Sneak preview of 'Project Rain' (screenshots!)

in #gridcoin4 years ago (edited)

Interested in the current progress of 'Project Rain' since the last update on Steem?

Here's a couple screenshots showing progress:


Things are coming along well!


Your post has been featured in this weeks Gridcoin Weekly at Gridcoin Weekly #6; Week 38.

Could you explain a little more what project rain is?

'Project Rain' is the practice of distributing crypto assets to BOINC users based on their verified BOINC computation; it was initially devised within the Gridcoin network and has been expanded to multiple cryptocurrencies and all BOINC teams through this BOINC project.

Think of Project Rain as a massive new share-dropping vector that doesn't require your end-users to handle their wallet private keys nor require proof of IRL identity.

The big question is why would anyone rain assets on Boinc users registered on the rain platform? I can see that being useful for new coins that want to do an initial distribution, but other than that case, why would anyone just give money away?

Now, if Boinc project admins wanted to rain on specific user as an added incentive for doing more crunching or that fit a certain RAC profile - I could see that being practical. Would this option be implemented?