Hapy Sunday Bellyrub Contest post your entries.

in #bellyrubcontest7 years ago

Want to win a @bellyrub? Awesome This contest is real simple.

Da Rulez

  • Vote this post
  • Comment a post and say why they should get a rub
  • Resteem this post

You can post your own link but it looks better if you nominate others.

There will be a bunch of winners. :)

Votes will be all random. Ends 12:00 AM pacific time, votes will be done all day.

Please do not submit post that is older than 5 days.

Ready set go


@Zeartul for Witness

Follow me on twitter as well @zeratulsteemit
This post is a contest post and the text does not change much.


Great post keep up the good work also if you want you can follow me and comment on my post so that you can receive more up votes from me.

cheers to more upvote then #ProFehNomTheEp

I humbly nominate the below post to be rubbed by you @bellyrub


The above post is very timely esp to those parents who have children and how they should balance their child's time in gadget and outdoor activities

Nowadays children were hooked up with gadget and they were using it almost all day and this will have an effect to their health and behavior. Its hightime for the parents to middle with this issue and control their children - show love and care for their little ones ❤

The importance of this post is the future of the children and this article if given a chance be rubbed by @bellyrub to be promoted to reach to parents and save their children from addicted to gadget.

Please help those parents @bellyrub by rubbing this post.

Thanks 😄

I introduce all the steemians not only the amazing architectures in Norwich but also the culture and thoughts interaction! Highly recommend the article! https://steemit.com/architecturalphotography/@floatinglin/follow-me-in-norwich-3-enjoy-the-harmony-between-the-heritage-and-the-modern-architecture

I nominate myself (@svashta) for the upvote, because I firmly believe the following post is a good idea for two reasons: A way to interact with the community, and a challenge for myself. It's about you providing any idea at all and me writing a story about it. ^^
I believe it deserves an upvote to also get some recognition.


I would like to nominate my own post. This post contains information about my personal contest, the Weekly Qoutian Contest. This is new so I got a few feedback and upvotes.

What makes me proud to present to you the said contest? It is my love for our brothers and fellow steemians who are in the current situation of facing the hardest challenge of their life such as those with serious and Incurable illnesses.

If you happen to read this, please feel free to visit the link and drop your feedback (any corrections, improvements or additional support). A single word of support from you can be a hundred times helpful to me. I don`t ask for upvotes, follow or reesteem for I know that I am in a very low position to ask that favor. I just want a word of advice from you.

~~~~~I sincerely thank you in advance!~~~~~

Deserves a belly rub because it can help people make better decisions regarding their health.


every body has special talent and gifts from above, just be to yourself and be proud..


people is bieng rub by there own talent..it will need some push to discover them self to gain more confidence and be proud by them selves .^_^

I like this contest, I want to win. Upvoted & resteem

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