This is so epic I must have sensed it and logged onto Steemit after ages to see it.... Full moon maybe? I have heard that Vitamin B3 is helpful, if you don't want to get the hot flashes feeling from Niacin... you can take Nicotinamide which will give you much needed vitamins while stimulating the same receptors.... But without the hot flush feeling that comes from Niacin... but if you are brave (which you have already clearly proven) go for the Phoenix-like feeling..... or otherwise consider just taking a B Vitamin complex, no doubt available within a 20 min scooter ride. Congrats Bub! The first step is the hardest. It will get easier. The easiest approach I have come across is to simply stop identifying as someone who does that. If that is not part of your character anymore, then you will know on a deeper level that that is no longer who you are, but something new. Also new habits would surely help.... a tiny tiny bit of Pranayama, maybe some steam breathing with essential oils, or a bit of exercise to replace/distract.... Drink lots of citrus juice also..... You may soon feel even better with a detox (no doubt after feeling like shit on the way... but still) and emerge feeling renewed, energized and less short of breath. I wish you all the best on your journey and just take it one moment at a time. You got this, if you want to. Big hugs and come south if you get the chance.... Fruit trees miss you. xo

===== :-) !!!Hartley!!! :-) =====

This can't be coincidence as they say. I decide to write something after a year and you decide to login after a year. And so we meet :-)

We are missing the fruit trees i tell you, we are planning to come to Karuna for the summer holidays maybe, depends on approval of visa-extension.

Will look into your tips and tricks and try some of them today, thanks a ton!

So 2 days later. What is the update? If your hands are not shaking too much to hit the right key. Maybe time to learn tremolo on your guitar. )))
Anyway I hope you can hang in there and come out clean and victorious!

Ha, tremolo, what a great idea, every crisis is an opportunity :-)

Still doing it and have passed the worst, staying alert and moving on in many now moments

Good you write something, i saved your last post to see it later and didn't do that yet, perfect time now


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Hi Bub. We meet briefly at steemfest, I'm not sure if you'll remember me, I think we chatted in the salt mines if my memory serves. Or maybe it was after the poker game. Anyway, I've been through the give up everything at once thing and it is a kicker for sure. Unfortunately, it often is ok nicotine wise for the first 3 days until the last of the chemical starts to leave the blood stream, that's when the real battle begins. Probably about a month to 6 weeks of really difficult cravings before they ease off somewhat.

What got me through was a combination of nicotine patches and daily exercise. The exercise is good for working out the anger and irritabiliy that comes with the cravings. I also find that it disturbed my sleep at first, I'd be up from 3am -7am so I used to go to the swimming pool first thing in the morning when it opened at 7, swim for an hour and then go home for a few hours sleep before college.

I hope some of this is useful. I think the exercise thing is the most important. Psychologically you need to transfer the stress relieving properties that having a drink and a smoke can bring. The endorphin rush from exercise can help provide that outlet for some people. It worked for me.

God luck with the turkey 😉

Phew...just had a look at your posts, my problem is suddenly a luxury one. I think i do remember you :-) (i wonder if we talked about scuba diving as i used to be fully into that)

Thanks for the help! The 3 day nicotine thing makes sense and gets me to understand why today is so much more difficult. And some exercise to work out the anger is another very good tip!

So very useful, thanks man!

Glad I could help Bubke, giving up smoking is no joke!

i wonder if we talked about scuba diving as i used to be fully into that.

Yes, I think it was scuba, ha ha I could talk about that until I'm blue in the face as it is my favorite hobby. Where is the best place you've dived? I'm seriously missing diving as I've been unable to do any for around 2 years now. Last place was in Yucatan in mexico.

Phew...just had a look at your posts, my problem is suddenly a luxury one.

You must have seen the post about the back injury. Thankfully I have got meds now that have numbed the pain. The only thing now is to make sure I use them sparingly otherwise I'll end up too high to do anything 😆

i had my own diving centre in North-Grenada, Caribean island, nobody else there except for some fishermen to show us the most pristine places, definitely the best spot i've been.

I also saw the other post about the intestine and the wrong IBS diagnose. Where are you staying in UK? London?

i had my own diving centre in North-Grenada, Caribean island, nobody else there except for some fishermen

Man.... that sounds perfect. One day that would be my dream to live somewhere away from the maddening crowd and dive every day. I had plans many years ago to get my dive master but it never came off. I've got everything b4 that level, rescue Diver, advanced open water etc. 180 dives under my belt including more advanced stuff like fast drifts. I think Egypt red sea has to be my favourite because I've been so lucky with sightings there.

