Are Bid Bots The Only Way?

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😎 Bid Bots 😎

Lots of people hate bid bots
We wanna know if they’re ok or not
Cause every post on the trending page
Is only there cause someone paid...
A bot, a bot, a bot, a bot
Is that ok or not?

Are bid bots the only way?
The SteemBirds hit the trending page
Paying STEEM to get votes back
Will this plan bite us in the ass
In the ass
In the ass

Is this a way to promote ourselves
Or just another way to give whales more wealth
Maybe when the future comes
Maybe everyone will run...
A bot, a bot, a bot, a bot
Is that ok or not?

Are bid bots the only way?
The SteemBirds hit the trending page
Paying STEEM to get votes back
Will this plan bite us in the ass
In the ass
In the ass


That was hilarious. it ok to use bid bots..or no...LOL

Is it okay to run bid bot... or not?

Exactly lol, let's get the discussion rolling. What does everyone think?

personally i don't like or use bid bots. it's like walking into a pub of people you don't know and buying everyone a drink so that they like you. just my 2 cents.

Yes me i am the same. By the way i even dont have money to pay them😂 also same with the vote for vote posts. And the worst when they just copy paste something. I just wrote a post about it. Crazy😂

Presently until whales and dolphins starts curating new babies with quality post the only way to survive is to use the bid bots.

I write motivational /inspirational post yet I have no audience and there are those who doesn't write up to me and they have enough attention.

So tell me if I have enough money why wouldn't I use bid bots?
Or what's your say? Let's keep it rolling

Because you are cheating, plain and simple. You earn an audience you don't buy it, but if you have the money we have a sensible function to promote, it's under all active posts called aptly the Promote Button, and all the money goes to get burned thus increasing the value of SBD and in turn Steem while you aren't effectively buying your reputation and curation and only benefit in the exposure of being promoted, thus not invalidating the function of curation or rewards in turn, or the basic principle of earning your audience. If you use vote bots you're paying for what people ought to give for free, or their vote.

In my opinion, the Bots have taken the enjoyment out of Steemit. I wanted to Post and share some activities I enjoy and build up a following and maybe make a little money. It seems like nobody up votes and more and almost every time I use a Bot I lose a little bit of money.
I do not understand how a system, Bots, can survive by taking in more money than they pay out

Unless you are already famous, or ultra patient to build up a following... I'm not quite sure how else to go about it...

What's worse IMO is that these bid bots seem to be taking most of the curation rewards as well...

Maybe the bid bots are here to stay
It seems like a game everyone wants to play.

Great work indeed :D

Thanks! I imagine it's just another Steemit phase... but who knows lol

You had me at bots.

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HAHAHAH, funny you used bid bots on this to make a point. . .. ;).. . .. oh WAIT. .. .

Yeah lol, we thought that would be funny. Also, it's been very interesting going through the experience of learning about them over the last couple days... for instance, I did not realize how much they were being used.

yeah massively. see it's a tough one really because i can understanding someone wanting to get the message out and being PROUD of something but when it's just because you want to acquire more wealth to take out of the eco system then the argument kinda falls flat for me.

personally you guys are worth GOLD then just 1's and 0's -- but i guess that's just another rare mined resource too :)

We've all come across content we've probably thought deserved way more rewards than it got or, perhaps should have even been trending and of course it wasn't. And then on the other hand, we've all also seen total shit hit the top of the T-PG.

It is good to know that if you strongly believe in apiece of content you've created... there is at least 1 option to help it get noticed... Unfortunately you need to spend several hundred $ to promote it using bid-bots.

and that's the quandary, the belief is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to promotion.

I personally don't hate bid bots.
It all depends on how you use it, its only bad when its abused. I see it as a way of promoting your content( good and creative content) . When you are on board no one knows and at times the babies usually have quality content. If you want to wait without using bid bot you might never be recognized.

The bottom line is this: If you have good contents and you have the money I advice you to use the bid bots.


