⭐️ "Look" - Graphite Pencil and Watercolor on reverse Side of Glass

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Funny how much shorter the German title "Da schau her" comes out in English! This is a slightly altered digital version of an original painting on reverse side of glass.

Now added to my BeScouted photo collection, where you can see a larger number of my pictures all at once.

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?


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Thank you, boty 👍

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I love the staggered layer / deconstruction of the spectacles and how the composition works for this one, @reinhard-schmid <3 So cool how you're working with perspective on the arm, in particular :D

Really neat piece <3


Not only are you an excellent artist, you also have a sharp eye and a great way with words 🙂

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@reinhard-schmid. wow very beautiful and very amazing...!


Thank you, glad you like it like that 😄

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"Da schau her" in german works also as some astonished exclamation as you're surprised seeing something...kind of "look at that".


Absolutely right! Totally forgot about that.... depends a bit on the pronunciation though 😎

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Almost connects to my morning thoughts about vast universe when i sent you a PM . Hovering in that 0 G so gently supported by that thumb. Scattered eye glass lenses that float in the scene just add some intelligence and transparency to the whole composition. Just love how each of your new works asks some questions and invite to explore the detail and find it's meaning. Awesome, unpredictable and unique as always Reinhard.

The hand, such wonderful lines.

It is funny how German will have rather long words to English eyes and I love the German aspect of smashing together more than one word to make a new super word, I wish we had that in English.

Wunderbar leichtes, flottes Bild!

<3 <3 <3