I am not familiar with being Beta vs. not?? I just hope Steemit does get it together. I look at my Steemit wallet and it is a billboard for bots wanting my $.

Sorry for the long winded post. I am just exhausted. I am not quitting. I just need to get my Steemit mojo back and I need to spend some more time on Youtube...that is where my steady income is.

Thanks so much for listening to me. I wish you the best and you will see me popping in every now and then. Take care. Tess

For sure, I believe many ppl go through this kinda thing on steemit, sort of slipping through the cracks so to speak even though their content is actually quite good. It is a bit disheartening and i’ve felt that way at times too.

I’d be interested in seeing those stats...i mean if it’s not too much effort to put them out there. It’s probably info that we could all learn from.

There seems to be a few different ways to “play te game” as u mentioned and you made some very keen observations regarding that. It’s definitely easier when u have a small comunity of friends thst can help to support each other. And there’s a definite way to play the bot game in order to minimize losses and maximize exposure. You have to watch ththe bids on steembottracket and pick the right time to go all in.

Also to maximize exposure you’d prolly have to aim for the top treanding pg or at least top of whatever tag u think is relevent.. it’s not a profitable game lol but a promotional 1.

Anyway, it’s good that u did all this tbh and have realized that at least for now, ur focus should emphasize ur youtube channel. I also like the fact that u haven’t completely abandoned this ave & that you’ll likely revisit and reassess in the future. You’re a smart cookie ;)

Out of curiousity, have u done much with dtube ir dlive for ur vids?

As i was mentioning there r plenty of ways to play the game and leverage steemit currently. Many ppl i know have had some good success consistently uploading to those two vid platforms and getting support from those accounts which have huge delegates sp.

Before u take off from steemit be sure to drop by SSC again, we miss your creativity there 🤘

I tried Dtube when it first started. I had about the same success as a post...not many views. Dtube takes 25%. I really liked steepshot but learned the hard way that they also take a good %. I will get my info together and share with you. I would not know where to begin making a post with it. I did find that using 3-4 bots on a post was better vs using all in one. Know the cutoff days for bots (3 days to 6 days). If you buy a bot or two a day for 3-4 days...the bots keep boosting your post higher in the ranking as they fall. Kind of like "booting" your post. Also it seems different bots will decrease your SBD/steem at different rates as the value of Steem decreases. Also, the bots "download" or take out of their pool at certain times which will decrease your earnings. I found posting at least 2x per day, one in the morning and one late at night around 11pm worked well...the early one was for the US time and the late one hit all the ones in other countries. Had to keep an eye on the crypto market so I could estimate when steem would increase and decrease and the Steemit platform showed a 2-3 day delay in value.. Yea, it can get complicated and drove me literally crazy. I kept reinvesting my earnings in the bots but it just seemed the bots were making more money than me and my craziness was getting worse. I did make some money but not as much as I had thought or hoped....much much lower. I hope this all makes sense. LOL! I know gringalicious has it mastered...because she goes to the meet ups, has an entire family that is involved in Steemit and knows alot of the whales. She has been a support to me and upvotes my posts. Wish you the best in trying to figure it out. I will be in communication and will be making some more sandwiches :)

Ya, all of this makes sense. It's definitely not as simple as send SBD and get votes and you'll get the results you desire lol.

Good on you for doing the experiment. I've definitely found that there is a magic number to bid and also selecting which bots to use at which times matters etc. Another issue is if you don't bid enough you'll get screwed for sure haha.

Good for you, that's definitely worth it. I can see you also heavily utilized bitbots here too. Have fun and earn Steem!

Haha ya of course ;)

To get your post to the fucking top.... Mother fuck'n top 🤣 😂 🤣 😂

Great work, guys! Upvoted 100%. Thanx for the fun and the education.

Thanks Terry! 😎

@dan-atstarlite You betcha! Keep up the good singing you guys do. Love your work!

I still dont like the bots. Just does not feel right. But no judgment.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it's wrong haha. j/k

It's true, at first glance there seems to be a moral grey, however the more you investigate and research the phenomenon.. well it just gives you more perspective and information to go on.

