Beer Review - DragonFish Tripel - Zmajska Pivovara & HumanFish Brewery

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This week I am reviewing one of my favorite styles of beer, Abbey Tripel. The name of the beer is DragonFish and it is a collaboration beer brewed by Zmajska Pivovara (Dragon Brewery) and HumanFish Brewery from Slovenia! Zmajska Pivovara is one of the first Croatian craft breweries and I don't know much about HumanFish Brewery as this is the first of their beers I have tried so far.

The beer has a really fun commercial description, here is the translation:

Half-fish, half-dragon, it lives in barrels and travels in bottles. It has dual citizenship and doesn't give a fuck about where the border is because it doesn't give a fuck where the border is because it is actually Belgian!

The reference about the border comes from the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia. :)

DragonFish Tripel


StyleAbbey Tripel
CountryZagreb, Croatia
BreweryZmajska Pivovara/HumanFish Brewery


With an aroma of hops and honey and golden color, this Tripel wins you over as soon as you pour it. Small chunks floating around the beer are proof of it being an unfiltered ale, and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I love unfiltered beers. The head is really short and disappears as soon as you put the bottle back on the table after pouring. The beer is medium carbonized which fits the taste quite well, but it wouldn0t hurt if it was carbonized tad lighter. The taste is heavily malty with a strong sweet aftertaste, one of my favorite styles. Both barley and wheat were used in crafting this and gentle presence of both of them can be tasted. All in all, it is not a fine beer but not a special one. Considering it is the first Tripel I have encountered from my region and it's low price it is worth buying!


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Blimey did you see the teeth on that fish - remind me not to go fishing where they are!!! It's quite high in alcohol that beer - I'd be under the table after half a bottle! :)


Hahaaha, they live in barrels so avoid fishing in barrels :P

That a strange colour for beer, more orange than the usual colour and 8.9% too, wow!

I did a quick check to see if I could get it here (UK) and it seems not. The last beer I consumed that had 'tripel' in the title went down very well.


It isn't good enough to order it that far. Out of all Croatian crafts I would recommend The Garden Brewery and they deliver to UK :) Unfortunately they don't have any tripel yet, but that shouldn't concern you to much, after all Belgium is not that far from UK 🍺

Nice post! I like strong beer as well, i am drinking one now "Grolsh Kanon" it is 11,6% yummm :D hips hips


l have never heard of that one before. What style is it? As soon as I hear that a beer has more than 10% I want to know everything :D


Well, here is a nice review of it: And you could even order it from here :D Drink slowly! :D


It is not available in my country :(