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fake. u had my money and didnt pay me saying u pay for SP. now we found out u didnt pay for SP neither.

but we have also found your name, addy and previous things owed ie 88 BTC.

now just wait


oh you have his address? Nice. You should post it so people can exact revenge haha. Just kidding just kidding.

Don't do this. Sue. This network is the perfect medium to organize a collective lawsuit.

Report his scam to Poloniex and Bittrex if you are affected as well.

If this goes to civil or criminal courts, ever person that ever bought a bellyrub upvote or deposited into bellyrubbank could be investigated....just in case yall had not thought of that.

Oh sweet! I lost $2500, so whats the status on this @em3 @kingscrown @demotruk
@edolo please?

As far as I know... He is in the wind. If you have a valid claim you need to speak with @neoxian and @compensationfund who have volunteered to help the investors that lost SBD/steem to @zeartuI

Thanks for the help!!

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