What have you done with those plans?

An explanation will eventually be warranted. Currently the only thing you should be addressing is your specific plans to pay back the credits you owe.

I suggest you devise and broadcast those very specific plans quickly if you would like to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

I do want to see this proof of ownership change

All hail Lord Vader. A treat in these dark times.

It would be best to give @cryptopie and anybody else who wants out of the "45%" profit their money back now instead of later. With less money going into the @bellyrub business many people are in fear and they can't be assured until they have gotten their money back.

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Yes! @cryptopie should receive his first.
His life is literally in your hands, @zeartul !!

People are depending on you @zeartul. Don't leave them waiting. Christmas is coming..

i do agree i want my 20 sbd from bellyrubbank+ 5.12 sbd i sent in the plan to buy 5 mill steempower

Ah when i first joined steem a couple of months ago @zeartful was the first to contact me and i believed in him bc of the visible support of the steem community and gave @bellyrubbank 400 steem...To me that is a lot of money, and now this news 30 days before my money was to be repaid. I have sent him numerous questions and comments with no response. I just want my money back. Keep the 45% offer, but i havent heard a word...... @zeartful i understand things happen but honesty toward the situation heals a lot

Something doesn’t add up. If the @bellyrubbank is dependent on @bellyrub and you sold @bellyrub then how is it possible for you to earn on something you no longer own? Doesn’t make any sense.

Um you state that @bellyrubbank is paid from profits of @bellyrub. If you don’t own @bellyrub anymore, which you state that you don’t, then how do you profit from something you don’t own to pay @bellyrubbank profits? It’s looking more like @bellyrun with the money and not @bellyrub. There are more questions than answers and it doesn’t seem you are very forthright.

How are you going to pay back @bellyrubbank investors if you aren't making money from @bellyrub? How does @bellyrubbank make a profit? That is the question you keep dodging. Well that and who did you sell @bellyrub to.

Exactly. He answers my question with a question and says “what”.

" @bellyrub was never intended for ROI"

You expected that users would consistently use it at a loss?

"There is no shady behavior since I have barely been on steemit since yesterday. All the flagging and shit that beens going on I am having to catch up to it."

Seems like you are back now. When will I get my $17.047SBD refund?

Can you show proof of change of ownership?

Would you mind to tell me why did you leave The alliance when I asked you a for a proof that you have indeed sold bellyrub to @dang007 ?

I assume if you really did, it would be extremely easy to just show some prints of your personal talking to him "selling it to him" or "teaching him how to use bellyrub" as you told In a previous post?

Isn't it easier to just start showing all the proofs you have that you are telling the truth? Your behavior running away from questions, chats, even from steemit by powering down and sending people's money to out from a blockchain to an exchange where at first it cannot being tracked?

Also you should know that raise false witnesses against a person is a crime, all over the world. if you blame dang for one thing that all the evidences points toward you, you have no less than an obligation to present proofs

I been asking him that but hes been answering all other comment except mine...

I hope that you will prove that you are honest with the community and people who trusted you @zeartul.

You can see @bellyrub currently has over 1.5 Million SP which should start giving out the banks profits.

Looks like @bellyrub is working with about 2k SP now.

Withdrawals from @bellyrub and @zeartul have been going to the same Poloniex account.

I hope investors do get paid out, even if it’s partially, but I have 0 confidence in that.

Also the exchange rates are virtually identical right now between the internal market and Poloniex, with 1 Steem netting about .7 SBD. Claims of moving money off to Polo for better rates seem contrived. Of course at Polo you'll have to move it through BTC first and incur trading fees. Granted there is more liquidity there, but why not just pay people back in Steem and let them convert to SBD? Not a single piece of explanation and logic makes sense, it's just a question of if it's purposeful or just insanely poor management and business plan.

it's just a question of if it's purposeful or just insanely poor management and business plan.

Purposeful. He's trying to get investors to keep their mouths shut, they have a small hope they might get paid back some of what he stole.

Oi!!!? Why cant I find yo ass on discord?

Because he left. I tried to msg him before I put up the post i just did. Everything I've witnessed leads me to believe this dude is sketchy as fuck

You know I actually told people Z had a heart in there somewhere. I hate being wrong about people.

It's not too late, he could still honor his debts..but the way it's been handled has been ultra shady. I know good ppl sick they won't see their $ back. This community is too good for that

Gotta agree with the shady... sketchy.... shifty... the S trifecta right there.

He better come up with screenshots, a full explanation and cash for everyone collecting wood for his stake burning.

I sold bellyrub to handle the situation

who own bellyrub?

Answer the questions on why you sent steem to an exchange?

Please answer my new commemt on proof of ownership transfer if you answer it you will gain trust back

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or so they say. Come good on your words and people will trust you. Until then the jury is still out. Hope youre good to your word as that's all we have on here to go on. Fingers crossed

@zeartul when are you making payments to people? I keep seeing people ask that but you don't even attempt to answer it...

a promise of 45% APR is a not a promise you should ever believe in.