Beer Review - Redsand Amber Ale - Bura Brew + The First Beer To Go in Zagreb Showcase!

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Besides reviewing a beer this week I will tell you a bit about a shop I just returned from.


Interior of the Craft Beer To Go


The price list from the Craft Beer To Go

Recently Craft Beer To Go opened in Zagreb. It is the first Croatian beer to go shop, and I visited it for the first time today. It is a small and cozy shop which offers a good choice of Croatian craft beers. Their menu of bottled beers includes 46 beers so far, and they have several beers on tap. Beers that are offered on tap are changed every few weeks, and they can them if you want them delivered. Yes, they have delivery which is a big deal for Zagreb, as they are the first to offer such service. The minimum order for delivery within a radius of 3km is $10, and with bigger orders, they will deliver your beers further. Zagreb is not a big city so 3km radius already covers most of the city.



Today I bought three beers there:


I am in a mood for some Amber Ale today, so I will be reviewing Redsand Amber Ale today! The Bura Brew is a brewery named by the strong Croatian wind that mainly blows in coastal Croatia and sometimes reaches speeds over 180km/h (111mph)!

Redsand Amber Ale


StyleAmber Ale
CountryZagreb, Croatia
BreweryBura Brew
**Score **11/20


Redsand Amber Ale is an unfiltered and unpasteurized, top-fermented Amber. It is a malty ale with four types of barley malt. It has a full red body and medium white head which lasts for some time before disappearing. It has a fruity caramel aroma and taste that matches the aroma. Medium carbonation fits the sweet malty flavor pretty well, but the aftertaste ruins the experience a bit. Strong bitterness that comes to quickly after the sweetness instantly washes away all the fruity flavors. It is too rushed and takes away a few points from a beer that could be pretty decent if the bitterness was a bit more moderate and slower in coming.

All in all, it is a fine beer but nothing special.


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IPA the best beers in the world


I prefer dark, malty and thick beers. I won't refuse a good IPA, but it is among my least favorite styles.

That’s exciting to get a new beer to go shop. It looks very nice with a decent selection of beers.


The best ting is that it is really close to where I live :)

I listened to you promote this live and you got me interested, I had to read it. This sound like a really nice place to visit and I love that idea of craft beer being delivered to you. Was "Bura" just like the wind bura? Cold and painful? :D


It was cold but not painful, it is actually a decent beer, but it doesn't live up to the expectations. It could be compared to the first spring wind which promises warmth and nice weather but doesn't fully satisfy anyone. You know those. Ones that do bring warmer weather but they also let the rain tag along. :D

Cool looking beers, I like the happy looking dragon fish bottlecap


I have hugest expectations of that one, I love tripels, but I needed something more refreshing today, so I went for the amber :)

jel te propuhala BURA ? već nakon prve ili je ipak trebalo više njih ;)


Popio još par na raznim lokacijama, ali i Gardenov Nitro Stout je ostavio najbolji dojam 🍺

Im totally an amateur when it comes to beer tasting, what a shame the beer just got 11 out 20. It does look creamy and full-bodied to me.


11 still makes it a decent beer. I consider everything over 7 drinkable; 10-11 are ok beers; 12+ are good beers; 16+ are amazing beers. This one gets a great score on visual aspect but it lacks finesse. I think that brewers over estimated themselves and had a good concept which they couldn't pull off completely. You just gave me an idea to include in future posts; that is price/score "is it worth it" (I will have to find a better name for that :D). This one is a bit overpriced for the quality they offer.


What do you think about your home country”s brewery business and know-how? Any particular good and bad things that may have caught your attention? Curious about this because I’ve lots of reviews on British, Belgium, and German beers but Croatian ones are rare to me.


Our brewery scene really flowered in past few years. Around five years ago we had only a few different commercial beers, now there is a lot of craft breweries here. My favorite so far is The Garden Brewery. I also discovered a new brewery this week. I only tried one of their beers so far, but it is one of the better porters I have had chance to drink so far, so I will try the rest of what they have to offer. The brewery's name is Zeppelin.

am no beer lover, but you sure do write a good review ...


It is never late to fall in love with beer! 🍺


i don't think that would ever happen though... my love for red wine wouldn't let that happen ....
Plus i don't do bitter ....haha


I will never refuse a good bottle of red wine either :) Not all beer is bitter, I also don't really prefer bitter beers. If you love red wine I would recommend trying Rodenbach Grand Cru if you ever get a chance, it is one of my favorite beers and it reminds me of red wine with elements of citrus :)

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This will be on my list the nextg time I am in Zagreb :)


If you haven't visited The Garden Brewery yet, I would recommend to move this to the second place on the list :)

thats a lot of beer lol

Beer , the nectar from the gods... lol



I quess the minimum order will be no problem to alcoholics. You are a beer expert? Tested all the beers world wide? I would be interested in the history of the brewer but also the alcohol percentage. There is also a big difference worldwide


I don't consider myself an expert, but I am an enthusiast with lots of experience. I don't know how many different beers I have had in my life, but I have had over 400 different ;) I am rarely interested in the history of brewer's unless they have a few really exceptional beers.


The taste of the beer has to do with the history, the water well, way of brewing, ingredients etc. But you made your point clear. Thanks for your friendly respond.

Great post! Good to see small craft beers are still trendy!


Yup, small craft beers are the best way to great variety of accessible beer styles! 🍺