I'm based in Liverpool in the UK m8. The health issues have surely been a struggle and I always try to look at it this way; if/when I finally get it sorted, I'll never take my health for granted again.

Exercise! 30 mins of good cardio each day and u will get a huge endorphine boostnthat can lift u right up above the nicotine withdrawal. It really works!

Im happy your doing this for yourself bub, u dont need it...

@eco-alex a new follower? :-)

Tomorrow 1 week, yes yes yes!!!

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How the fukc was i not following u i dont know ;)
Congrats on all this shift. So needed ;)

U could try a 40 day ab challenge app. U can do it in the offcie, its easy to start and build up gradually.. i was pumped all day
When i used to do it.. ;) xxx

The GIF works so well that I can imagine you in this hangover suffering! 😅
You have to stand firm and show your body and mind who leads! 💪🏻
The taste of victory will make up for the entire fight and sweat poured out! 🌸
Distract yourself with things so time passes faster. 🏓🏏🥊⛷🧘‍♂️🚵🏻‍♀️🧗🏻‍♀️👻
Strength and congratulations on the decision!😉😙

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That GIF was pure fiction, reality is more like this :-)


Thanks for the support :-)


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Start running, it helps a lot!

Yes, remember when i shouted out to you that i got operated from a blood clot and finally could run again. That was good for 1-2 months, again i can not do more than 50mtr. So first things first because blood clot problems are massively related to smoking, i will get rid of that and then i might do another operation and start running. For now, i will use the boxing ball hanging from the roof and you run for two :-)

Hahaha! The boxing ball is also very aerobical!

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Good luck!

I'm currently doing the same thing. I gave up cigarettes a while back, but I'm taking a break from alcohol and cannabis at the moment. I am also taking a break from Steem Monsters, or I'd be able to say how it affects my playing. I did win a tournament today 1000% sober, so that's something.

I have to say I'm getting a lot more done with all of the breaks!

edit: I wrote this before realizing your post was 2 months old. :)

2 months old, thanks to your comment i know now that i am not smoking for 2 months already, total victory :-)

Mission by mission, i am looking at alcohol now, that's a funny one, easy to not drink for a few days but when i drink one, i crash guaranteed with many, many, many.

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Well, I'm glad it worked out that way. After I wrote the comment and realized it had been a couple of months, I was like "well I hope I didn't just remind him of a failure or something."

So congrats on not smoking for 2 months! That's awesome.
Posted with

When I joined Yoga Vidya, the biggest Yoga community outside of india, in 2004, drinking, smoking, drugs and eating animals was forbidden there, so I just stopped everything from one day to the next by the power of my invincible mind! 😘
But I guess the ashram setting and being surrounded by people who also did not do those things helped.
Nothing to it but not to do it.
For me it is easier to not do stuff, because I am not very addicted to anything, than to do stuff, like regular exercise, cooking healthy meals for myself, etc.
So all the best, stay strong!

This definitely goes in the category 'interesting' :-) have to think about this last remark as i have something like "every to-do is also a not-to-do" but i guess it is more in a "action/no action way".

Btw, i had a lot of family heads going in my direction when i was trying out some of your Monday punk stuff yesterday :-)

Anything to keep your family life interesting! 😘

a post from the man himself!! How cool to read something from you and daaamn how big of a step stopping everything cold turkey!...
(ps this will totally help of the leg thingy in the end ;))) so keep it up! )

and moving image in the timeline but in the post I see it :D

Haha, I have same challenge ahead. 48 h on electric cig instead of tobacco.
I hope you're doing well.

nice, keep going man, it's worth it, after 2 weeks cigarettes don't taste anymore

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Dear @bubke

I just visited your account to see if you published anything new only to realize that you seem to give up on Steemit? :(

Hope you're not done with this platform yet.


there is nothing that can replace this platform. btw, i will not upvote any requests by transfer

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HOW is this going my dear friend? Are you still on the wagon? sending positive ViibrRatIonssss

yes, yes, 15 days and counting :-)

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wow, Jai! im impressed, AND you are up early too! ;-) Xxxx all power to u


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