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Our good friend Lana and her husband are taking a 30 day cruise across the Pacific leaving from Sydney, Australia. Along the way they will be testing our first BEOS node operating in international waters.

The first milestone tested is operating an enterprise node to issue transactions every five minutes onto the beos network. You can see them here.

Meanwhile, the node collects GPS coordinates from an attached antenna which will ultimately be used to log the coordinates where each transaction takes place. Here's their path to Tahiti from New Zealand over the past 36 hours.

The next step will be getting a block producing node up and voted in so smart contracts can be executed in international waters.

Lana will be giving us frequent updates as she makes her way across the pacific.
(She's the blonde beside me in this picture.)

Royal Caribbean communicates with the internet at sea via the O3B Satellite network which has the ability to spotlight each ship with high speed internet. We are currently evaluating this network, which is scheduled to grow to 30,000 independently targeted beams for tying together all ground and sea-based BEOS block signing nodes.


Seriously cool adventure Stan!! Thanks to you and the team for letting me be part of BEOS history!! (my husband also enjoyed the "Great Aussie Quest" for the Dan Notestein approved laptop) Working with Dan Notestein has been an absolute honor and pleasure!

Good for the public to know that high reputable and respected person's are an active part of the BEOS project!

Thank you very much, @stem-samiam, for supporting BEOS in this significant way! :D



From bitFest in Amsterdam to a cruise ship in the south seas! I'd say that there is a plan, and it is unfolding!

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Fantastic news, Stan!

I absolutely love seeing that legend:

"Location: International Waters
  Jurisdiction: None"

Is this being done "ad-hoc" by Lana and her husband as passengers, or is there a formal arrangement with the ship? Can you tell us what hardware these tests are being run on?

Thanks for sharing this exciting news. Re-Steemed!



It's ad hoc target of opportunity. We'll approach the cruise lines after demonstrating compatibility with their networks as mere passengers. She bought a laptop and GPS antenna in Sydney and Dan Notestein downloaded network software to it enroute to New Zealand.

Nice! Sounds like an excellent experimental validation of the possibilities.

Looking good @stan.

Maybe sooner than later I could retire my old bones inside one OPod Tube House out there in the middle of nowhere and enjoy peacefully the rest of my years writing, publishing and sharing my memories & wild adventures in the jungle while earning and spreading some BEOS across the world in the process. 🛰

While walking towards blockchains agility for businesses, it's raining!

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Nifty! The future is coming, and you're making it happen.


Hi boy!👋😁 Why aren't you on Twitter yet?😀

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Ahah Thanks I needed that to tag your team when spreading the word about the endless Dappathon!😀 Good luck🍀😁

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