Yeah, it's nice to know that if you believe you have good content, there is a way to get it seen. That was never the case before bid bots

Yes because there was enough content curators then.
Now we just have a bunch of whales simply upvoting themselves

You are damn right @orisfina I wish to be a whale someday curating other people. My vote is too small to do a damn thing :(

You are trying your best @tngflx . Imagine if everyone has the same mentality as you and all trying their possible best to curate. Steemit will be a much better place.
Nevertheless i wont give up, i will keep doing my best even though my SP is low. Just wish i could lease some SP because i have seen new babies we need to support

You cannot abuse the Promote Function that is built into steem, regardless of how much money you have, because it's designed to be a net benefit, but when you buy what people give out for free, and help such a demand increase you're abusing the function of curation, which is supposed to reward people and not used for people to reward themselves, that is why we have a flagging function, when people vote themseves they deserve a counter flag and the line between a self-voting is thin, either you're doing it to move your comment up for visibility, or undo a flag that wasn't warranted, or you are doing it to pay yourself, and if everyone did that there wouldn't be any more sense to curation, it will only be voturbation. Vote selling, vote buying, and self-voting are all abusive, and many times it's as obvious as day and night, and if you're here primarily to make money or buy your friends and connections than you've missed the point of it IMO.

You aren't getting my point...
You are taking it personally.

We are only sharing our personal thoughts towards the issue, lets not be sentimental .
It hasn't gotten to that

I didn't take anything personally and I do get your point, and I never was "sentimental".

Ok now you are getting what am driving at

I don't think there is anything wrong with self voting your content. Especially if you spent lot of time creating it and it's "good." I would have a problem with it, if for example you never voted on anyone else's content...At the point as you said "the line" has been crossed.

"If you have the money you can stay and do well here. If you are one of those people that tries to do it with just hard work and passion...good luck with that." says Steemit. We will burry you until you can pay.

I have to admit it is my least favorite aspect of Steemit. A high pay for play staked game.

I liked it when the social aspect had more of an effect instead of just throwing money at it.

I liked the content more when it was about quality instead of bought votes.

Personally, I think it effects how the platform is viewed from the outside. People coming in could be looking at work that got to the top on public opinion alone instead of a weighted wallet.

I try not to use the bots unless it is for another user or for a contest otherwise it would not be seen.

On another note where is my #freethenipple song😋😘

Yeah, I personally think we're just going through a "bit bot" phase. It's not my favourite Steemit phase but it is interesting. I really like the idea of moving toward account based voting... that might be the best solution.

It is kinda interesting watching different seasons of steemit evolve. One always has to be up with the times ha ha. One moment something can be good - but two months later and it is crippiling something we didn't expect. Steemit is a delicate beast at times, it never seems to know what it wants to do with itself.

Great song! I hate that bid bots have become a thing on Steem but as long as they exist, I'd like to see people using them to push good content to the top. That's why we've started using them - because the trending page is filled with garbage most of the time and I'd rather see our videos above that junk. I think it gives a better view of Steem to the outsider when they first come to the trending page.

Yeah, that’s basically how I feel too. I think it’s probably just anothet Steemit phase. And there are totally pro and cons. Like you guys... we will try to use them only in the best possible way 😎

I think bid bots is just for the minnows that need exposure for them to cope up the fast pace of the steaming steem. But many of our fellow steemians including those huge guys are using also bid bots. We just need guidelines and policy on this matter to control the use of bots.

Okay, so I'm "old school." I never vote for myself because, well, it just doesn't seem quite proper... It's sorta like a form of masturbation, which is fine insofar as far as masturbation is concerned, it's cool and all, but not so far as stroking one's content is concerned. Ha-hahaa... You guys rock, man... at the end of the day, it's all about telling the truth as we see it - and I love the way you two go about revealing relevant questions that many of us need to ask ourselves. With that, I'll leave you guy's with this...

The whole world is shaking now, I can feel it. Oh, and don't let the truth bite you in the ass! lol... :-) You guys rock! :-)

Thanks man! So far are asses are fine... but yeah we like to stick them out from time to time.

The truth is that sometimes you just can't help it. When you keep creating quality posts that you think may trend and no one is giving a f*ck about your so called quality post, you just have to do what they others are doing. But I don't think such practice will benefit the community in the long run

Ya totally!