It cost us 280 STEEM and the post paid out a total value of 277.5 STEEM.

before or after curation?

Seems like it was worth repeating. ;)

After curation. Very worth repeating until more people start using them.

right now steemit is sort of a ghost town in general due to low STEEM price. I myself have been conducting these experiments, they are a lot of fun.

After. We lost 2.5 Steem altogether.

which bots did you use?

Like the top 10. U can see if u look at the votes on the post

Bid bots are always risky

Wow guys, love the song and the experiment!
"The Trending Page Was Never Great!" LMAO
Perfect timing for this.

Hehe, yeap.

N we'll see now if the results are repeatable.

Dudes, I don't know what I was thinking in forgetting to ask you guys if you would be so inspired to add a track (or several) to a mega Open-Mic collab in honor of its 2-year anniversary. It's still really early on in the process. Here is the first update, which contains a link to my original post. Just let me know - and you guys are in! You can hit me up on discord whenever @passion-ground#5524

you guys are so awesome! just commenting for the nods of awesome!!! you do your thing lads' brilliant

Ha! I love the song. I love experiments. All in all, I think what you've done here is pretty epic (and yes, I found you on the trending page.) However, it's also a little disheartening to a newbie (minnow?) like me. I don't know much of anything about reputation and gaining followers and I know even less about bots and whales and weighted votes to someday reach the trending page. From what I'm reading here, it looks like good content may never be enough. Am I reading this accurately?

It's a all a bit overwhelming at first, probably for anyone who doesn't know much about steemit/crypto etc. However, it doesn't take long to start figuring it all out I assure you.

There are many effective ways to navigate steemit & get your content the attention it may deserve. However, like anything that your beginning, it does take a bit of time to gain momentum unless you know ppl on the paltform already.

Using bid bots is just one way that someone with zero followers & low rep could immediately gain some...especially if the content is actually good. It all starts with good content. I know shit post get through the cracks sometimes, but it doesn't last! They eventually get downvoted!

I find the best way is to engage and interact with the specific sub-communities that revolve around the specific type of content you are creating/interested in. So for example if you do food, dive into the food tag and discord channels etc.

That's where you'll make lots of progress and have support available & meet like minded ppl etc.

Strictly speaking from my point of view. If you want to hit the main trending page at this moment in time (phase of Steemit), good content is not enough.

Like the real world, paying for promotion/advertising for content you believe in appears to be the current model. If you look at almost every other industry in the world...well that's what goes on right? On social media, it's actually the same. FB adds cost money for example.

I think a lot of ppl feel disheartened by this not realizing that it's not at all out of the ordinary and also, I'm under the impression that many of these opinions come from uniformed places. Many PPL tend to judge without looking into what's really going on and TBH, before I did my research I was one of those ppl lol.

Hope this helps !


Thanks for such a thorough response. I've heard the discord thing mentioned a couple times now. I'll have to check that out. I logged in to it once (signed on? Plugged in?) but didn't see an obvious place to dive in. I'll go back and explore more.

I'm not too concerned about hitting the trending spot, or even making any kind of money off my posts, I just want to know that they are being seen in the right places and that maybe they are bringing joy to a few folks.

Again, thanks for taking the time to educate a newbie. 😀

lol, yes :) You guys are crushing it.

Thanks for making an informative post that is also fun :).

#upvoted and #followed

Hey @steembirds, have you tried and You have a beautiful Music Video that you could upload there, I believe you could gain more followers there and even get upvotes from dtube and dlive curators....they have large amount of Steem Powers.

Ya, we know all about both. We're looking into those platforms. Thanks for the compliments ~

I've always like the idea of the bots, could be quite risky as you say might get flagged and lose big-time, but it is nice to have the option.

Exactly, and also now ppl know what’s up

I for one , did not think you guys were dicks

You were however

Just Kidding..

Heh heh, i thought it was funny 😆

Oh those steem birds 😍
I’m officially a groupie ❤️

Excellent 😎 We love Cryto-Babes 😎

You guys are really creative, I truly love this bid bots tune- Congratulations :)


Hopefully you can join us for the next one ;)

I....LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! more please!!!! subbed you on YT also! re steemed! dan, your videos....on steemit in general...helped me joined the steemit family! thank you both!!!!!!!!

