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RE: Bellyrubbank, a Bank exclusively for Steemit Users! 45% on you SBD/STEEM now!

in #bellyrubbank7 years ago (edited)

You said: >send at least 20 SBD or more to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 3 Month" in the Memo field.

My question :1. {Everytime I send deposit, it will be added in my single account or separate account }?

  1. [Are you going to send us any proof of deposit? like a memo that your present deposit is such amount.]

  2. {Deposit is only for 3 months or it increases automatically for more terms, when initial 3 months over. Is there any yerly term to deposit ? say for 12 moths /24 months}


Your deposit is proof in the blockchain, if you add at different times it is considered a new deposit.

It is only set for 3 months.

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