We Need a Looney CryptoCoin

in cryptocurrency •  last year

I heard a quote today from Ameer Rosic in a YouTube video he created on May 1st and I wanted to share the quote with you all. The quote had me laughing out loud, but it's an exciting quote when the numerous implications of the cryptocurrency experiment are pondered in relation to positive changes it could have in the world and our pocketbooks. Someone needs to make a Looney Coin in honor of this quote because it's that awesome.


early adopters.jpg

Do you agree with this quote or was the lunatic stage the few years after Bitcoin was created? Or are we still in the Lunatic Stage? I think I may agree with Ameer. People still look at me like I am trying to sell them a scam when I speak of cryptocurrency to them. I know that's how I felt when I studied bitcoin when it was at 5 cents!


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I'd be for a Looney coin, wonder what it would take to develop it...


I've been researching it. If it was created(by me) it would be a nonprofit to promote the blockchain or Veteran's issues.


That's a great idea, I'd love to follow along and see how it goes.