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Crafter's Chimney is an Oatmeal Stout by Croatian brewery Crafter's - Agram Craft. This is the first beer I tried from this brewery and I am satisfied. It is a dark beer with a light enough body to be drinkable during hot summer days. For someone who loves dark beers like me, that is not so common sight.

It is also quite nice that they added an opener similar to that on cans on their beer bottle. Although I can open a beer bottle with almost anything this is a fine addition for those less skilled.

DragonFish Tripel


StyleOatmeal Stout
CountryZagreb, Croatia
BreweryCrafter's - Agram Craft
Price/QualityAbsolutely worth it!


The bottled version of this beer has almost no head, it dissolved before I had the time to take a photo. I heard that it has a nice head when poured from a tap, so I will have to check that out. The beer is almost pitch black with dark brownish tones noticeable at the edges.

The aroma resembles roasted chestnuts with traces of hops. With a light body, medium-light carbonation and low percentage of alcohol this beer goes down pretty well during the hot days. *Crafter's Chimney * has a medium bitter, creamy taste with medium bitterness that resembles dark coffee. The aftertaste stays for a long time allowing you to enjoy your beer with only occasional sips. Recommended for everyone who loves a decent spring/summer stout.


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The beer is almost pitch black with dark brownish tones noticable at the edges.
It should be noticeable instead of noticable.


Aj vud sej tenk juu, bat aj hejt gramar nacis.



I love stouts and this one sounds good.

Nice review @arrrados, I think I would prefer the draught version with more of a head on it though.. Cheers


Me as well. I will report the difference once I try it :)


Cool... I've got to try some craft stouts here in Ireland, I see some of you guys reviewing them, and you sell them well!

I'm at a hotel (no, vacation, kinda, she didn't kick me out again :-)). Got an area Imperial Stout and poured it into a white coffee cup. Damn, it looked like oil being pored out. I could almost bite into it. I think I'd like to try the one you reviewed - sounds easier to drink. Cheers, Dude.


Damn it sounds you have it rough in the hotel there! Next time I will bring my own glasses when I go on a vacation to avoid drinking from a coffee cup!


That's an interesting top. I'd like to see if I'm coordinated enough to open that, lol. When I saw your beer, I thought it would be a beer with a smoked flavor, like hickory smoke or something. So many varieties of beer! Cheers!