How To Assign your Ethereum Name Service Address To Your Ethereum Wallet

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This walkthrough will show how to assign your .eth address to your Ether wallet.

For those who don't know what a .eth address is I go over what it is and supply a walk through on how to bid on one [here( There is an additional walkthrough on how to claim your bid here.For those who don't want to click on the link here is a brief explanation.

A Brief Explanation

According to the Ethereum Name Service(aka .eth address) will use "human readable names" ending in the suffix .eth to allow for sending and receiving of Ethereum, facilitate a contract, or visit a Swarm-hosted site...AKA Decentralized Internet!

If You Have No Desire To Buy A .eth Address But Want To Try It Out.

I will list below a few of the addresses I have bought. Instead of typing in a long address simply type the address into the address field you would fill out for sending Ether to someone. It can be a super small amount and you can check to see if the transaction went through by typing in the transaction address, TxHash, block number, or the .eth address into the search bar at

Here are the addresses you can send Ether to. You will be one of the first in the world to try one of these!

  • digiboy.eth
  • cryptofiend.eth
  • geekcosmos.eth
  • maplesyrup.eth
  • cryptogod.eth

How To Assign Your .eth Address

For this walkthrough, I will not show how to assign your .eth address to a
Swarm or IPFS Site. I intend to set up my own IPFS Site and wanted to have it done for this walkthrough, but that will require its own walkthrough and require more studying on my end. Additionally, I will be using the default resolver supplied on the Ethereum Name Service Site. A resolver answers questions about your domain or wallet address. I don't know how long Ethereum plans to keep this resolver in place but keep an eye out in case anything changes!

  • Go to Where you bid on the name. Make sure you are signed onto MetaMask. Click on the name you want to assign to an Ether wallet or type the name in the search box. Click Set To Default Resolver.

  • Set the amount of gas you would like to use to facilitate the Set To Default Resolver transaction. The lowest gas option has worked for me. Just remember it will take longer for the transaction to confirm, but it saves you some $$$.

  • After the transaction has gone through click edit to gain access to the Main Ethereum Address Bar.

  • This is where you will put in the long address of the wallet you desire for Ethereum to go to when someone sends it! Make sure the wallet address is correct. The round symbol should also match your wallet address.

  • The MetaMask wallet screen will appear again. Select the amount of gas you desire to use and hit Accept to complete the transaction. If you notice in the screen below it say I did not have enough to complete the transaction. I adjusted the gas to a lower amount and the transaction was accepted. Once again the lowest gas amount worked here.

The final screen should look like this.

Now you can simply give someone your .eth address to receive ether! How freakin cool is that?

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Thanks for this. I'm yet to look into Ethereum, but I believe I'm going to need to know this further down the line. Upvoted and already Following

You are very welcome @flatrider. Thanks for the upvote and I appreciate that you are a follower!

Anytime Lex.

Hi @lexikon082. Great write up. I've heard a number of commentators in the space say that the usability issues will be one of the big hurdles cryptos will need to face before mass adoption.

Everyone understands email and having a similar aliasing concept for transactions I see as a big step towards clearing that hurdle.

Yes, I think having readable names will be great. They are getting snatched up like in the .com days. But if people decide to use their names then hopefully they will be able to get a readable address for themselves. It's much needed because get one digit wrong in the currect form and someone else has a matching address then you are up the creek.

Thanks for this @lexikon082..Im still digesting the usefulness of having an ETH address. Ease of payment guess? Im still a bit new with all this..gonna follow you :)

Yes, ease of payment. Instead of giving someone an address that is a million characters long you can give them a human readable wallet address. Also, these names will be able to connect you to swarm(decentralized internet). I still have to find the time to make that tutorial! Smart contracts can also be facilitated with these addresses. I am glad it was useful for you! Thanks for the follow.

Thanks on the reply and explanation @lexikon082! Im getting it now :)