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It seems that part of your transmission was cut off. I believe you were about to say exactly how you plan to pay everyone back. That is the only piece of information that matters right now. So please resume your transmission and inform us of your plan to pay what you owe.


Exactly doesnt seem,like @zeartul is committing to anything, but my question is if planning on not paying us why even,engage in conversation? I guess im still,hoping for the best

Well he was soliciting new deposits with a new extra bonus due to recent events. Ponzi much?

Here is a quote from a recent post of his


None of it makes sense. He keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth. If you paid for a vote from bellyrub and didn't receive one then he will say that he sold bellyrub and you have to take that up with @dang007. If you deposited into the bellyrubbank then he will tell you that everything is fine and once SBD goes back down bellyrub will be profitable and you will get your money back.

He's just trying to buy himself some time while he exits.

This new sob story about how the bot tracker ruined his business model is pathetic. It shows he is either stupid or well... stupid! The first thing everyone does when they hear about buying votes is think about the ROI the bot tracking tool made it more precise but most people were already eyeing the bids in a given window and making their own bids accordingly. I guess part of being stupid is thinking everyone else is stupid because that is how he is acting.

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