fake. u had my money and didnt pay me saying u pay for SP. now we found out u didnt pay for SP neither.

but we have also found your name, addy and previous things owed ie 88 BTC.

now just wait

oh you have his address? Nice. You should post it so people can exact revenge haha. Just kidding just kidding.

Don't do this. Sue. This network is the perfect medium to organize a collective lawsuit.

Report his scam to Poloniex and Bittrex if you are affected as well.

If this goes to civil or criminal courts, ever person that ever bought a bellyrub upvote or deposited into bellyrubbank could be investigated....just in case yall had not thought of that.

Oh sweet! I lost $2500, so whats the status on this @em3 @kingscrown @demotruk
@edolo please?

As far as I know... He is in the wind. If you have a valid claim you need to speak with @neoxian and @compensationfund who have volunteered to help the investors that lost SBD/steem to @zeartuI

Thanks for the help!!

It seems that part of your transmission was cut off. I believe you were about to say exactly how you plan to pay everyone back. That is the only piece of information that matters right now. So please resume your transmission and inform us of your plan to pay what you owe.

Exactly doesnt seem,like @zeartul is committing to anything, but my question is if planning on not paying us why even,engage in conversation? I guess im still,hoping for the best

Well he was soliciting new deposits with a new extra bonus due to recent events. Ponzi much?

Here is a quote from a recent post of his


None of it makes sense. He keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth. If you paid for a vote from bellyrub and didn't receive one then he will say that he sold bellyrub and you have to take that up with @dang007. If you deposited into the bellyrubbank then he will tell you that everything is fine and once SBD goes back down bellyrub will be profitable and you will get your money back.

He's just trying to buy himself some time while he exits.

This new sob story about how the bot tracker ruined his business model is pathetic. It shows he is either stupid or well... stupid! The first thing everyone does when they hear about buying votes is think about the ROI the bot tracking tool made it more precise but most people were already eyeing the bids in a given window and making their own bids accordingly. I guess part of being stupid is thinking everyone else is stupid because that is how he is acting.

The bot tracker is recent. If your service is the best, how will it affect it?


What does matter:
EVERY Bellyrub Bank deposit needs to get paid back ASAP. TAKING/keeping another person's money is not OK just because you lost your money.

He won't he claims to be hacked

Returning everyone’s money will put you to ease in the end !

@zeartul why don't you start returning people's STEEM and SBD right away? Why don't you transfer the goodies back from Polo? Obviously, your down powered 12,167.416 STEEM is not going to be enough to repay everybody. You owe me alone 7,000 STEEM

You might want to come see my blog. File a claim and 2100 steem can be yours.

WowSh*t. How much in total did he take from everyone. That is an insane amount of steem all at once gone. @mlequo sorry for the loss.

holy.... 7000?!

Sir @zeartul will you be giving me my 400 steem back? When can i expect it if so? I will release you of the additional 45% apr, but please return my 400 steem...This money is very important, i am not wealthy and 400 steem is a lot of money to me....Please @zeartul do the right thing. Blessings!!

Let see if he will give it back to now? Or the next month?

He had money in his account to at least partially pay back his victims, but in his words, he traded it because of a "more favorable exchange rate" (which wasn't true.) That money has not made it back to Steem or in the hands of the people he's screwed over, and it probably won't.

I hope it does but nothing this guy says makes any sense.

Can he take back bellyrub and then upvote post say since you lost 400 steem he upovte a couple of post to give you you the 400 steem amount? It either this or he can "powerdown" and send us refunds

I also think some of the whales should step in and protect those who have been taken advantage of...all these so called witnesses that are supposdly so,concencerned about the community....Where are they? This whole situation is going to impact Steem,community!!

"I also think some of the whales should step in and protect those who have been taken advantage of"

Huh? What exactly do you think the whales can do beyond what it is already happening?

He's lost what little traction he had as a witness.
He's being flagged but his rep is really high so even some whales can't effect that.
He's in the process of being doxxed. It may be a public doxxing or it might just be used privately for a lawsuit.

What else can the whales do?

True, im just frustrated....You are right though......400 steem to me is so much money.....i invested all my money in steem and noe i lost 30% of it......I know people are doing their best to improve the situation

@positivechange10 - since you mentioned about witnesses and I am one, I am responding here. I am very new here, just 2 months and setup a witness in the first 15 days or so. Its a very very easy process if one has the right technical skills (not too complicated, say 2 years of skills max). Around the time I started watching all the scams and other things which is happening and personally I have been silent. In general the STEEM block chain is getting used like a ponzi scam + MLM and some are taking revenue from the Steem Power which is not otherwise easy to convert. As witnesses, I think the first thing everyone should do is to announce who they are in real life and there are many who has done that and the first thing I am going to do is make a post and announce a protocol to announce true identities. Only that will help to contact each other in the case of issues and calamities. My so called VP - SP etc are very small and I am helpless apart from trying to come up with some thoughts. Personally I am not converting real world money into STEEM or any crypto currency but I have some mining going on and that I am trying to convert. Also, I expected bad things to happen over the blackfriday - cybermonday time period so withdrew whatever little SBD I had to an exchange (where again my identify is verified 100%). I know this doen't help much, but I felt morally obliged to comment and I will get back with whatever I can do in my power.

Thank you sir. I will be following you, and I appreciate your time and energy to be honest and forward. Blessings @bobinson

I may be silent, but Me and @contentjunkie watch this situation closely, and speak about it live on - Feel Free to participate. If you like what we do, vote for @fyrst-witness to get higher up on the witness-list.

Just voted TODAY

Steemit is decentralized but upbots are not. I will never use upvote bots expect @pocket-x trust the owner. Until upvote bot are decentralized no one should use them

I still dont get upbots or other things that go on here, i just have learning it all.....i am very disappointed with this...i trusted @bellyrubbank bc of the community visibility and what people were saying, now it looks like i just lost 30% of my total investment in steem.....

I lost 25 sbd not alot but it made me once again think is buying altcoins a good idea?

Well all the scams that happen are onlu going to,slow the progress of certain alts....bc guess what instead of me talking about how great steem is now, instead i will be talking about losing a whole bunch of money and on my facebook page with and my crypto trading talks steem loses not @zeartul its bad press for steem

Don't count on it. He's written he plans on paying everyone back but this is following the same path as some of his past scams. Best of luck on getting your money back from this loser.

400 was a huge investment.. I invested only 20...

Am looking forward for the next post will be the list of bellyrubank customer returned their steem/sbd deposit, even partially!

Lets give a little light on this!

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Best of luck.
I hope you will resolved all of them

3 days ago I Transfer 1.800 SBD to @bellyrub could I get that back?

Or could you upvote my comment to the ammonite owed?

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Please refund me my 20sbd. I sent 10sbd I got an upvote then unvote ? and I sent 10sbd and i didnt get any vote. So I lost 20 sbd. Please help me

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Awesome writing blog. .
Best of luck