[Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #174 - 9/23/16: (RSVP to Friday's Hangout - Refer Projects for Rewards!)

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Join Every Friday @ 10AM EST/STD to talk CryptoShop & Give Project Updates or Advocate for your favorite Blockchain Projects!

Beyond Bitcoin hangouts enable everyone's voice to be heard--Steemit lets the community vote on our Top Guests!

I have decided to extend this trial run for announcing hangouts in a way that gives everyone an incentive to promote our events and themselves, their projects and alliances that germinate in this very hangout community. So until further notice if you want to be covered in beyond bitcoin hangouts in any serious way, we will be asking for you to upvote this post, RSVP and give upvotes to other projects/topics you find valuable.

How to get Coverage of your Project: Leverage Your Community!

Post to this and future Hangout Announcements telling us if you are going to be there and what project/topic you would like to cover with the Beyond Bitcoin Community. The highest voted project/topics at the start of the hangout every Friday @ 10am EST will be covered first, followed 2nd highest, 3rd highest...etc in sequence from highest to lowest.

How much time will we have?

Hangouts will be at least 45 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered may last up to 2 hours. Given this, we will try to be as flexible with guest speakers as possible, but will be forced to limit the number covered in any hangout to 10. This should enable us to at least let people speak/take questions for 10-12 minutes each.

Is coverage all I get?

No. You also get the opportunity to post links relevant to your projects, steemit posts/updates about your project and have those links posted to soundcloud and the steemit thread where the hangout is posted.
We might even be willing to promote good projects we cover on twitter and steemit!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

How to Join

Step 1: Download Mumble Here
Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

RSVP Below with the following details:

1) Project/Topic Name/News Piece

2) Relevant Steemit Tag?

3) Appropriate links to share?

4) Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker

5) How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?

6) Were you referred by someone to our hangouts? Do they have a steem account? If so post it here to give them part of the SBD earned from this thread!

Listen to last week's hangout!

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#Peerplays Project

Follow Peerplays

Latest Updates at: https://steemit.com/@peerplays/
Official Site: http://www.peerplays.com
Speaking will be DataSecurityNode and CryptoPrometheus
Introduce us the same professional way you always do!
Countdown to testnet!
What you you want to know about claiming your Peerplays!


  1. Steemsports.com

  2. #steemsports and blog: @steemsports

  3. http://www.steemsports.com

  4. thecryptodrive

  5. Steemsports is my initiative and referred by myself, thecryptodrive

  6. A unique Sports Vote Betting phenomenon is being launched to aid the community through Mass Distribution of Steem Power to the community!

  7. @steemsports is referred by me @thecryptodrive, but in fair disclosure, @steemsports is my account also

Hi guys, I would like to speak on the show, however it is my birthday and it doesn't give me much time to be on the show before I have to go out to dinner in my timezone. Would love upvotes so I could speak early.

If there is time I will give Steemdrive updates as well.

#BitShares Munich Updates to BlockPay
#Chris4210 & Rodrigo

  1. First impression BlockPay at the Munich Beer gardens and Oktoberfest
  2. Bits & Pretzels + Blockchain After Party
  3. New structure for BlockPay Ambassadors and the waiting list.
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@cm-steem from the #Gridcoin community registering intent to attend episode #174!

I intend to discuss:

In order to keep my talking time short (to be fair to the hangout), I'll swiftly discuss the Gridcoin related news to accommodate for the extra time that may be spent discussing black swan events.

Thanks for holding these hangouts, @officialfuzzy :)

Best regards,


I'll unfortunately be unable to attend today due to sudden IRL priorities; a member of the Gridcoin community will be taking my place.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hey, hey, hey! I'll be filling in for @cm-steem today. :D

I hope all goes well for you. We'll see you back next time, I'm sure of it.

Hi @officialfuzzy Thanks for hosting this and thanks for having me on the show today. I'm planning to attend next week as well.

  1. Nonlinear Voting Power Issue (i.e. is Math the reason why whales are so much more powerful than fish and dolphins and can it be fixed? or Are minnows really millikrill?)

  2. Relevant Steemit Tag? I will start tagging related posts with #steempowermath

  3. Appropriate links to share? Background posts one and two.

  4. Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker
    Bryan Gmyrek aka @nonlinearone on SteemIt and Mumble

  5. How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?
    Bryan has been reading the Steem white paper and using SteemIt daily for two months. He would like to have a discussion about the math behind how Steem Power affects how posts are actually rewarded.

  6. Were you referred by someone to our hangouts? Do they have a steem account? If so post it here to give them part of the SBD earned from this thread!

Yes, @brindleswan invited me to the Sep 16 session. Thanks again for that :)

I'm not talking next week, hopefully this will give you more time for your presentation. I'm interested in what you have to say. My only suggestion is to try and keep it as positive as possible. Too many people bash the devs. It is easy to knock hindsight. We'll get there though. See you there.

  1. Peerhub
  2. Marketplace, #UseSteem
  3. https://www.peerhub.com
  4. @steemrollin/ merivercap
  5. Launching the Peerhub Marketplace for the Steemit community!

Great post... I would love to join and talk about eSteem - first Steem Mobile App... would there be interest?! #esteem #steemmobile @good-karma

I'm an eSteem user and I'd be interested :)

yes of course!

Downloading Mumble now. Hope to chat with you guys soon :)

Won't unfortunately have time this Friday to attend, but will look more into mumble and prepare myself for next week!

Read a bit more about beyond bitcoin and I think its a great initiative! Keep it up!

It says I don't have the right password. Can someone print it out in the comments here so I can just copy and paste it? I must be typing something wrong.

Just copy/paste: [email protected]!t3

Yup, I was typing something wrong because as soon as I copied and pasted it I got in. You might want to include a text version like that in future articles for the next idiot like me.

Yeh ill see what i can do about that. Thanx for the feedback!

Hey man great stuff, still listening bits by bits as i get the time.

Why dont you summerize the main points in the following hangout posts? Just an idea )

I do silly. You havent seen it?

I meant summerixe it in the post in writing ))))

I do ;)
Have you seen the actual posts? (Not the RSVP thread)