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RE: BEOS at Sea #6

in #beos5 years ago

My sister and I took a small inflatable boat out from the north shore of St. Croix once when we were kids. We encountered a large ray, kind of like the one in your photo. I remember giving it a wide berth! :O

That hut on posts looks cool. My ultimate fantasy, however, is a flying house capable of going literally anywhere. But I suppose a motor yacht is the real-world conveyance that comes the closest to that possibility. Better yet, though no longer in production, would be an airship (think Hindenberg, without the crash and burn...)




Oh, I bet you gave the ray a wide berth when you were kids lol! You should hear the screams of people when the rays bunt into them. It's the combo of knowing that there are sharks all around you and these slippery monsters start pushing you to see if you have never gets old watching people freak out lol

Now there is an idea, a flying house! I love anything that flys!

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