BEOS at Sea #6

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Position Report!!
BEOS at Sea has now crossed over to the Northern Hemisphere! How incredible is that to be signing blocks at the Equator, international water, jurisdiction NONE.

Sydney, Australia is where BEOS at Sea started and has sailed all the way to the Equator, last night May 1st, at 10:05 pm. We are currently headed for Honolulu, Hawaii.

What are some of the great reasons to launch on BEOS? Check out Stan Larimar's latest post


Bora Bora is an outstanding vacation destination with white sand and warm weather.
On a previous trip to Bora Bora we had gone scuba diving down 95 feet to be with the sharks. This time we only had to snorkel to hang out with the Lemon and Black Tip Sharks.


Before jumping off the boat to snorkel, you were told to watch out for the many 4' wide sting rays. No one wanted to demonstrate what happens when you anger a sting ray.


One of Bora Bora's claims to fame is that they were the 1st to develop the huts over water. The huts that I've looked into around the world are all approximately $500-3000 USD per night.


For a better understanding of BEOS at Sea, see Stan Larimer's post here

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I look forward to sharing BEOS at SEA daily with you, which is a perfect cruise for many days of "International Water"..."Jurisdiction, NONE"!!



Wow, no. I wouldn't want to demonstrate what happens when you land on a stingray! Cool looking, though!

The huts seen pricy. I bet it's a unique experience, though. It might be more economical to buy or build a house boat, especially now that scientists have proven that rocking helps you sleep.

I love how naturally angry the stingrays look, but I didn't get a good photo of time :)
Very pricy huts, and yes, some of them are fantastic, but I think you have a great idea...heck, even a tarp over dingy too :)

My sister and I took a small inflatable boat out from the north shore of St. Croix once when we were kids. We encountered a large ray, kind of like the one in your photo. I remember giving it a wide berth! :O

That hut on posts looks cool. My ultimate fantasy, however, is a flying house capable of going literally anywhere. But I suppose a motor yacht is the real-world conveyance that comes the closest to that possibility. Better yet, though no longer in production, would be an airship (think Hindenberg, without the crash and burn...)



Oh, I bet you gave the ray a wide berth when you were kids lol! You should hear the screams of people when the rays bunt into them. It's the combo of knowing that there are sharks all around you and these slippery monsters start pushing you to see if you have never gets old watching people freak out lol

Now there is an idea, a flying house! I love anything that flys!

Those huts do look pretty amazing, and a hefty tag to go along with them. Then again, we're on Steemit, so maybe not such a far fetch ( :
That must be really cool diving with the sharks. Never done it, but maybe some day. Have seen a lot of rays in Florida. They are fun to try to sneak up on in the shallows. Well, onward, across the wide blue sea. Sure looks like a hoot. Cheers on a Friday here, not sure WHAT day it is out there.

Thanks! I'm now on the same day as you are as we near Hawaii. Where in Florida do you find all the rays?

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