Bellyrubbank, a Bank exclusively for Steemit Users! 45% on you SBD/STEEM now!

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More & More Deposits arrive at The @Bellyrubbank

Since @Bellyrubbank got founded about a month ago, we could see more and more Accounts getting opened every single day. In the meanwhile the Deposits of fellow Steemians increased to a total of more than 4.000 SBD. This being said I want to outline ones again, that all those Deposits are handled very carefully and are exclusively used to improve the Service offered by @Bellyrub, which is as well producing the profits for all Dividend Payments.

Payment Due every month on the 22nd

As Dividends are paid monthly all users will enjoy their payment from the @Bellyrubbank.

How to open a Deposit Account at the @Bellyrubbank?

To open your Deposit Account and earn some real interest on your SBD from now on, you´ll simply have to send at least 20 SBD or more to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 3 Month" in the Memo field. Please note that smaller amounts won´t be accepted in order to keep the workload as low as possible.

Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

Minimum Deposit 20 SBD
Maximum Deposit ---
Dividend Payments Monthly
APR 45.00%
Effective ROI in 3 months 11.25%

Start earning real Appreciations on your SBD from now on!

Deposit 20 SBD or more to the @Bellyrubbank today

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness


amazing services by @bellyrubbank!!!

You said: >send at least 20 SBD or more to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 3 Month" in the Memo field.

My question :1. {Everytime I send deposit, it will be added in my single account or separate account }?

  1. [Are you going to send us any proof of deposit? like a memo that your present deposit is such amount.]

  2. {Deposit is only for 3 months or it increases automatically for more terms, when initial 3 months over. Is there any yerly term to deposit ? say for 12 moths /24 months}

Your deposit is proof in the blockchain, if you add at different times it is considered a new deposit.

It is only set for 3 months.

where are the terms of the contract defined?

Hehe, I was thinking the same thing, I don't think there is or will be a contract. You will have to trust them to be reliable. And that's not my thing. So unless there is a contract, I'm out!

In the post.

deposit 20 or more sbd/steem earn 45% apr held for three months monthly payments.

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You are writing about SBD and STEEM in title, but only about SBD in content. Can I deposit also STEEM?

yes sbd or steem.

if steem is transferred, then the dividend is payed back in STEEM too ?

Yes of course.

@zeartul, I have steem Power (SP), how can i deposit SP ?

contact me on

what is difference between steem, and sbd? I have like 1600 coins of steem sitting in bittrex....not sure whats best for me to do with it?

If you deposit steem or sbd in the @bellyrubbank You will earn 45% On them, take them off of bittrex it is doing nothing for you there.

Transfer them to your steemit account @positivechange10 than deposit into @bellyrubbank.

so I'm really new at this, how can I transfer them to my steemit account? what address do I use?

Go onto your bittrex account, and just withdrawal your address is your steemit account. Just enter positivechange10

In the Memo just type something like "first deposit".

As a minnow of minnows I have yet to find out how to use bellyrub , but am excited about it , good luck with this venture !!!

How is the interest earned?

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I just have a few basic questions.
How does the bank create revenue to pay the interest back to customers?
Just wondering how this would work without being a Ponzi scheme.
Also why are the deposits being made by customers being transferred out of the Bellyrub wallet and into Zeartul's wallet?
That seems like an odd behavior for a bank.
If you could clarify these questions that would be appreciated.

Profits are made by @bellyrub.

Yes, that it what I am asking.
How does Bellyrub make profits?
Does Bellyrub use new customer deposits to pay current customers their interest?

@bellyrub and @bellyrubbank are two different accounts.

ok, I see. Thanks for clarifying

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