yes sbd or steem.

if steem is transferred, then the dividend is payed back in STEEM too ?

Yes of course.

@zeartul, I have steem Power (SP), how can i deposit SP ?

contact me on

what is difference between steem, and sbd? I have like 1600 coins of steem sitting in bittrex....not sure whats best for me to do with it?

If you deposit steem or sbd in the @bellyrubbank You will earn 45% On them, take them off of bittrex it is doing nothing for you there.

Transfer them to your steemit account @positivechange10 than deposit into @bellyrubbank.

so I'm really new at this, how can I transfer them to my steemit account? what address do I use?

Go onto your bittrex account, and just withdrawal your address is your steemit account. Just enter positivechange10

In the Memo just type something like "first deposit".

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