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RE: Bellyrubbank, a Bank exclusively for Steemit Users! 45% on you SBD/STEEM now!

in #bellyrubbank7 years ago

I just have a few basic questions.
How does the bank create revenue to pay the interest back to customers?
Just wondering how this would work without being a Ponzi scheme.
Also why are the deposits being made by customers being transferred out of the Bellyrub wallet and into Zeartul's wallet?
That seems like an odd behavior for a bank.
If you could clarify these questions that would be appreciated.


Profits are made by @bellyrub.

Yes, that it what I am asking.
How does Bellyrub make profits?
Does Bellyrub use new customer deposits to pay current customers their interest?

@bellyrub and @bellyrubbank are two different accounts.

ok, I see. Thanks for clarifying

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