Another timeless classic from the @steembirds ! SteemBirds Rock!

Thanks man! We keep trying 😎

Let the free market decide. I use bid bots sometimes! Other times I don't. People on Youtube pay to promote their videos all the time!

I say it’s totally ok.

-You would, you have no qualm about self-voting, so much for curation. What would it look like if everyone only self-voted? Will reputation matter at all then? Have you heard the parable of the long spoons?

I occasionally self vote and that’s my choice as to how I use my upvote. I more that support minnows here, go on my channel and see before you start making claims.

Most ppl do self vote... and there's nothing wrong with it IMO..Just make sure to use your vote to also curate content you think is worthy. BC that in itself will actually raise the value of Steem in the long run and thus make you more profit in the end.

That's never going to happen... There will always be some ppl who only ever self vote.. That's a small minority IMO>

Wahahaha!!! This is GOLD!!! This is bitcoin!!!

Haha, thanks man!

will steemit ever change this? I believe as it is now, it is not in the highest interest of Steemit itself. I believe the platform would do better to promote the "best" content. It would encourage the creators to just simply produce amazing content... That would be a place I'd love to hang out (even more)..
Any predictions?

I predict Steemit will let the experiment play out. Until something obviously better comes along... like account based voting with oracles

Love the song, kind of reminds me of the old ska music I used to listen to. Awesome :D

Bidbots are literally ruining STEEM

lol! you're fantastic

So I NEVER even check the trending page because I don't care which posts the bots like best... This is probably the first time I clicked it in several months and I am SO glad I did! Upvoted, resteemed, followed... and drowning in obscurity for not using the bots... lol!

Haha thx. I only recently started checking it out again too. I'm of a similar mind ~

Seriously though, we need a better and more ways to advertise on Steem through paying SBD

This will become a classic poem. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Aleatory comment: When you're poor and can't pay for a bidbot.

It's okay.

I'm fine.

Lol :) Great job, steembirds!
Well, here is the answer:
It's about use , not abuse ;)

to be fair bids bots are only way to reach TRENDING, unless you got over 100k SP

Completely agree!

Haha. You guys always make me laugh.
Are bid bots ok? Sure they are, are they good for the platform, well i think you know the answer to that question. haha.

Glad to hear it ;) and ya there seems to be a lot of opinions about it which is great.

Hilarious! xD Anyone care to explain how bid bots work? Just started this week.

Never spent more than 30 SBD and only once I was on trending - there is a way. This will get there. Very catchy - me likey

There is a way.

  1. It depends on the niche
  2. The amount of money you have.
    Use roughly above 50SBD

Hey thanks for replying - I hear you - but like I said I never use them to get on trending - only use them for those posts once I'm on trending already - will I use minimal amounts of money just to maintain its visibility. I am not a fan of dumping that much money into "promotion" - if I had it I would rather put it towards steempower.

I get your point.

Nice meeting you

It's not a bad thing - but there is also a level of irony regarding this specific post now being on trending...... Because of bid bots 🤣🤣🤣 - it would belong here regardless - would have liked to see it make it here void of bot usage - again the organic traffic alone should have been enough and then tomorrow or the next day they pump it with bots to maintain its position.

That's the reason why I said its just been abused this days.
When you have money abuse of some things is inevitable. That's life

There's no way the SteemBirds would have ever made the trending page if not for the bid-bots... Unfortunately, It really doesn't seem like it's just about consistently producing "good content" right now.

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Epic my friends... resteem from me!! hahahah

What the heck did I just read? Can I have the last minute of my life back?

It took you a minute to read the lyrics...?! YIKES! You probably should have just watched the performance of the song instead j/k ;)

Unfortunately humans cannot go back in time... Sry to hear you didn't like our commentary on the state of bid-bots on Steemit :(

No..... But kind of. Right now I think boys are the ONLY way to get in trending. Doesn't have to be his way, but they have too much influence to be stopped. IMO, bots are positive, BUT, I would love to see separate trending pages for promoted and non-promotes content

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Never used them... I think it’s unfair to do so.☺️

Me I have no provlem with bid bots. It's ok for me if everyone have it as long as it add value to the community.