Hey thanks! Glad ur getting a kick outta us. And indeed Dan’s vids are always awesome 😎

What matters is you recouped most of what you spent. What's important is that you didn't end up taking a huge loss.

Yup it's a calculated risk!

cheers to your success.

You guys sure made that creative and critique of a technique I've seen on here so far.

Good Stuff !

Its funny because its true ....

Thanks to those bit bots I started following you and writing this coment.

Some of you might be interested in what @drumoperator had to say re: Bid Bots Discussion and while ur at it, check out his awesome live performance of this futuristic original track!

“A note on promotion: I'm about to blast this post into the heavens with some bots, using fiat I'd otherwise be shipping into Steemit regardless. I realize people have mixed opinions about this sort of practice, but I put the better part of four days into this video, and as somebody with two decades in the music industry, I am long since calloused to the concept of exposure = time + money. I have experimented with botting before, and have empirically come to the conclusion that it is a loss leader where we accept the reality of "trending" and exposure on Steemit, and pay ... both for access + exposure and, slightly more ideologically, to take something I've put serious sweat equity into and blast it past (some) spammy content taking up space. In an ideal world, obviously I'd love to not do this. Anybody thinking you turn a profit whatsoever on a bid bot exchange needs to give it a whirl. My last three engagements netted about a 30 percent loss on sbd invested vs. recoup in the end, even including the value of some upvotes I don't normally land. It's certainly not a profitable tactic. It is, however, a way to invest SBD I'm planning on shipping into Steem one way or another in this ridiculously buy-friendly market. I am simply choosing to take a 30 percent loss in exchange for me getting something I worked my ass off a bit more visibility and hopefully net some new followers for the kind of music content I'm trying to get out there.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! 😉

@steembirds Good experiment :D LOL

You changed your backdrop wall on your landing page. A splendorhub quick makeover ??

looks like if we have no money!!! No honey 🤓🤓

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Build up some steem... u don’t necessarily have to spend this much to trend at the top of a specific tag right 😎

Your total overview on bot bid is good , it might look costly today but for long run it will give huge profit as I think.

I really like the song and thanks for the information about bid bot experiment.

i have not experience yet ,but making my mind to do after studding as i heard that there is some risk

Well you actually lost more then that because you only get 75% of the payout ?

The results were tallied with curation in mind ;)

Sweet then you could say it cost you next to nothing to go trending! I mean I dont see what wrong with that lol

Ya we lost 2.5 steem on the first 1. We’ll see how the 2nd 1 goes.. the promo factors had great results tho imo and the community discussion!

Yup all for about $3 out of pocket you can't be advertising rates like that lol look forward to the next results!

sometimes its quite great thing to achieve followers than earning a little bit money sorry for your lost of 2.5 steem but yeah we make things perfect after a big loss so i hope you would do great experiment in future so best of luck from my side and btw actually their are lots of curators who are trying to cut reward pool i dont know whether its cool or not but they are also earning good by curations .. Good to see your experiment btw .. keep up experiments and let us know 😉
one more thing this post is also in trending i think am i right ? because its hot haha

Just stopping by to say hi @steembirds plus I love birds they are my fav animals in the world.

Oh, they can pump your reputation!..
For me it was a big mystery how people who post only colorchallenges and other crap, manage to quickly achieve a high reputation with their low-grade content.
It turns out that the bid-bots cause double damage, breaking the scoring system and the reputation system simultaneously.

Indeed. Double edged sword for sure.

Loves your videos!! It Awesome i enjoyed it. Thank You! Epic Song....

Loves your videos!!
It Awesome i enjoyed it.
Thank You! Epic Song....

                 - sujanmaharjan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Epic song...LOL...Love your experiment

Thanks so much! It’s certainly been an interesting learning experience😎

I want this to be my new ringtone

Haha, awesome 😎

@steembirds is there a way I can learn to build bots?

The question is how? And where?

Haha first time I've come across your content, great stuff! Entertaining song and good info on your outcome. Will be looking back to your old content :)

Excellent, it's working ;)

Thanks for the kind words ~