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I'm not a professional doing this kind of photography but I can tell you how I did this. First, to release tension between the model and me, I placed music from a phone. Then I started talking with the model of anything to achieve more organic movements or poses from the model. Since the idea was to get sensual poses, sometimes I gave her images that would take her to a state of sensuality. All this will depend on the situation of friendship you have with the model; if it's your friend or if you're meeting her for the first time. In my case, I knew her. I gave her images like: A cold drop running down your back... Someone pulling a small thread that comes out of the center of your chest up.
The first would get her to curve her back and the second to get her chest a little more.
If anyone has any advice to give me, I will welcome it. I do not usually do this kind of photos so I will be happy with your help.
Thanks to the model: Natasha Cadiz.



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