I think it is ok to use bids bot. It helps new steemians like me to grow. Help me. Huhuhu

I've had that same thought...ethically I think its fine if you say that you bought votes...

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I'm pretty new and may be wrong but it seems Steemit as a platform and Steem as a cryptocurrency derives value from the quality of content creation and the stability and growth of the platform will only be sustainable if there is quality content that people want to read and engage with. The users of Steemit are in a sense the owners of it, both figuratively and because of their monetary investment literally also. Most platforms have someone at the helm steering the ship but it seems to some extent Steem is a conglomerate of large and small influencers with varying degrees of self interest that all have a stake but the ship ends up sailing whrever the tides go. It seems right now there is not enough incentive in the long term platform value investment (that is increasing/rewarding quality content) vs the short term money to be made by selling votes. Hopefully the tide will turn on this or someone or some groups working behind the scenes are going to grab the wheel at some point

Bidbots in a low economy like we have now is a lose-lose proposition.
It's best to just keep on creating the lamest posts ever.

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Great tune guys...this made my day :)

Debating on using them myself!

So how much did you put down on this post all total for bots?

This post I believe is not an abuse to bidbots, it deserves to be on the trending page...I really like the song. Congrats @steembirds...

great post I think... this the best steemian

WOW! This is a nice song about Bid bots and steemit.
good job bro.

Nice song by the way.

¡Fuck yeah! those fuckers are a pain in the motherfucking ass.

This was the best 😂😂😂

i think bid bot is ok for some people.but not for everyone.

Hahah... This is funny. I have seen a few videos by you and I enjoyed every one of them.

And if funny content like yours gets on the trending page with the help of bitd bots then I am okay with them.

haha Thanks mon!

Humans have always a tendency to get lazy, (i.e innovate, automate, progress) there is always to side of the coin here. One is efficiency, and the other is accuracy. I use bid bot since they always do what i wanted, on the other hand, it can be abused, using it from other means, or it no longer identifies what should be done.

A bot, a bot, a bot,
In the ass, in the ass, in the ass @steembirds you are funny, you made a point having fun.

Hahahaha! Brilliant and hilarious! Great job and the bid bots will bite us in the assssssss asssssssssss!!!

@steembirds Steemit won't be the same without you dynamic duo around, keep singing and rocking guys :)

My response here.

Lol...great job
I have been waiting for someone to write this.
At last haha!
Well, the bid bots paid off for you with this song. Fun tune.

Bid bots is not the only way to make it to the trending page, but people have decided to sell their votes, making it hard for people to get votes on their post and they have decided to buy votes. So it seems like the only way for now.

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Lol, you guys are crazy :D tipuvote!

I'm new to this platform and to be honest bid bots kind of defeats the purpose of this platform. I suppose it happens on Facebook and at least the people on the other end that use there influence get paid direct. I'm new to it and will have a go. For example, how do I use a bot? Where do I start? Can I be a bot? This Steemit world is hard man. When I think Ive got it bam something new comes up

You need to have a very large investment in steem to have a bot and then you have to know how to write one or borrow/steal someone elses code and run it yourself. then you need a server to run it 24/7. If you are not that technical and still wish to invest a large amount into steem you can also sell your Steem power to a vote bot, increasing the bots power and taking a share of the profits. Check out smartsteem.

Yep, Smartsteem's whitelisting solves the problem of spammers and scammers. I would imagine most of the bots will eventually go with that kind of filtering system.

Good song @steembirds, I enjoyed it excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Hahahahaha this is freaking awesome!!

So funny! That's Ok. Use bot as you wish. 😎👌

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u also used bot to make this post trending ;)

Im not a fan of bid bots. You will lose money. I have lost money using bid bots.
I just wrote an article on it about 1 hour ago.

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Wonderful funny post
Thank you so much My Dear steemit friend

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"Cause every post on the trending page
Is only there cause someone paid"

I love it! And it is true, because money is power, isnt it! You pay, you get what you want :)
Well until now I think they are the only way, unless a miracle happens :)
I love your work, keep it up!

Yeap, it definitely seems like the only way to get a piece of content you believe in on the trending pg!

