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RE: How Did Our Bid Bot Experiment Go?

in #bidbots3 years ago

That looks like a good result. And also you can't forget that You have also won a good amount of STEEM Power. So that 2.5 "loss" in the long term it is not a loss I guess. I wish I had that much to invest in some of my posts to promote them eheheh :) but it is a good case study. :) thanks for sharing it.


Yeah, we counted the Steem Power in the overall value received, but you're right in that Steem Power goes up slowly over time. Another interesting note though is that using bid bots forces people to power up half the STEEM they're using to promote the post.

Yeah and that is something positive when it comes to influence the value of steem in the market. The only negative that I see with bots in this days is that is making a lot of people lose the sense of community and engaging and being creative. :( I feel the community have been really "dead" latelly

I feel like when steem is down, lots of ppl stop engaging.. i’ve been through a few of these down markets and that’s the trend. For me... this is the time to be extra active and post!

Yeah always create no matter what :) because I love what I do and I clearly don't do it just for the rewards... otherwise I probably would have gave up long time ago lolol

Haha @steembirds, I enjoyed big time the lyrics and the performance of your ironical Bid Bot Experiment song.

But I think that I've enjoyed even more the fact that a post filled with true Sense of Humor, remarkably funny eloquence & hilarious sarcasm finally had reached the fucking top of the Trending Page. ¡The Mother fuck'n top! 'They' like it or not!! LoL

I feel the community have been really "dead" lately

On other hand, as for @sergiomendes comment. I fully agree with @jaybird & him. Lose some money in promotion through the use of bid bots, could be paid back as profit only in kind. But basically, also in detriment of the sense of community and engagement whilst we are being creative in the process like they say.

Btw, and on this "dead" department.. ¿Do any of you speak or understand spanish? };)


I guess we only can go with the flow and see where this will take us. And no I can't speak Spanish:/ portuguese speaker in here eheheh

Ah! portuguese then @sergiomendes? Well, maybe not so far as to be able to decrypt & understand thoroughly my fearsome Spanglish. Hahahaha }:)


You don’t necessarily have to hit the main trending page for this to be successful for content u believe in.. trending in whatever category is most relevant might be enough & then u don’t need as much investment capital ;)

I get what You mean I think. And yeah you don't need to hit the trending page to be doing good profit but when the majority of the posts there now are using bids to get there you lose the opportunity to be seen by different people and be discovered. And to have that money to invest you need to be in a high position already or otherwise it gets difficult to be found. And as an artists you just want people to appreciate what You create.