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Ethereum has released the Ethereum Naming Service(ENS) for the long hexadecimal addresses we are so used to. If you are wondering what a hexadecimal address is; it's the address you use to send or receive cryptocurrency.

According to ens.domains the ENS will use "human readable names" ending in the suffix .eth to allow for sending and receiving of Ethereum, facilitate a contract, or visit a Swarm-hosted site. The ENS addresses are available for bidding at registrar.ens.domains. I would urge anyone who wants to bid to read the previously provided link to understand the technicalities of bidding, revealing, and finalizing the bid of a .eth address. Addresses must be at least 7 characters long.

How to Bid

To bid you must have an Ethereum enabled browser and some Ethereum. The minimum .eth bid is .01 Ethereum. Three browsers you can use are Mist, Parity, or the MetaMask Chrome Extension. The MetaMask Chrome extension seems to require the least setup and is what I will use to walk you through the bidding process.

  • Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension.
  • Once you have downloaded the extension click the fox in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome Browser and the MetaMask screen will appear. Click Create New Vault.

  • Enter a Secure Password

  • After submitting your password, copy and save the 12-word phrase. I recommend multiple saves and a physical printout. This phrase is used if you ever forget your password!

  • There is no need to open up a new browser as you can now use the Ethereum Network. The Browser creates an Ethereum Wallet and you have the option to buy Ethereum from CoinBase, use Shapeshift, or send Ethereum from an existing wallet. Use the Copy Button if you don't want to type the address into an existing wallet to deposit Ethereum on the network wallet.

  • IMPORTANT!Make sure the Main Ethereum Network is selected and not a Test Net.

  • Confirm you are on registrar.ens.domains. Now enter the .eth name you would like and confirm it is available.

  • If the .eth address you desire is available enter your bid in the bid screen towards the bottom. Select the "I understand" statement and click bid.

  • After you hit bid a screen will appear to confirm your transaction. The gas amount can be adjusted. Don't go too low or the transaction will run out of gas if your .eth name has a decent amount of characters.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! Do not forget to save the .json file after you have bid. This file allows you to reveal your bid later in the process. Save to your computer as you will upload this file later when it is time to reveal your bid.

  • The option to import your .json file to reveal your bid, when it's time, is to the bottom right of the screen.

  • The only way I know to check when to see the time for you to reveal your bid is to upload the .json file and look to the right of the .eth input bar to see the timer.

There you have it! You have put a bid in for your .eth address! I hope this walkthrough helped.

Part II:How To Reveal Your Bid

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Thanks for the step by step, Frank!
I've actually gone as far as checking if a few names were available. Waiting for markets to recover a little so I can buy ETH and play a little with it.


I am glad it was helpful. When you decide to bid it might be a smart idea to bid on the name we were discussing. I think I told you the amount. Just bid .001 eath above. That way we have two .json copies. I've had a couple issues with my .jsons and would like it if we had two .json backups. That way if my .json is corrupt you can load yours and only lose .001 eath in the bidding process. DM me if you need more clarification.


Me too. I'd like to but I'm not sure I'll ever get to that point.

really useful!!


Thanks. I am sure many are wondering WTF would he tell everyone? He's just bringing more people into the bidding process! It's all good. I wanna see others possibly make some money too.


why? i mean...if i buy i'll get something that no one else wants. but the question for me is..how do ou connect the name.eth with an actual address


I have not gotten that far yet.I am truly wondering if you can't do that for a whole year. It will be migrated in a year somewhere else. I have been super busy and just stopped at bidding and was going to figure that out in a few days.


oh yeah i agree with you btw about Why

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