Wow, that's so greet! Nice to meet you guys 😅

In my opinion the bid bots have destroyed the Trending page. There is already the function to PROMOTE a Post. That will get your Post to the Promoted page without doing damage to the Reward Pool. The main Problem is that the Bots keep getting more an more SP every day. So its getting harder and harder to stop them.

That’s definitely a good point. Most of the t-pg is crap posts. However, bc it’s already been taken over, what r u thoughts on steemians with seemingly “good” content retaking the t-pg by fighting fire with fire?

Waiting for a cover :) Who wanna ?

it is not our brother who deny that it is very creative :)))

Lol! You guys rock! Bid bots might bite us in the ass but not the betgame bot!

Check out our first Bet Game - Cricket - Australia vs England which is already on.

and start betting!

Happy betting,

I do not know the answer @steembirds, but I assume that not using them in any post will bring more benefits to everyone because the votes will be given to the articles we like and do not just go into trading page .

I upvote and follow you please return back

The most clever idea, I have ever seen. Fantastic job on the lyrics and when you start singing: "Will this plan bite us in the ass""
Hope to see more, of your crazy work.
With love, @marjanko

Hah thanks so much for the kind words! Glad u got the wit and hunour of it all.

Hope to see more songs like that. Keep up the good work🍀🤘❤️

I believe the purpose of this platform is to build relationships through effective communication of ideas and collaboration with friends while making an income for our efforts in achieving this. bots no doubt bring returns but may ultimately defeat the purpose of this platform in the near future. - That's what i think though.

Ya that definitely seems like a potential danger !

LOL this debate is so much more fun when it's sung by you guys!
Thanks for the laugh :D

Heh, thanks! We agree!

The real question is: Will this plan bite us in the S? :D

I'm assuming that all of those votes from the accounts owner´s of the bots are here from free will!! (not really)

I upvote and follow you please return back

great job ^^

"Are bid bots the only way?
The SteemBirds hit the trending page
Paying STEEM to get votes back
Will this plan bite us in the ass
In the ass
In the ass"....really hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Omg !! Really awsome that post!!!! So funny... Yeahhhhhh

This is our post. I hope you enjoy

I just got here so I have no idea, but nice

It was funny but the bots should not be used :)

I like bid bots

ahahaha great

Did you really pay for all theses bidbots loooool ??? :D This amount of money is so huge :D What's the real benefice you are going to have of it ?
I never used any bots, so I don't really know if it's efficient or not (in term of money). And I am not planning of paying for it neither (it's a fake feeling of accomplishement)

It was the only way for The Steembirds to hit the trending page...

Most ppl don’t make money off the actual bot votes (since u pay for em), however it does allow u to gain a lot of exposure apparently and thus gain follows who otherwise would probably not have come across ur content. ..

It’s kinda a double edges sword :/

That's a pity that the only way to hit the trending page for you guys @jaybird ...
You deserve it !

Thanks so much for your kind words and support Roxane! You Rock lol !

& Yea, i agree lol. However, it is the unfortunate truth... We've been making original steemit/crypto songs for about a year now !

Writing one of theses songs and then rehearsing it and then getting a good video takes days sometime.

I know @jaybird... i know... Original content is nothing on Steem. Money is the power. You can be as good as you want you will never been seen / supported if you don't have already the money / have a great network with money...

Good luck guys! At least you have all our love ;-)

Hahhaa, this is sooo funny :D

Haha I don't know if this is good or bad, but I kind of like it ;). Funny lyrics! Keep rockin' :)

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Great song lol, loved it!

As a newbie this is the kind of content related discussion I need to see in a platform where I know so little. Are bid bots ok? Maybe the song didn't answer the question but it definitely opened a long debate, and that's what make ideas grow and evolve, to talk about them and accept their pros and cons.

⛔ this will kill this platform. there are couple issues in steemit! if you have money, you have power to downvote, upvote,... the rich gets richer and the poor with good content are struggling⚠️
it needs some updates ⚠️✌️


hola hermanazos! muy buen video me encanta sigan asi! saludos desde buenos aires, argentina.

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